Cibo Labs

Barracuda security solutions are engineered for AWS and designed to support customers’ cloud journey. As part of the shared security responsibility model, Barracuda products leverage AWS services to enable companies to deploy a comprehensive security architecture and a more seamless experience across their cloud and on-premises environments, providing enhanced security against cyberattacks and advanced threats. Barracuda is an AWS APN Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved Security Competency Certification which means their solutions are well architected and pre-qualified by AWS.

“We continuously innovate to build new Barracuda solutions, and enhance existing services, on AWS. Leveraging AWS Graviton2 for both EC2 and RDS across a large number of our workloads has enabled us to realize significant cost savings without compromising performance. We will look to leverage additional AWS services built on Graviton2 as they become available!”

– Daniel Spinner, Senior Manager of Centralized Operations

Cibo Labs

Cibo Labs is an agricultural data analytics company that brings a completely new approach to monitoring Australia's grazing lands, underpinning more profitable farms and more sustainable landscapes. Cibo Labs needed to process Terabytes of data to map the pastoral landscape in Australia, and their existing on-prem system was not able to handle the load and became unreliable.

“We were able to get 50% cost savings compared to our on-premises systems by running our data intensive satellite imagery processing application on AWS Graviton2-based R6g instances due to their superior performance. Adopting AWS Graviton2 required no code changes and the price performance benefits will now enable regular updates and quick turnaround on future product enhancements.”

- Peter Scarth, Principal Research Scientist, Cibo Labs

Cibo Labs

Circus Social is an award-winning AI-Powered social and digital data analytics and big data SaaS platform company that specializes in social listening, research and digital monitoring. They help mid-to large-sized businesses including Fortune 500 clients make real time decisions from relevant social media conversations about brands, products, campaigns and competitors.

“We were running ElasticSearch on M4 and M5 x86-based instances and moved to AWS Graviton2-based M6g instances in a couple of days. We were able to achieve 22% cost savings with the same or better performance after moving to M6g instances. We intend to migrate all our other workloads running on M5 instances to M6g instances and also leverage more Graviton2-based instances for new cases.”

- Ram Bhamidi, Co-founder & CEO, Circus Social


Cribl LogStream is a purpose-built observability pipeline for logs, metrics, and traces that allows customers to shape, enrich, and route data where it has the most value – slashing costs, improving performance, and ensuring they always get the right data to the right destinations at the right time.

"The Amazon EC2 T4g and C6g instances powered by AWS Graviton2 are the most cost-effective way for us to run our Node.js-based observability pipeline workloads. Cribl LogStream Cloud was built and launched on AWS Graviton2 from day one. Adopting Graviton2 was easy, with adding support for Arm builds taking 1 man-week effort. By partnering with AWS to build on the Graviton2 platform, we're able to build a more cost-efficient service for our customers."

- Ledion Bitincka, CTO & Co-founder, Cribl Inc


CleverTap is an omni-channel customer engagement and user retention platform that helps brands create individualized experiences, drive user engagement, and delight customers through intelligent mobile marketing strategies and mobile app metrics. They have delivered over $2 billion in incremental revenue across 8000+ mobile apps.

"As an omnichannel customer engagement platform, our Java based analytics workload is extremely parallel and distributed in nature. In an effort to enable a remote compute farm to spin up and spin down on demand, we wanted to utilise instances which offered us a balance of compute and network throughput. Graviton2 powered instances (M6g/R6g) offered us both, while lowering our EC2 costs by 50 to 70% over comparable x86 based instances. We've had a smooth transition to Graviton2 powered instances, within two to three months."

- Jude Pereira, Principal Architect, Clevertap


CyberAgent is a Japanese internet media-services company operating a wide variety of web services in support of media, Internet advertising and game businesses.

“The CyberAgent Service Reliability Group performs verification of each web service are migrating multiple services from existing x86-based EC2 instances to AWS Graviton2-based instances. The dot money by Ameba award point exchange service was the first service to migrate. Adopting Graviton2 delivered total cost reductions of 50-60% from a combination of reduced development fleet size, and production service optimization using smaller instances that reduce costs while maintaining service performance. Based on this positive experience we look forward to adopting Graviton2 for additional services to drive additional cost savings.” 

- Takuya Hasegawa, Engineer, Service Reliability Group, CyberAgent, inc.


Domo is the fully mobile, cloud-based platform that modernizes how businesses run by leveraging their data at cloud scale in record time.

