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Organizations today are looking for increased uptime and enhanced availability in their data production workloads. Dynamic scaling analytics platforms help organizations accelerate data pipelines while also reducing the complexity, cost, and deployment time of big data projects.

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Snowflake On Demand allows you to bring together diverse data into one system for data warehousing, query processing, and analytics. It permits native queries at any scale of business or machine data. Snowflake is a unified solution that separates compute and storage, so these resources can scale independently and deliver concurrency without contention.

Snowflake On Demand features include:

  • Instant elasticity
  • Single source of truth for all data
  • Secure data sharing
  • Per-second pricing
  • Complete SQL database

How it works

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Sainsbury is a food retailer with a series of supermarkets across the UK. They found it difficult to gather disparate and siloed data and process queries to gain actionable customer insights. With Snowflake, the time for processing queries proved faster than traditional methods, declining from 6 hours to 3 seconds.

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Any company that engages Snowflake is going to return data faster, more accurately, and with more volume. No one had seen anything this agile until Snowflake arrived on the scene.

Kelly Mungary, Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics, Lionsgate


Teradata Vantage Enterprise (SaaS) is an integrated analytics platform that enables organizations to provision and manage their AWS infrastructure in a dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC). Vantage offers full integration with your valued tools and languages, leading analytics engines, and data sources. It also manages the performance, security, availability, and operations of your AWS analytics infrastructure so you can focus on delivering business outcomes.

Teradata Vantage Enterprise (SaaS) features include:

  • Cloud and hybrid cloud deployment options
  • Unified data and analytics environment in one convenient location
  • Performance scalability across data volume, concurrency, and number of users
  • Multiple analytics techniques within a single workflow for greater insights
  • Single-lens approach to integration and data access

How it works

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Seven West Media

Seven West Media (SWM) needed to underpin its coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. They had to transform huge volumes of data into critical business insights and proactively drive engagement for 3 million Australians. SWM turned to Teradata for its enterprise-grade, rapid deployment features that integrated with its own data ecosystem. As a result, SWM processed 700 million records, delivered 2.7 million emails to 108 targeted campaigns, and increased average minutes watched by 29 percent.

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We selected the Teradata solution only seven weeks before the games. We worked closely with the Teradata team to get the components up and running and operational within three weeks. A month before the games we were ready, and Teradata was instrumental in getting that solution up as quickly as we did.

David Miller, Director of Data and Business Intelligence, Seven West Media


Qubole is a self-service, multi-cloud data platform based on enterprise-grade data processing engines, including Apache Spark, Presto, Hive, Quantum, and Airflow. Qubole’s data platform is an easy-to-use, and fully-automated environment for analytics, machine learning, and end-to-end data processing. This includes batch and streaming extract, transform, load (ETL), ad hoc SQL queries, model training, and deployment.

Qubole Data Service (QDS) features include:

  • Comprehensive self-service user experience
  • Enterprise-grade data processing engines
  • Adaptive serverless platform
  • Industrial-strength infrastructure security
  • Any scale deployments with low administrative overhead

How it works

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TiVo an entertainment technology and audience insights company that needed a solution to store all its data, run its analytics workloads, and generate reporting. The engineering team decided to use Qubole. It allows them to easily scale and manage its Presto clusters, as well as audit queries and debug commands. QDS has provided TiVo with elastic scaling and optimized workloads resulting in cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced data availability.

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The Qubole interface makes it easy for our developers to go to a notebook, pick a cluster, and get started with a query. They don't have to worry about managing the cluster, and they're able to collaborate with other developers easily by sharing notebooks.

Lucas Waye, Principal Engineer, Tivo


Vertica is a powerful unified analytics engine trusted by leading data-driven enterprises. Store data in a dedicated Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket and launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances to handle changing workload requirements. Vertica offers a cost-effective and highly scalable option for organizations that want to use cloud economics without costly capital outlays or long-term commitments.

Vertica features include:

  • Compute resources tied directly to dynamic workloads and business value
  • Exabyte scalability to add unlimited compute nodes and storage resources to your analytics environment
  • Integrated Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting
  • Optimized system and performance management

How it works

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TravelBird leverages Vertica and AWS infrastructure to optimize customer experience through high-performance analytics and targeted marketing. The company generates and sends more than 2.5 million highly personalized emails daily and manages a multi-touch marketing attribution model in a cost-effective and scalable environment. TravelBird tested out three software solutions and, after comparing the cost of usage, support, and maintenance, chose Vertica.

Vertica on AWS now acts as the primary data warehouse and operational data store for TravelBird. It provides event tracking, BI, email, and CRM history, event-based customer segmentation, and multi-touch marketing revenue attribution. Vertica’s advanced analytics helped TravelBird streamline and target its marketing audience to reduce operating costs and significantly lower marketing spend without affecting revenue. Overall, Vertica was able to help TravelBird reduce operational costs and provide a user-friendly interface for its users.

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We describe Vertica as the beating heart of all things personal; everything to do with our customer experience is managed through the Vertica platform. Our increased click-through rate, lower unsubscribe rates, and increased purchase rates, show that our customers love us for it.

Rob Winters, Head of Data Science, TravelBird

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