A Data Lake is a central location that can store all your structured and unstructured data, no matter the source or format. When utilized with specific data processing tools (like Hadoop), Data Lake scalable solutions help you efficiently manage, analyze and extract all relevant and available data. You gain the ability to quickly validate data against your objectives and make more rapid and accurate business decisions.

Data Lake solutions can help you:

  • Converge all data sources including logs, XML, multimedia, sensor data, binary, social data, chat, and people data.
  • Manage and track all available data and metadata, including sources and versioning.
  • Authorize, audit and grant access to subsets of data safely and securely.
  • Gain agile, more accurate analytics through multiple approaches and data workflows.
  • Scale to accommodate growing amounts of data, data systems, networks and processes.
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Diyotta's Modern Data Integration Suite

Diyotta is a Modern Data Integration company that provides software to automate the movement and integration of data on Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) platforms. Diyotta's Modern Data Integration (MDI) Suite provides an intuitive browser based graphical user interface that removes the technical complexities of processing platforms so development work can be performed by staff with limited or no Hadoop knowledgeDiyotta's MDI Suite on AWS allows users to setup an integration environment on Amazon EC2 cloud within minutes and start creating job streams based on their requirements. The MDI Suite offers a wide variety of connectors to sources and targets including JMS, Kafka, Hadoop, Oracle, Teradata, DB2, SQL Server, XML, EBCIDIC, Social Media and SaaS applications to enable Cloud, near-real-time and batch data integration use case


The Koverse platform is the only unified solution that allows you to get value from data throughout your organization by:- Ingesting data using Koverse's Universal Indexing Engine- Interrogating data in real time with unlimited scale- Providing built-in granular security- Enabling data scientists and developers to deploy analytics and use cases.

Attunity CloudBeam

Attunity CloudBeam for S3, EMR and other Hadoop distributions simplifies, automates, and accelerates the loading and replication of data from a variety of structured and unstructured sources to create a data lake for Hadoop consumption on Amazon S3, including replication across Amazon Regions. Attunity CloudBeam simplifies and streamlines ingesting enterprise data for use in Big Data Analytics by EMR or other Hadoop distributions from Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR as well as for pre-processing before moving data into Redshift, S3, or RDS. Attunity CloudBeam is designed to handle files of any size, transferring content over any given network connection, thereby achieving best-in-class acceleration and guaranteed delivery.

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