"The Domo Business Cloud is purpose built to serve the fast-paced data intelligence needs of today’s businesses. We adopted AWS Graviton2-based instances for our application servers, data pipeline systems,  and Kubernetes clusters currently running tens of thousands of pods. In about one month, we were able to migrate more than 50% of our EC2 footprint.  This has resulted in a substantial decrease in median execution times for many of our workloads, allowing us to reduce our affected Amazon EC2 spend by 20% from a combination of direct cost savings and performance-enabled scale down. We’re now actively looking to transition additional Kubernetes clusters dedicated to advanced analytic workloads, queueing system servers, database servers and more!"

- Riley Jenkins, Software Engineer, Domo


Fluct is the largest ad tech company operating SSP (Supply-Side Platform) in Japan.

“We adopted AWS Graviton2-based C6gd instances for our Supply-Side Platform’s ad server based on CentOS 8, Go, and Erlang/OTP. It took about a month for validation and we realized 60% better performance over comparable x86-based instances. Most of our Graviton2-based instances are running on EC2 Spot and our total cost savings with Graviton2-based instances are around 40%-50%.”

- Takuya Nishigori, Principal Engineer, Fluct, Inc.


"Formula One is renowned for pushing the limits of efficiency and for this reason we are always exploring ways to optimise our cloud costs. We tried the new Graviton2-based instances as they offer significant opportunity to improve the price performance profile of some of the CFD workloads we currently run on Amazon EC2. Having benchmarked the new Graviton2-based C6g and C6gn instances we have seen the potential to lower costs by up to 40% compared to similar workloads run on C5n instances.  Based on these results we plan to include Graviton2-based workflows for a range of our CFD simulations moving forward."

- Pat Symonds, Chief Technical Officer, Formula One


Globe3 ERP is a web based ERP solution that targets mid-sized Enterprises from the Trading, Construction and Service market. In using the Globe3 complete ERP functions to cater for the Mid-sized enterprises, they enjoy cost savings, secure data and backup on Globe3 AWS cloud platform.

"Graviton2-based instances have proven to be more efficient and scalable than comparable x86-based instances, allowing us to deploy our Globe3 ERP solutions to a larger number of customers on our AWS cloud platform. We have successfully migrated our core systems from r5.16xlarge to r6g.16xlarge Graviton2-based instances over the last few months and it has effectively provided us with cost savings of over 20% when compared to r5.16xlarge instances, with 20% performance improvement."

-Mr Chua See Lin, Managing Director of TNO Systems (Globe3 ERP)*


Established in 2016, Halodoc is an Indonesian healthtech startup offering medical teleconsultations, pharmacy delivery, and at-home lab services across Indonesia through its mobile application.

"We recently moved 80% of our compute workloads on AWS Graviton2 Amazon EC2 R6g and EC2 C6g instances and achieved 40% better performance with a 20% cost reduction compared to x86-based EC2 instances. With these results, we look forward to exploring the benefits of using Graviton2-based instances for Amazon EMR, Amazon ElastiCache, and Amazon RDS. "

-  Abhilash Ramakrishna, CTO, Halodoc provides an observability tool for introspecting and interrogating production systems, designed and evolved to meet the needs of platforms, microservices, serverless apps, and complex systems. is running Amazon EC2 M6g instances for their ingest worker test fleet. The entire transition process took about 15 hours by an experienced generalist systems engineer/SRE. Comparing to existing C5 instances, observed M6g instances to be superior in every aspect—they cost less, have more RAM, exhibit lower median and significantly narrower tail latency, and run cooler with the same proportional workload per host. Converting the entire ingest worker fleet to M6g instances has allowed to run 30% fewer instances, and each instance costs 10% less.


Hotelbeds is the world's leading bedbank, redefining accommodation, transfers, activities and car rental products with a global network of travel distributors. Hotelbeds is constantly exploring new technologies to ensure they offer the best products and services to their customers. Hotelbeds were excited to test out the new AWS Graviton2 processors for one of the workloads developed using Java11 + SpringBoot2. Hotelbeds' initial testing shows that the Amazon EC2 M6g instances based on AWS Graviton2 deliver up to 43% better price performance vs. the current generation M5 instances. Based on these results Hotelbeds looks forward to using M6g instances as part of its Amazon EC2 infrastructure.

“We are always looking for ways to streamline our cloud costs, and we tried Graviton2-based instances as they represent a big opportunity to improve the price performance profile for our workloads on Amazon EC2. We have benchmarked similar performance with Graviton2-based R6g instances for our Kafka service, at 20% lower cost compared to R5 instances. With these results, we look forward to exploring the benefits of Graviton2-based instances on additional workloads.”
– Brendan Byrne, Director Cloud Engineering & Operations, Intuit

Jampp is a mobile app marketing company that helps mobile app advertisers acquire and re-engage their users globally. Jampp processes more than 2 million ad bid requests per second from 20+ different sources across the globe.

