Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO) and ISV Program with AWS Marketplace

Scale your channel business with AWS Marketplace

Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO) is a program designed for APN Consulting Partners participating in the AWS Solution Provider Program to resell authorized ISV products listed in AWS Marketplace through a simplified engagement model.  This program is built to scale business transactions. 
Solution Providers (SPs) will have access to pre-negotiated discounts without the need to reach out to an AWS Marketplace representative or the ISV for each opportunity, enabling SPs to quickly extend Private Offers to their customers making solutions available with just a few clicks. 



Customers benefit from easy access to Private Offers, streamlined procurement, ease of deployment, and consolidated invoicing through their existing AWS Solution Provider relationship.

AWS Solution Providers

AWS Solution Providers benefit from pre-negotiated ISV discounts and a simplified resell model that enables them to serve their customers and grow their business.


ISVs benefit from AWS Solution Providers extending Private Offers of ISV solutions to select or all customers at once, driving awareness of ISV solutions through targeted campaigns, and enabling quick closing of opportunities.

How it works

APN ISV Accelerate program partners with AWS Marketplace public paid listings provide a pre-negotiated discount on their participating products to all qualified AWS Solution Providers enrolled in the SPPO Program. These Solution Providers can then create Private Offers on their managed payer accounts, extending offers to select or all of their customers’ linked accounts leveraging the automated tools available through AWS Marketplace. The AWS Solution Provider owns and maintains contractual and financial relationship from start to finish. AWS manages the disbursement to the ISV, with no additional purchase orders or invoicing required.

SPPO Steps

Eligibility requirements

AWS Solutions Provider Eligibility 

  • Confirmed in the AWS Solution Provider Program (SP)
  • Registered as a Seller/Reseller in AWS Marketplace to conduct paid offerings

ISV Partner Eligibility 

  • Confirmed in the APN ISV Accelerate program
  • Have public paid listings on AWS Marketplace
  • Agree to extend a recurring discount authorization to all current and future AWS Solution Providers enrolled in SPPO

How is SPPO different from the CPPO Program?

Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO) and Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) are both part of the current AWS Marketplace Channel Programs, allowing Consulting Partners to offer software solutions to their AWS customers. Leveraging our Channel Programs helps Consulting Partners expand reach, accelerate deal closure, optimize costs, and extend value during the engagement process.

SPPO Program

SPPO is built on top of the CPPO feature, designed as a scalable solution through a standardized pricing authorization program – only open to APN Accelerate ISVs and AWS Solution Providers (SPs). SPPO offers a speed to price to scale quickly across a large customer base.

  • Available to ISVs in the APN ISV Accelerate Program
  • Standardized ISV price structure
  • Designed to scale; choose eligible product IDs to offer to all enrolled SPs
  • Optimized exclusively for AWS Solution Providers who manage many linked accounts
  • ISVs must have public paid listings on AWS Marketplace

CPPO Program

CPPO is a highly customizable feature that can drill down to the Partner, Opportunity, or Product level – open to all ISVs and authorized Consulting Partners. CPPO engagements typically consist of direct ISV engagement on each opportunity.

  • Available to all ISVs
  • Negotiate variable ISV price structure
  • Customization per Partner, Opportunity, or Product
  • Available for all APN tiers and partner types, including traditional resellers
  • ISVs can have Private or Public listings



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Interested in learning more?

To learn more about AWS Marketplace SPPO Program contact your Partner Development Manager (PDM), or email the AWS Marketplace channel team ✉.