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Extend your infrastructure whenever you need to, and be production-ready in minutes. Establish enterprise-grade connectivity between AWS and data centers, branch offices, and colocation environments using hybrid network architectures proven to reduce complexity and provide optimal performance. AWS Marketplace offers Networking Infrastructure software solutions from independent software vendors to enable your on-premises networking, and AWS Cloud workloads for security, compute, and storage.

  • Extend enterprise security policies to AWS
  • Ensure high availability for VPCs across multiple AWS regions
  • Optimize branch office connectivity to applications hosted on AWS
  • Simplify your migration of workloads to AWS
SimplePay Uses AWS Marketplace and RiverBed to Go Global in Three Months

Integrating your enterprise VPN into AWS

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Advanced traffic management for business critical applications

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AWS Direct Connect makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection between your premises and AWS. And now you can Increase bandwidth throughput and provide a consistent hybrid network experience with software solutions that are available in AWS Marketplace.

Amazon Web Services provides new ways to optimize your branch office connectivity. Migrate your applications to AWS and capitalize on the AWS global footprint to gain optimal performance and predictable application access from branch offices. Additionally, you can easily and quickly extend connectivity when and where it is needed. 

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AWS TransitVPC with Cisco CSR1000v

AWS Transit VPC based on Cisco CSR1000v in AWS Marketplace offers manual or 1-Click launch. CloudFormation will automatically create the resources needed in the Transit VPC and launch the creation of the CSR1000v. AWS Lambda automatically pushes the high availability and tunnel configs down to the CSR.

Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances in the cloud. Extend ELB capabilities with enhanced application visibility and control. Integrate your enterprise network to AWS and deploy the same Layer 4-7 stack on AWS that you use on-premises. Provide fast application deployment, reduced complexity, and consistent policies across AWS and your private data center with Enterprise software solutions.

By adopting a hybrid cloud architecture with Amazon Web Services, your organization can relieve on-premises constraints and leverage AWS services to modernize applications. Third-party offerings in AWS Marketplace enable you to simplify workload migration by easing application deployment across your hybrid architecture with AWS.

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