“We migrated several production workloads to AWS Graviton2-based instances, including the bidding service, data pipelines, databases, and internal tools. On average, we experienced 15% better performance for our workloads and a total cost saving of about 30% considering the lower per-instance cost and the fewer number of instances due to better performance. Our applications are primarily based on Python, Golang, NodeJs, and Docker. We use a lot of open-source software in Jampp, and we found that most of the services we used, such as Redis-cluster, Nginx, NodeJS, Prometheus, and Thanos, supported Graviton2 instances. The switch to Graviton2 was almost transparent in every case. We just needed some minor adjustments regarding dependency management to provision the corresponding Arm version of each tool. On average, it took us two weeks to migrate each workload to Graviton2 instances. We plan to move all our main services to Graviton2 soon, including EMR, TrinoDB, and several in-house applications."

- Manickababu Muthu, CTO, Jampp


LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a global data and analytics company that provides data and technology services, analytics, predictive insights, and fraud prevention for a wide range of industries.

"We tested our Java application based on OpenJDK8 on the Amazon EC2 M6g instances. This application handles a significant amount of encryption processes and is used to provide message level encryption to meet the security needs of our customers. Compared to our baseline C5 instance, the M6g instance was able to handle 30% more traffic. These are very exciting results."

Tim Miller, Senior Consulting Software Engineer - Health Care segment of LexisNexis Risk Solutions


Mobiuspace is a startup that provides an advanced AI-based content discovery and entertainment platform. Mobiuspace recently tested its Java-based containerized backend services on the new AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 M6g instances and observed a performance improvement of 40% compared to the M5 instances. Due to this performance improvement and the 20% lower price of Amazon EC2 M6g instances, Mobiuspace is looking forward to adopting them.

"NAVITIME is the leading provider of navigation technology and services in Japan. We completed the deployment of 4 services, the common API, map data, tile map, and full-text search distribution services, running on x86 based instances to Graviton2-based M6g and C6g instances within just 3 months for the purpose of cost reduction. These services are running on Java8 and C/C++ applications with Amazon EKS/ECS. Migration to M6g instance provided up to 15% higher throughput at 20% lower cost. We are investigating additional workloads to migrate to Graviton2 instances."

Katsuhide Kayashima, senior engineer, NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd.


NextRoll provides an industry-leading marketing technology and data stack that fuels growth for businesses of all kinds via AdRoll, RollWorks, and NextRoll Platform Services.

"At NextRoll we are focused on providing the innovative solutions companies need to keep growing, wherever their ambition takes them next. To do that we are always seeking new ways to expand and optimize our service offerings. We are excited to adopt AWS Graviton2-based M6g and C6g instances for our web server and stream processing workloads built on Erlang, Go, and Java. We have observed up to 50% total cost savings over our previous generation EC2 instances for these workloads. Much more savings and fewer instances needed with higher performance. All software packages that we needed to migrate were easily available and we plan to switch everything we can toGraviton2-based instances."

- Valentino Volonghi, CTO at NextRoll


Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide. “Our OpenJDK based Java application is used to collect digital data, process incoming web requests, and redirect requests based on business needs. The application is I/O intensive and scaling out in a cost-effective manner is a key requirement,” said Chris Nicotra, SVP Digital, at Nielsen. “We seamlessly transferred this Java application to Amazon EC2 A1 instances powered by the AWS Graviton processor. We’ve since tested the new Graviton2-based M6g instances and it was able to handle twice the load of an A1. We look forward to running more workloads on the new Graviton2-based instances.”

"Nulab is a software development company by and for creators. Our products — a project management tool called Backlog, an online diagramming tool called Cacoo, and a team chat tool called Typetalk — help teams around the world enjoy and simplify the creative process of bringing their ideas to life. Nulab migrated all of the Typetalk workloads from Amazon EC2 M5 to AWS Graviton2-powered M6g instances. As a result, the overall response time of production environment improved by up to 30%, and our annual EC2 costs were reduced by about 30%. The migration was quick, and Graviton2 exceeded our expectations. The Nulab team is excited about migrating even more workloads to Graviton2-based instances for price performance gains."

- Hisatomo Futahashi, Site Reliability Engineer, Nulab Inc.


Onegame is a China-based interactive game entertainment platform, focused on overseas gaming.

“Recently, we deployed a new SLG game based on RabbitMQ and Java on AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 M6g instances. After testing and verification, we found that the M6g instances provide 40% better performance and 20% lower price over same-sized M5 instance. And we can get further cost savings with Graviton2 Reserved Instances. In the future, we plan to migrate more workloads to AWS Graviton2-based EC2 instances.”

