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Deliver energy faster and more efficiently through automation and optimization of your business.


Building the future of your energy business

Energy is one of the most relied upon and essential industries on the planet. To meet today’s growing energy needs, AWS provides the foundation that companies require to transform complex business operations and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy future. To support you on your mission, AWS Marketplace offers a curated list of third-party industry solutions to manage, automate, and optimize energy processes and analyze data to derive real-time insights.

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Benefits of using energy solutions in AWS Marketplace

Deliver energy faster

Integrate data exploration and workflows by transforming data trapped in siloes, accelerating data normalization for use across applications, and reducing your queue for simulations to run.

Increase production efficiency

Unlock technology breadth, scalability, and depth to reduce production operating expenses, minimize downtime, and lower the carbon impact of legacy operations.

Reduce risk and improve environment

Automate Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and asset integrity through visual and emissions monitoring, voice enablement, and the use of robotics for dangerous procedures.

Upstream use cases

Effectively manage the upstream activities involved in the extraction of oil or natural gas.

  • Production Operations
  • Leverage automation to help minimize asset downtime, reduce operational expenses, and improve safety.


    Rapidly investigate and share insights from data in Amazon Web Services and IIoT platforms.


    An intelligent asset management (EAM) solution that puts data and AI to work across your enterprise operations, with the convenience of a hosted SaaS environment operated by IBM.


    License plate recognition for contractor access, authentication, and security.


    Comprehensive datasets of waterborne movements.


    Predictive production operation to detect and address operational inefficiencies from data sources.


    Ambyint SmartStream uncovers wells where production does not meet plan.


    Ambyint InfinityRL reduces operating costs by up to 30% and increases production volumes up to 5%.


    Ambyint InfinityPL increases production up to 7% on plunger lift wells by detecting anomalous behavior.

    Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI)

    SpeedWise® ML is a web-based software platform allowing you to conduct cutting-edge machine learning practices.

    Cirrus Link
    IoT Bridge is an AMI product that rapidly connects OT data from Industrial Operations to AWS IoT Site-Wise with minimal configuration and zero coding.

    Element Unify builds a single, federated & contextualized asset data model for broad, open analytic application consumption.

    ScoutFDC - Production Surveillance

    Scout's mobile & web-based FDC platform eliminates your company's costly delays and drastically improve production reporting.

    Wellaware Pump Monitoring
    WellAware Pump Monitoring helps you connect, monitor, and control your pumps quickly and affordably.
    Wellaware Tank Level Monitoring
    WellAware Pump Monitoring helps you connect, monitor, and control your pumps quickly and affordably.

    EnergySys is the most powerful low code platform for agile energy companies. It is configurable, easy to use, exciting and evolving, making it quick and easy for engineering business users to create applications that do exactly what they need.


    Cerebra offers customized AI-powered Digital Assistants for specific use cases that help operations, production and quality teams manage day-to-day industrial operations and improve their decision making while managing large-scale, complex operations.

    Embassy of Things

    Twin Talk is a secure, scalable, and intelligent ETL++ and Data Integration Platform designed to liberate operational data from PI historians and AF Servers to unlock the hidden business value using AWS cloud analytics.

    Shoreline IoT

    New approach to asset management is purpose built for non-experts to deliver a plug-n-play, fully automated, one-stop solution that's infinitely scalable at the same cost as manual inspections. The DIY approach makes it easy for non-experts to extend equipment useful life by decades.


    Simplify your field workflow and remote audit capability with SmartVideoNotes. Remove manual paperwork with video evidence of work quality for audit and assurance. See and act on performance issues with real time dashboards or remote viewer capability.


    Xecta leverages modern grade data infrastructure in the cloud, historized rate-pressure information from 100s of sensors in the field, setting up highly distributed and continuously streaming analytical models and workloads.

    TEK Systems

    Strategic data architecture enabling business with data discovery, analytics , machine leaning and AI. Analyze the deep history of raw industrial data and leverage MLOps capabilities to build, train, deploy and manage machine learning models to downstream application at scale.

  • Subsurface
  • Efficiently manage Subsurface analysis and planning.

    Golden Software (Strater)

    Well log, borehole, and cross section plotting for scientists and engineers.

    OAG Analytics

    Improves the predictability of field development planning and de-risks drilling activities.

    47Lining, a Hitachi Vantara Company

    47Lining Enterprise PaaS delivers an instance of the most current community release of the OSDU Data Platform.

    Tape Ark
    Tape Ark's Rapid Archive Box Index process archive box contents without the time or expense of scanning every document.
    Accenture OSDU

    Accenture offers an end to end Managed Services to quickly deploy, scale and securely operate your OSDU data platform.

    Quantico Energy Solutions

    QApp features QEarth, Quantico's machine learning-based earth modeling software. QEarth correlates formation properties with seismic data and maps virtually any log attribute into a very high-resolution static earth model. When run in real-time, the ML autonomously updates with new LWD data.


