About Zadara Storage
Zadara Storage offers a separate Storage Cloud WITHIN the Amazon public Cloud. This Storage Cloud provides you complete configuration flexibility to build a custom storage environment to attach to your AWS compute environment.

Online, as a Zadara Storage customers, you build a Virtual Private Storage Array which we call a VPSA(tm), with "Private" being the operative word. It is as if you bought a physical array and put it inside the Amazon public Cloud next to all your AWS instances – except it gets better – VPSAs have all the configuration flexibility you expect from the Cloud. You even pay for it on an hourly basis, just like other Cloud resources.

You can select the type of controller, amount of cache and even the types of disk drives (SATA, SAS, SSD). Once your VPSA is configured, you manage it just like you would an on-premise array. You finally have full control over your storage environment within AWS.

Zadara Storage

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Zadara Virtual Private Storage Arrays(tm) - or VPSA(tm) - are designed for demanding applications which require more than basic cloud storage. VPSA provide fully featured, ...
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