- WeiJie Wang CTO of Onegame


ParkMobile is the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in North America, providing a contactless way for millions of people to easily find, reserve, and pay for parking on their mobile device.

"Our Gated Parking Service allows our users to skip payment kiosks by having the ParkMobile app takeover the transaction through our ticket takeover solution. From our testing, after converting the Gated Parking Service over to Graviton2-based M6g instances, we were able to achieve the same performance with 50% fewer instances leading to a 46% lower cost compared to our previous M5a Amazon EKS clusters. Our goal at ParkMobile is to eventually move all our cloud services to Graviton2-based EC2 instances. Once realized, we expect to see similar price to performance gains through out our environment post migration."

- Integrations and SRE Teams

"As Parkmobile continues it's growth trajectory, we're always looking for ways to optimize our compute and costs. The Graviton 2 processors and intances types check all those boxes for us. We're excited for the offering and we're looking forward to our full scale adoption as our tooling and industry move more and more towards ARM based solutions."

- Chris Salomon, Director, Software & Cloud Engineering, ParkMobile


Plurk develops and operates a social media site that allows people to showcase the events that make up their life in deliciously digestible chunks. As part of its stack Plurk operates a Memcached fleet to ensure a great user experience. Plurk is born in the cloud, and has been running Memcached on Amazon EC2 instances since its early days. When Plurk heard about AWS Graviton2 it was excited to see how it would perform for the Memcached workload fleet. The transition to AWS Graviton2-based EC2 instances has been seamless and Plurk reduced its processor load by 15% and cost by 20%. Based on this positive experience, Plurk is evaluating other workloads to transition to AWS Graviton2 for additional price/performance benefits.


Quantcast is a global adtech company based in San Francisco, CA and are the creators of an innovative intelligent audience platform that empowers brands, agencies and publishers to know and grow their audiences.

“We adopted AWS Graviton2 powered EC2 R6gd instances for our Go-based custom key-value database called Kamke. It took us about a month to move our workload to R6gd instances, and we realized 40% better price performance over comparable x86-based instances. In the coming weeks, we are moving more workloads to Graviton2-based EC2 instances, including our Real Time bidding stack and our custom load balancers.”

Jackson Newhouse, Principal Engineer, Quantcast

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Quantcast provides location data and location-based business solutions that is fit for purpose, authentic, easy to use and simple to organise. The platform ensures the data is verified, trustworthy, and usable, allowing business, organizations and innovators to build tailored solutions for their data needs.

“We process huge amount of data every day leveraging Amazon EMR, and we migrated several of our EMR workloads from m5 instances to AWS Graviton2-based M6g instances seamlessly within couple of days. This resulted in 40% better price-performance over comparable x86-based instances, including 20% lower cost. And today, we run most of our EMR workloads on AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances.”

- Sharique Azam, Head of Data Engineering,


Raygun provides visibility into how users are really experiencing software thereby enabling its customers to detect, diagnose and resolve issues with greater speed and accuracy. For Raygun's compute centric .NET Core based workloads that were tested on the new Graviton2-based M6g instances, Raygun is excited to see a 30% performance gain over the existing 5th generation instances are currently used in production today. In this challenging climate Raygun's focus is to look for cost efficiencies, so Raygun is very excited about being able to utilize these instances in production now they are generally available.


Redbox is America’s leading source for affordable new release movie rentals and TV shows, without a subscription. Redbox operates more than 41,500 conveniently located, self-service entertainment kiosks and run nightly inventory forecasts to ensure customers get the movies they want, when they want them. The forecasting algorithm is mostly compute bound and runs on C5 instances today. When Redbox saw the AWS Graviton2 announcement they were keen to test the new Amazon EC2 M6g instances to see how they perform for this use case. Comparing m5.2xlarge vs m6g.2xlarge Redbox found the performance was almost identical but the M6g is 20% lower cost. Redbox is impressed that Graviton2 is trading blows with x86 in the server space.


SmugMug operates two very large online photo platforms, SmugMug and Flickr, enabling more than 100M members to safely store, search, share, and sell tens of billions of photos.

"We were an early adopter of Graviton instances, starting with Amazon EC2 A1 instances. Today, we have our PHP-based photo-serving app tier running on AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 M6g and C6g instances using Spot. It's not very often that a piece of technology comes around that enables you to get 40% better price performance just by recompiling. Moving to AWS Graviton2-based instances required minimal code changes; it just worked! We intend to migrate the vast majority of our workloads to AWS Graviton2 within the year and one of our next steps will be to move our caching servers to r6gd.”

