Alexa in Education

Enhance Student Learning and Living with Voice Technology

Voice technology is a natural way for students to interact with their education. With Amazon Alexa, students worldwide are getting more from their educational experience by simplifying how they get information and stay organized. Institutions can personalize campus life by building a private skill, giving students daily flash briefings and helping them quickly find campus information. EdTechs and learning companies can reach students where they live and study with access to coursework, study prep, or financial aid information.

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Saint Louis University is changing the campus experience with Alexa.

How Alexa Helps in Education

Higher Education

Higher Education

Create a smart, connected campus by bringing voice to dorm rooms, student unions, and stadiums. Build Alexa skills customized to your campus, giving students easy access to school schedules, phone directories, and parking.

EdTechs & Learning Companies

EdTechs and Learning Companies

Future-proof your product with the next-generation user interface: voice. Voice technology’s convenient, natural interface simplifies how students access test prep, check on grades, or get reminders about homework.


Save Students Time

Alexa helps students be more productive. Students can quickly find relevant information like directions to the library, availability for academic advising appointments, and bus routes without having to click through the university website. Simply ask Alexa for answers to the most common questions on campus.

Campus-Wide Management

With Alexa for Business, schools can conveniently manage all Alexa-enabled devices on campus through a centralized console. Administrators can provision multiple Alexa devices at once, automatically connect devices to your institution’s account, specify device locations, and enable authorized skills.

Future-Proof Your Products

With available APIs, educational technology and learning companies can build Alexa skills to enhance student life. Build a learning management system skill so students can find course information. Integrate into smart classrooms so instructors can use Alexa to turn on room control or trigger lecture-capture systems.

Reach Students Everywhere

In dorms, at the library, and on the go, Alexa-enabled devices help students stay informed with reminders, alerts, and schedules. EdTechs and learning companies can introduce new skills and integrate Alexa into their products providing easy access to information for students, parents, and administrators.

Alexa Learns New Skills at Lancaster University

Lancaster University in the UK is using Alexa to make it easier for students to navigate their academic and university life. They recently launched Ask L.U., an Alexa skill that lets students book a free pod at the library, get the latest campus news, check in on their grades, and more – all with their voice. Hear more about how they are using Alexa to improve the student experience on campus and beyond.

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Alexa Learns New Skills at Lancaster University

Customer Stories

Higher education institutions, EdTechs, and learning companies are already delivering voice-enabled solutions that help students acclimate to college, help instructors personalize learning, and even give insight into substitute teaching schedules.


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