Infrastructure and application performance management

Holistic monitoring enables DevOps teams to measure impacts faster, resolve dependency risks sooner, and improve the digital customer experience.

These are just a few examples of application performance management solutions. Scroll down or use the drop-down menu to learn more about each solution.

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  • Coralogix
  • LogicMonitor
  • New Relic
  • Raygun

Blue Matador

Blue Matador is an AWS Cloud monitoring solution that requires no manual configuration. Blue Matador's machine learning-based monitoring tool automatically identifies resources, understands baselines, and dynamically sets up thresholds. Blue Matador continually investigates the health of your AWS resources (serverless, microservices, or virtual machines).

Blue Matador features include: 

  • Actionable alerts provided without noise
  • Automatic escalation and triaging of events based on severity
  • Anomaly detection monitors and notifies users of any unusual activity

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Shopper Approved

After migrating to AWS, Shopper Approved needed an automatic solution that would give them immediate insights into their AWS environment. Blue Matador allowed Shopper Approved to get instant insight and proactive alerts in minutes with zero configuration required. Using Blue Matador, Shopper Approved noticed problems before customers did, resulting in a significant improvement in customer experience.

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With Blue Matador, we had a tool that worked out of the box, had basically no configuration that we had to do, and had all the information that we needed. Going from simple graphs to something that proactively alerts us of problems and potential issues was night and day for us.

- Christopher Budge, VP of Engineering, Shopper Approved


Coralogix is a managed, scaled, and secured platform that accelerates the delivery for companies performing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). Coralogix detects anomalies in the data and provides automatic version benchmarks. Coralogix is built for mission-critical log analytics and has completed security and privacy compliances by BDO, including SOC Type 2, PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Coralogix features include:

  • Centralized observability – logs collected from any application, infrastructure, or cloud provider
  • Anomaly detection, which detects over 50 percent of bugs and minimizes downtime
  • Instant version benchmarks, which accelerate the CI/CD process with automated release quality benchmarks
  • ML-powered insights and alerts with dynamic thresholds, which capture unknown anomalies

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Windward needed only one solution that would automatically search and analyze the logs collected by hundreds of services run on different platforms. Windward was able to implement Coralogix in few days and consolidate all their data in one place. Coralogix helped Windward optimize their dataset and created a templating engine, which helps find patterns in large volumes of logs.

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Coralogix profoundly changed the way we observe what is going on in our production environment.

- Eran Dvey Aharon, VP R&D, Windward


LogicMonitor is a unified infrastructure, cloud, and application performance monitoring solution that allows IT teams to prevent outages and downtime. Its intelligent data forecasting, flexible reporting, and custom dashboards give businesses insights into cloud spending and resource utilization, resulting in increased cloud ROI.

LogicMonitor features include:

  • Dynamic monitoring and automated, preconfigured alert thresholds
  • Built-in automation, alerting, and reporting for the entire infrastructure
  • Automated device discovery
  • Customizable dashboards

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Serenova required a single tool that would provide visibility and monitoring across its six global data centers, 3,000 devices, and 7,000 cloud resources. LogicMonitor’s solution allowed Serenova to centralize alerts and customize reports for different stakeholders. With LogicMonitor, Serenova can provide cross-departmental visibility into its performance as well as proactively stop potential service interruptions.

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We catch issues so far in advance that it never hits a status page. That’s immediate ROI.

Kelli Bonin, Network Operations Lead, Serenova

New Relic

New Relic One is a SaaS-based observability platform with dynamic dashboards for consolidated performance view across the stack. The platform combines configuration monitoring and real-time health metrics for both technical and business analytics, with a tag-driven approach to dashboards and alerting. With over 50 deep integrations with AWS, New Relic gives businesses an unobstructed view of their dynamic AWS infrastructure. This helps modern IT, development, operations, and product teams understand their environment more clearly.

New Relic One features include:

  • Telemetry Data Platform to ingest, analyze and alert on all your metrics, events, logs, and traces
  • Full-Stack Observability to quickly visualize and troubleshoot your entire software stack in one connected experience
  • Applied Intelligence to automatically detect anomalies, correlate issues and reduce alert noise

How it works

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FPO logo lacked a unified way to visualize application performance and infrastructure for their planned cloud migration. They leveraged New Relic and AWS to establish baseline metrics that assessed performance throughout the migration. By doing so, multiple systems and entity data were successfully moved to a single, consolidated platform on the cloud.

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Using a single solution to gather information instead of exporting from one, two, or three separate solutions has made it much easier to monitor our operations.

Frank Dornberger Senior System Engineer,


Raygun Application Monitoring provides diagnostic tools and offers actionable insights into software performance. DevOps teams can quickly solve performance issues impacting customers by drilling down into the root causes identified by Raygun's intelligent issue detection and creation. Custom dashboards and shared metrics make it simpler to keep track of the most critical issues.

Raygun Application Monitoring features include:

  • Crash reporting, which includes real-time discovery, diagnostic, and resolution of every error and crash
  • Application performance monitoring, which points the server-side bottlenecks and root causes to the code level
  • Real user monitoring, which provides actionable information into how users interact with the front-end application
  • Custom dashboards, which visualize critical errors and performance data

How it works

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Peach's development team needed visibility into the user experience to clearly understand the business impact of their technology. After implementing Raygun, Peach optimized development flow, saving time, reducing cost, and improving the digital customer experience. Using reporting features, the development team can now communicate the business value of performance activities.

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The information we get from Raygun is invaluable. When I compare it to other tooling, it's much easier to see where the issue is occurring. It allows us to dive in and fix it rather than spending hours trying to figure out what we are looking at.

Phillip Haydon, Application Architect at Peach Video

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