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Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains several hundred tools targeted towards various...

Linux/Unix, Other 2017.1 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications v12 SP1

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  • Version v20161104
  • Sold by SUSE

Starting from $0.38/hr or from $2,690.00/yr (up to 68% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is the one solution that meets your needs for SAP applications and HANA databases in the Amazon cloud. In addition to the...

Linux/Unix, SUSE v12 SP1 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Blackfire Profiler

Sign up for free. Blackfire Profiler automatically instruments your code to gather data about consumed server resources like memory, CPU time, and I/O. But Blackfire Profiler...

SendGrid's loader.io

Loader.io is a cloud-based service running on AWS that gives you the ability to quickly and easily stress test your web apps and APIs with thousands of concurrent connections...

Ubuntu Linux with Race Catcher Agent

Starting from $0.15 to $8.00/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Ubuntu Linux with Race Catcher™ Agent: is capable of analyzing running JVM powered processes for Race Conditions and Deadlocks. It will report its knowledge to an aggregator...

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (HVM) - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Rapise v3.1

Starting from $1.00 to $8.00/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Rapise is a next generation software application test automation tool that leverages the power of open, extensible architecture. The JavaScript source code for library recognition...

Windows, Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows 2012R2 Server x64 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Apica LoadTest

With Apica LoadTest's SaaS platform, easily script and run load tests from the cloud to test capacity limits, configurations and autoscaling features within your EC2 and/or...

Ubuntu Linux with GUI with Race Catcher Workstation

Starting from $0.40 to $24.00/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Race Catcher Workstation, is a GUI capable VM, able to analyze running JVM powered applications for Race Conditions and Deadlocks. In a "subscription mode", it can monitor...

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 4.04 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Solano CI

Stop struggling with custom infrastructure, long build times, and legacy platforms. Take advantage of Solano CI's high performance cloud-first architecture in your own datacenter...