Health & disease prediction

High-tech models for health & disease prediction that help improve quality of care and patient outcomes.


Modernize care and improve patient outcomes

Navigating the complexities of chronic disease management takes a toll on healthcare spend and patient outcomes, making health and disease prediction a top priority.  AWS Marketplace can help organizations improve the quality of care by offering machine learning models and artificial intelligence-based assessments.  These solutions help to predict patient outcomes and enable healthcare organizations to make proactive data-driven decisions.

Learn how you can easily leverage third-party pre-trained Machine Learning models.

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Health & disease prediction solutions in AWS Marketplace

The following third-party solutions in AWS Marketplace are purpose-built to help healthcare organizations enhance patient care, lower costs, and improve outcomes throughout the continuum of care. 
LOMT pool testing for Covid

Jetware's Laboratory Optimizer for Mass Testing manages COVID-19 testing workflows, reducing testing times & increasing lab capacity by up to 30X.

See how it works: Datasheet»

Modjoul Screening for Covid-19

Modjoul's Screening and Exposure for COVID-19 is a mobile app that allows organizations to easily screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure.

See how it works: Datasheet»

Prosperity US: Have Heart Disease
Prosper Insights and Analytics’ Propensity US: Have Heart Disease model predicts the probability of an adult in the U.S. having heart disease using no PII.

See how it works: Datasheet»


Mediktor CORONAVIRUS AI assessment is not only a Covid 19 symptoms assessment, but an efficient way to guide patients to the right level of care.

See how it works: Datasheet»

Length of Stay Predictor
The Length of Stay Predictor model uses cutting edge regression algorithms to accurately predict the length of hospital stay for a newly admitted patient.

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Adverse Drug Reactions - Identifier
Virtusa's Machine Learning Classification model, based on the anatomical schema, predicts adverse side effects of a drug in the digestive system.

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Additional healthcare use cases

AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party solutions that can help you modernize care, improve patient outcomes, comply with regulations, and unlock the potential of healthcare data.  Find other healthcare solutions by use case below.
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Using third-party healthcare data to accelerate drug discovery

Learn how healthcare and life sciences datasets can accelerate the bench-to-bedside cycle through enhanced visualizations, machine learning algorithms, and curated genomics data.


Selection, speed, and agility

Quickly procure and deploy products from healthcare sellers that address your need to unlock the value of data and innovate the patient care experience.

Flexible pricing and terms

Access pricing options that give you the flexibility to test software, pay as you go, negotiate custom terms, and save money with long-term commitments.

Control and governance

Centralize governance, innovate quickly, and launch healthcare software or third-party data products that align with your policies and compliance requirements.


Learn about the latest healthcare solutions for enhancing patient care, lowering costs, and improving outcomes with resources from AWS Marketplace.
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