    PetraHub is a business intelligence application built on Databricks Platform to process, manage, query, visualize and govern Energy Datasets across upstream, midstream, downstream and renewable energy sources.


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Midstream use cases

Manage midstream activities involved in the safe and secure transportation of resources.

  • Pipelines & Transportation
  • Efficiently manage pipelines and transportation.


    Hi-resolution gridded meteorological surface analysis with hourly updates.


    Extracts intelligence and insights from Earth Observation data.


    VEERUM provides the primary visualization and analytics application to combine all CAD, document management, and operational systems.


    Asset overview and valuation models for South and Central America.

  • Risk, Trading & Operations
  • Proactively manage risks, improve trading efficiencies, and enhance operational performance.


    Pro-active monitoring of payables to help detect revenue leakages and compliance violations.

    AutoGrid DROMS

    Demand Response Management System for administering and operating the demand response program life cycle.


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Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Risk & Sustainability

Manage employee HSE risk for use cases like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and promote sustainability with automated solutions that leverage machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • HSE Risk
  • Manage employee HSE risk in a streamlined manner.

    BigMate Warny

    Vehicle collision avoidance, safe zone alerting, and thermal analysis.


    Computer vision-driven ML model designed to detect PPE compliance in real-time.

    Image detection solution for construction sites.

    VITech Lab

    Real-time image recognition and classification model for PPE monitoring in industrial settings.

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Tools that help you promote sustainability and lower environmental impact and cost.


    Manages environmental sustainability data across your organization to accurately measure risk.


    Manages, maps, analyzes, and shares Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data.


    Enterprise energy analytics platform that manages the energy life-cycle in a single platform.

    Agave Analytics

    Real-time energy data solution to manage energy costs and optimize plant performance.


    NET2GRID Customer Engagement is an advanced energy analytics solution for residential energy retailers and utilities which enables them to offer more personalised and targeted services but also help their end-customers become energy efficient.


    ChainSys Smart Data Platform was born out of the need for our customers to achieve predictable success in data migration, data quality, data governance, data integration, data analytics, and data cataloging. It provides businesses with the ability to make smarter and quicker decisions.


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Business Operations & IT

Maximize investments in IT and Infrastructure to run your business in a safe and efficient way.

  • Security & Monitoring
  • Security and monitoring solutions to help you make faster data-driven decisions.


    Security and operational visibility across your cloud environment, including applications and infrastructure.


    Monitoring and analytics platform for large-scale applications and infrastructure.


    Unified Application Performance Management (APM) and business performance monitoring solution.

    Sumo Logic

    Cloud-native analytics platform that helps you manage the operation and security of modern applications.

    Siemens energy

    An AI-driven cybersecurity monitoring and detection service purpose-built for industrial operating technologies (OT).

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Accelerate, scale and secure your IT infrastructure.


    Collaborative platform that helps teams streamline and automate incident resolution and accelerate migration.

    Pillir EdgeReady Cloud Platform

    Digitizes mission-critical business processes including remote locations that struggle with connectivity.

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

    Deploy and transition business-critical workloads across on-premise and public cloud environments.


    VM orchestration, user assignment, and remote connection management for hosted desktop (VDI) environments.


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Data & Insights

Accelerate enterprise transformation with speed and scale through the deployment of data analysis and visualization tools.

  • Data Suppliers
  • Find, subscribe to, and use third-party Energy data for advanced machine learning and analytics.


    Dataset that provides access to energy related articles that Reuters has published.


    Purchase intent solution that provides insight into consumer spending behavior.


    Aerial imagery map that can be used by mapping, GIS, and machine learning applications.


    Hi-resolution gridded meteorological surface analysis with with hourly updates.


    Research report that analyzes different factors that augment oil and gas equipment market growth.


    Knowedge platform for oil and gas that aggregates data from hundreds of sources.

    Arabesque S-Ray GMBH

    Daily feed to assess the sustainability and performance of more than 8,000 public equities.

    Weather Trends Internationals

    Provides current status and weekly changes of natural gas storage and longer-range weather impacts.

  • Business Intelligence & Visualization
  • Scalable, secure, and automated real-time replication and integration solutions that help you accelerate data analysis initiatives.


    Analytics platform that provides ready-to-use clusters and powerful collaboration capabilities to improve productivity.


    Enterprise data cloud that manages, secures, and connects the data lifecycle in AWS.


    AI-driven data visualization tool for deep insights from data warehouses.

  • Data Warehousing & Analytics
  • Business intelligence and visualization tools to help improve business efficiencies and deliver real-time insights.


    Data visualization app to create and share dynamic data displays.


    Analytics platform that provides ready-to-use clusters and powerful collaboration capabilities to improve productivity.


    Enterprise data cloud that manages, secures, and connects the data lifecycle in AWS.


    Data analytics platform that unifies and integrates any type of data from sources within your organization.


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