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9 Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Business Application Software in AWS Marketplace

9 Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Business Application Software in AWS Marketplace

Today, more organizations are accelerating the adoption of cloud software across their enterprise to better serve their employees and their customers. Gartner estimates that by 2025, more than 85 percent of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle. Even more telling, Gartner estimates that over 95 percent of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms. Gartner source

As cloud adoption grows, there’s been a proliferation of purpose-built cloud applications to solve for complex business challenges. Robust solution choices are a good thing however it can complicate and slow the buying process. In fact, more than three-quarters of the B2B buyers Gartner surveyed described their most recent purchase as very complex or difficult. Gartner source

AWS Marketplace streamlines the buying process for your organization, making it easier to discover, procure, provision, and govern third-party software, services and data solutions. The curated digital catalog of business applications will help you identify solutions that best fit your cloud environments and organizational needs. 

Here are nine use cases, accompanied by several real-world implementations, that demonstrate how your organization can use business application tools in AWS Marketplace to improve your customer lifetime value, streamline business operations and accelerate digital transformation:

Digital transformation takeaways

More than 300,000 organizations large and small use AWS Marketplace to accelerate digital transformation and improve efficiencies across their enterprises. 

From improving employee and customer experiences to optimizing infrastructure, there is no limit to the number of valuable solutions you can leverage in AWS Marketplace business applications to drive your organization’s success.

Find the right solutions for your organization.

#1 Modernize your contact center to improve customer experience with business application solutions

Contact center operations have undergone significant transformation the last few years – from how agents deliver customer service to where they deliver it from, successful organizations deploy personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints. 

Today’s contact management solutions offer comprehensive features including workforce optimization, AI-driven productivity, call recording, and analytics that measure impact. The right business application solutions for your organization can increase agility, lower costs, and deliver an enhanced customer and agent experiences across all channels.

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For example, Globe and Mail, a Toronto-based news organization, offers a superior payment experience for call center customers with SequenceShift's Payline, a business application tool available in AWS Marketplace. Payline invites customers to enter their payment details over the phone without exposing sensitive credit card data to agents. This solution integrates with Amazon Connect, an omnichannel cloud contact center solution that provides peace of mind for customers and reduces risk for organizations. 

According to Susan Kelly, managing director of IT infrastructure and business applications risk at Globe and Mail, Payline is a “win-win at every level.” Check out this on-demand webinar to learn how to modernize your contact center operations with contact management solutions in AWS Marketplace.  

#2 Strengthen collaboration and empower your remote workforce with business application solutions

Employees today are far more distributed than in the past, prompting the need for flexible work environments – what global research company Forrester calls “anywhere work.” This new focus on hybrid work will continue to drive flexible employee experiences and the agility required to meet customers’ rising expectations.

To coordinate work across in-office and remote teams effectively, organizations need to offer a flexible suite of collaboration tools. From file sharing and communication platforms to video conferencing and project management tools, adaptable collaboration solutions are essential to maintaining productivity and fulfilling customer demands. Learn how to strengthen collaborate across your hybrid workforce with workforce collaboration solutions in AWS Marketplace. 

#3 Optimize your cloud spend with business application solutions

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Before deploying modern architectures and processes into cloud environments, organizations need a complete understanding of their cloud costs, from applications to workloads. Cloud cost management solutions provide visibility into cloud spend so you can reduce waste and optimize efficiencies. With right-size building blocks in place, your application modernization efforts will bring greater benefits, faster.

For example, as RebelMouse discovered, cloud cost management solutions in AWS Marketplace are well suited to optimize cloud spend. The CMS platform provider uses CloudZero’s real-time cost anomaly and waste detection tools to monitor, identify and react to service pricing changes within minutes. RebelMouse’s chief technology officer Roman Manchenko touts a 25 percent reduction in overall AWS services costs as a result of CloudZero. Learn how to accelerate your application modernization strategy with cloud cost management solutions in AWS Marketplace with this on-demand webinar

#4 Build engaging document experiences with PDF and e-signature APIs with business application solutions

Document workflows don’t need to exist outside your organization’s apps or services, which pull customers away from experiences you’ve carefully crafted. Today, you can seamlessly embed document generation, document manipulation, data extraction, and e-signature capture directly into your document platforms. Document workflow automation solutions and APIs provide integrated digital experiences to elevate customer experiences, automate processes, and unlock valuable data. Check out this webinar to learn how you can build more integrated digital document experiences with document workflow solutions in AWS Marketplace.

