IT Transformation for Sports on AWS

Modernize your organization and reduce costs by migrating foundational workloads to the cloud such as storage, compute, databases, and more with AWS.

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The sports industry is constantly evolving and organizations need their front offices and operations to run smoothly and deliver insights that improve their bottom line and on-field product.
With significantly more services, and more features within those services, than any other cloud provider, AWS makes it faster, easier, and more cost effective to move existing applications to the cloud. Customer engagements and third-party research have revealed that customers recognize business benefits beyond cost savings after moving workloads to AWS. The analyst firm IDC quantified the financial benefit realized by moving to AWS as customers realizing a 5-year net ROI of 637%.


Accelerate cloud migration
AWS makes it faster, easier, and more cost effective to move existing applications to the cloud.
Save costs and drive efficiency
Gain on-demand access to compute capacity. Skip the wait and save more time to focus on solving complex problems without worrying about cost and infrastructure constraints.
Optimize performance
Find the perfect fit for your infrastructure needs and solve real-world business problems with your choice of the largest selection and capacity of HPC services, fast networking, and storage on AWS.

Customer stories

We work with the world's leading sports organizations—who are always looking to get the most out of their resources and optimize their operations. Learn more about the exciting ways sports organizations are increasing productivity while reducing costs and increasing ROI.

F1 logo

Formula 1 redesigns car for closer racing and more exciting fan experience by using AWS HPC solutions

Discover how Formula 1 used Amazon EC2 to run powerful, complex simulations that resulted in reduced simulation time by 80% and lowered the cost of running these workloads by 30%.

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Formula 1 Redesigns Cars for Closer Racing with AWS HPC Solutions | Amazon Web Services
PGA Tour thumbnail
PGA Tour logo

AWS is How: The PGA Tour increases agility and reduces costs in the cloud

Discover how the PGA Tour was able to reduce bandwidth requirements by as much as 35% and save costs by closing their data centers and migrating their onsite assets to AWS using AWS Media Services.

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Sky Italia thumbnail
Sky logo

Sky Italia delivers real-time sports updates, optimizes data propagation 15x on AWS

Sky Italia rebuilt its architecture from the ground up, increasing its horizontal scalability and elasticity during both peak and off-peak times.

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Sportradar thumbnail
Sportradar logo

Sportradar migrates to the cloud, reduces data latency by 76% on AWS

Discover how Sportradar migrated its computing infrastructure to the AWS Cloud to see a reduction in cost per transaction by as much as 51%, enhanced quality of service, and reduced customer wait time by up to 80%.

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Runtastic thumbnail
Runtastic logo

Runtastic saves €300,000, stays on track for growth using AWS

Runtastic has reduced latency, improved the customer experience, and saved more than €300,000 in new infrastructure spending alone by migrating to AWS.

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Fueling the future of sports

How the NFL is using data to change the game—on the field, in the stands, and in your home

NFL stadium

Take IT transformation to the next level

With AWS, sports organizations can seamlessly perform data center migrations as well as move workloads such as a storage, databases, and high performance compute to the cloud.

Object storage built to retrieve any amount of data from anywhere
Secure and resizable compute capacity to support virtually any workload
Run fault-tolerant workloads for up to 90% off
Fastest, easiest, and most widely used cloud data warehouse


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Live Nation: Realizing Business Value with AWS

Live Nation realized significant business value by investing in AWS – cost savings, staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility.

NFL thumbnail

Q&A with NFL VP for Broadcasting Planning

Read an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how AWS helped the NFL sort through a quadrillion possible options to build a winning schedule for the 2022-2023 season.

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Special Olympics USA Games thumbnail

Reimagining athlete engagement at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games

By building a new serverless application on AWS, the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games is connecting athletes and attendees like never before. 

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Second Spectrum thumbnail
Case study

Second Spectrum reduces Kubernetes hosting costs by 90%

Second Spectrum reduced errors by up to 75 percent, improved application response time by 5 ms per request, increased staff productivity, and created a scalable, replicable means of streamlining workload provisioning throughout the company.

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Dallara thumbnail
Case study

Dallara uses HPC on AWS to off-load peak CFD workloads for race car simulations

Using AWS, Dallara built an HPC system that met its benchmarks for performance and cost, leading the company to continue designing some of the world’s fastest and most aerodynamic vehicles. 

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