Unify the Shopping Experience with AWS

The pandemic radically—and permanently—reshaped consumer shopping behaviors and spending habits. AWS offers technologies to help CPG companies unify sales channels to ensure consumers find the products they want, when and where they want to buy them.

How AB InBev is Using Direct-to-Consumer to Connect with Customers and Empower Small Retailers

Find out how AB InBev’s 5-year investment in DTC capabilities helped them weather the pandemic.

Make omnichannel commerce a reality
Create a unified commerce experience so consumers can seamlessly move between your digital channels and physical stores. With AWS, you can focus on enhancing your omnichannel experience and improving collaboration with retailers to maximize revenue growth—not on maintaining your IT infrastructure to make it happen.


Flex to meet consumer demand online
Digital commerce is notoriously volatile. With AWS, CPG companies can tap into flexible, elastic cloud services that easily scale up or down depending on demand, so you only pay for what you use. You now have a cost-effective platform that supports all digital channels and responds rapidly to spikes in traffic to ensure a great consumer experience.
Innovate faster
Evolving technologies and consumer preferences are rapidly transforming digital commerce. AWS gives you the ability to experiment with new ideas and quickly scale them to increase the effectiveness of your digital commerce initiatives. You can increase conversions and reach new shoppers with real-time streaming, AI, conversational commerce, personalization, and other capabilities across channels.
Improve collaboration with retailers
CPG companies need to improve collaboration efforts with retailers to enhance the shopping experience online and in stores. AWS provides solutions to improve joint planning, store planning, merchandising, and coordination to maximize sales and ensure on-time, in-full (OTIF) compliance.

Unify and enhance the shopping experience

With so many options for consumers to purchase products, AWS can help CPG companies break down the silos across different channels to improve shopper insights, enhance merchandising efforts with retailers, create better shopping experiences, and optimize support across the entire buying journey.

Custom-built solutions

Customer and category management icon

Customer and category management

Improve joint planning, store planning, merchandising, and coordination to maximize sales and ensure OTIF compliance. AWS allows companies to aggregate production, supply chain, inventory, and merchandising data to improve volume forecasting and revenue growth.

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Digital commerce icon

Digital commerce

Attract new shoppers, build deeper relationships with consumers, and drive direct sales through integrated digital commerce solutions. AWS can help migrate your existing ecommerce systems to the cloud and take advantage of modern, cost-effective cloud services. Start selling in just eight to 10 weeks using advanced ecommerce solutions with low implementation costs that scale across the globe.

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AI-powered contact centers icon

AI-powered contact centers

Reduce call volume by as much as 24% while saving up to 80% compared to traditional contact center solutions with no minimum fees, long-term commitments, or upfront license charges. Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that uses built-in AI and ML to personalize interactions. Improve agent productivity with the same solution used by over 70,000 Amazon service associates to support millions of customers who speak dozens of languages from customer service centers in 32 countries.

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AWS services

Secure and resizable compute capacity for virtually any workload
Tap into insights to shape your advertising campaigns and measure results
The most trusted way to start, run, and scale Kubernetes
Run highly secure, reliable, and scalable containers

Customer stories

We work with the industry’s leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies - innovators and pioneers - who expect more from their technology partners and know that great experiences speak louder than words. Learn more about the exciting ways CPG companies are leading their customer journeys with AWS.

Zé Delivery logo

Zé Delivery fuels growth with a serverless architecture

This start-up beverage delivery service in Brazil has been using AWS IT infrastructure since 2016. With 1,688% growth YoY in 2020, Zé Delivery’s serverless architecture has enabled the company to manage its explosive growth.

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Zé Delivery office
A young beautiful woman rolls a grocery cart and chooses products in the supermarket
Coca-Cola Argentina logo

Coca-Cola Argentina improved product delivery time frames with app development services

As one of the largest Coca-Cola distributors in South America, the company developed an app for stores to order products. Using a wide array of AWS services, Coca-Cola Argentina launched the Wabi app and now retailer customers receive product delivers in 15 minutes.

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Online banking businessman using Laptop with credit card Shopping online Fintech and Blockchain concept
Dollar Shave Club logo

Dollar Shave Club improves data insights with a lake house

This popular subscription company was born in the cloud in 2011. To accelerate its analytics capabilities, the company implemented a lake house solution and can now generate reports in five minutes instead of eight hours.

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Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant storefront
Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant logo

Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant managed pandemic disruption with Amazon Connect

The COVID-19 pandemic forced this family-owned restaurant in Justin, TX to quickly shift from eat-in to carry-out and delivery. Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant deployed Amazon Connect in a half day and increased orders by 91%.

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Stock image of employees at meeting
Natura logo

Natura optimized IT infrastructure with AWS Professional Services

Natura, the fourth largest cosmetics company in the world, deployed a global sales platform using AWS technologies. To optimize the platform, the AWS Professional Services team conducted a framework review and improved response times by 300% and reduced operating costs by 40%.

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How can CPG companies modernize their Contact Centers to better serve consumers while keeping costs down?

Amazon Connect ebook thumbnail

Innovate with key CPG industry partners

Discover purpose-built solutions and services from an expansive network of industry-leading AWS partners specializing in unified commerce.
VTEX logo

VTEX helps CPG brands deliver the experience consumers want with a composable, connected, and complete digital commerce platform.

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Infosys logo

Evolved from Skava Commerce, Infosys Equinox uses microservices-based technology to help CPG brands quickly create personalized omnichannel experiences.

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Magento logo

Build multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C customers on a single platform with rich, out-of-the-box features, and flexible headless architecture.

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Scalefast logo

Seamlessly integrate a DTC channel under a single software solution integrating retail infrastructure, eCommerce platform, and international eCommerce operations.

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Ultra Commerce logo

Ultra Commerce’s fully integrated platform features built-in OMS, CMS, and PIM, providing a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

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Elastic Path logo

Elastic Path is a headless commerce system, allowing template-less eCommerce to be integrated as middleware into Enterprise ERP systems.

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AWS CPG Service Partners

Our network of AWS Service Partners offers strategy and deployment services to CPG brands to help unify the shopping experience.

Tech Mahindra logo

Tech Mahindra helps deliver innovative and customer-centric experiences by leveraging technologies such as 5G, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, AI, and more, to enable end-to-end digital transformation for global customers.

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Pivotree logo

Pivotree offers frictionless commerce solutions with a focus on e-commerce, master data management (MDM), Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Supply Chain solutions.

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Accenture logo

Accenture is a leading, global professional services company that provides an end-to-end solution to migrate to and manage operations on AWS.

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Infosys Equinox logo

Infosys Equinox helps businesses transform their digital commerce across marketing, merchandizing, e-commerce, store operations, supply chain, and customer service.

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AWS Marketplace

CPG solutions from AWS Partners are also available on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of third-party software, services, and data that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software on AWS.
VTEX logo

VTEX is a leading commerce platform provider with ecommerce, marketplace, and order management in a single solution, helping CPGs accelerate and transform their commerce business.

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Elastic Path logo

Elastic Path provides industry-leading headless commerce solutions for brands to rapidly build, deploy, and continuously optimize highly differentiated commerce experiences.

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Tech Mahindra logo

Tech Mahindra offers a range of services in strategy and consulting, professional services, technology, and operations services, with digital capabilities for CPG companies.

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Accenture logo

Accenture helps brands develop digital commerce strategies with a transformation system that balances complexity and simplicity to maximize growth.

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