Explore Business Application SaaS solutions to accelerate your digital transformation

#5 Upskill employees for a competitive edge with business application solutions

As organizations around the globe face ‘the great resignation,’ competition for top talent is fiercer than ever. Professional development is emerging as a key differentiator to attract and retain employees. 

Maintain your competitive edge by partnering with cloud-based training and certification program providers that expand professional skill sets and promote employee satisfaction and loyalty. You’ll accelerate employee knowledge development while reaping the benefits of happy and productive employees.

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FactSet, a financial data provider, accelerated employee knowledge development when they purchased A Cloud Guru in AWS Marketplace. A Cloud Guru provided the company with custom learning paths to address knowledge gaps and support AWS certification, along with analytics tools to track learning trends and results. “We see individuals evolving from taking basic classes to more advanced classes and we’ve seen a maturation on our teams.” says Demetry Zilberg, chief technology officer at FactSet. 

Check out this webinar to learn how to accelerate eLearning with training and certification solutions in AWS Marketplace.

#6 Enhance digital customer experiences to make your first impression a positive one with business application solutions

A digital experience is often a customer’s first exposure to your brand, either through an app, website, or multimedia channel. First impressions matter, which is why the digital experiences you design are critical to growing your business and engaging more customers. Digital customer experience solutions will help your organization personalize every customer interaction, deepening engagement and enhancing the customer digital journey. 

Learn more with workshop modules that showcase how to reach more customers with digital customer experience solutions in AWS Marketplace.

#7 Unify customer marketing data for a 360-degree view with business application solutions

Organizations have more customer data at their disposal than ever before. Customer data platforms synthesize this data, from zero-party to third-party, into a single database for a 360-degree view of your customer behaviors, trends and sentiments. Through integration with your MarTech stack and a steady AI feedback loop, you can create connected, relevant customer experiences and protect their privacy. Check out workshop modules to learn how to better predict and fulfill your customers’ needs with customer data platforms in AWS Marketplace.

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#8 Delight customers with personalized customer engagements with business application solutions

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Customers demand personalized, omnichannel experiences in real-time, while maintaining high standards for data privacy and customer service. Customer engagement solutions in AWS Marketplace help organizations meet customer expectations, delight customers at the moment of intent, and earn their loyalty. 

You can reduce customer churn and increase customer lifetime value with customer engagement solutions that win, retain and grow customers across every channel. Learn more

#9 Accelerate business growth with integrated financial operations with business application solutions

Streamline important financial metrics and insights with business application platforms in AWS Marketplace. Today’s enterprise resource planning solutions offer real-time data on company performance, from customer acquisition costs and churn to monthly recurring revenue. Wide ranges of integrated functions and AI-powered financial forecasting will help you improve day-to-day operations by eliminating lengthy reporting processes and manual data analysis.

Code42 relied on Sage Intacct, a cloud financial management solution in AWS Marketplace, to support the company’s rapid four-fold revenue growth to more than $100 million over six years. With Sage Intacct, the cybersecurity software provider reduced its month-end close times from 15 to seven days and saves $100,000 annually through the automation of previously manual work. Check out this on-demand webinar to learn how to streamline your financial operations with business applications in AWS Marketplace.

Anywhere Work requires adaptive business applications

Watch this webinar to hear Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder, and experts from AWS discuss effective solutions to implement and accelerate your Anywhere Work strategy.

Anywhere Work requires adaptive business applications

Watch this webinar to hear Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder, and experts from AWS discuss effective solutions to implement and accelerate your Anywhere Work strategy.

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