Shane Meyers, Principal Operations Engineer, SmugMug

Snap Inc

Snap Inc, known for its popular social media services such as Snapchat and Bitmoji, adopted AWS Graviton2-based instances to optimize their price performance on Amazon EC2. Snap uses Amazon EC2 C6g and M6g instances with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to run its Messaging Core Service, which is the heart of messaging on the platform, as well as its backend context service. Snap is also looking forward to adopting R6g instances for running its ElastiCache workloads.

"Using Graviton2-based instances, we were able to reduce the Snapchat messaging fleet size and significantly lower cost compared to C5 instances. The move to C6g instances reduced CPU utilization by roughly 10% because of better performance on Graviton2. We are planning to move additional workloads to Graviton2 in the future and have found similar performance gains on other large workloads."

- Aaron Sheldon, Software Engineer at Snap


Supabase is a YC-incubated startup that offers developers an open-source alternative to Google’s Firebase.

"At Supabase, we are always looking for innovative ways to boost performance and reduce costs to differentiate our offerings. We moved our Postgres and API server workloads to AWS Graviton2-based T4g instances from T3a instances and saw 28% better performance at 10% lower cost per instance. Adopting AWS Graviton2 was easy. It took just under a week with one lead engineer to run our workloads on T4g instances. Graviton2-based instances provide the ideal combination of superior performance and lower cost, and AWS is the only major cloud provider with Arm-based instances. We are looking forward to adopting AWS Graviton2-based instances for an even wider set of workloads to further improve the price performance of our workloads.”

- Anthony Wilson, Co-founder & CTO, Supabase


Supership enables enterprise digital transformation with one-stop solution for collecting, analyzing data scattered throughout the company, and automating them with AI technology.

"We had two major challenges in business - to reduce large number of lightweight web application infrastructure cost and to improve mass data processing performance.For lightweight web applications, we could see ~40% higher request-per-second performance at lower cost on m6g.large comparing to m5.large.As mass data processing performance, we tested Elasticsearch7.3/OpenJDK11 workload on c6g.xlarge up to c6g.8xlarge and confirmed ~40% better price performance compared to C5 instances. It was easy to transition most of our workloads from x86 to Arm-based AWS Graviton2. Most of processing systems could be built without any special effort."

- Yutaka Nakano, Data Solution Studio Engineering Group II - Supership Inc.

"S-Cube is a high growth technology company setting the pace in game-changing FWI (Full Waveform Inversion) algorithms for subsurface energy resource applications. We benchmarked our next generation optimization toolbox, X-Waveform Inversion, on AWS Graviton2-based C6g instances and the results far exceeded our expectations. The C6g instances performed 30-45% faster than C5 instances on a per vCPU basis. This better performance, combined with 20% lower cost of C6g instances compared to C5 translates into a 65-80% better price performance."

- Tim T.Y. Lin, Principal Cloud Developer, S-Cube

Arm Treasure Data

Arm Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables the unification of data from different sources and reduces the need for data cleaning and preparation. This big data heavy workload runs on AWS, supported by open-source middleware such as Presto. Based on internal tests, the Amazon EC2 M6g instances powered by Arm-based AWS Graviton2 processors provide 30% better performance and 20% better cost benefits compared to M5 instances.


Valnet Inc. is a digital media company that specializes in content distribution.

"With a portfolio of high volume sites like Screen Rant, TheGamer and CBR, a well optimized EC2 infrastructure is a fundamental part of our business. After benchmarking our most common workloads (NGINX, PHP, Redis) we found the new AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 M6g instances demonstrated up to 30% increased performance over our current M5 fleet. We have since made a complete transition to M6g with 20% fewer instances, 20% lower cost for an overall 40% better price performance."

Stefan Sjogelid, System Administrator - Valnet Inc.


Vedantu offers live online learning where students can tap into a teacher directly and learn in a personalized manner, anytime and anywhere.

“With the Vedantu Improvement Promise, in case there is no improvement in a child’s academic progress within a year, Vedantu undertakes to return the course fee paid - no questions asked. To meet and exceed this promise, Vedantu’s online tutoring platform on AWS enables live interactive learning using two-way audio, video, and white boarding tools. Vedantu uses Graviton2-based M6g, C6g, and R6g instances to run transcoding and media processing workloads developed in Java and Node.js. With Graviton2-based instances, Vedantu realized significant performance improvement and a 30% cost saving compared to x86-based instances. We are now keen to move additional workloads to Graviton2-based instances in the near future.”

- M. Sampath, Head of SRE, Vendantu

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