Strengthen your Security Posture in the Cloud

Learn valuable insights on how new Cloud Workload Security (CWS) functionality can lead to advanced threat detection, increased control, and more.

Vendor Landscape: Cloud Workload Security Solutions

Forrester’s cloud security report

Forrester’s cloud security report: Vendor Landscape: Cloud Workload Security Solutions, Q3 2017. It provides an extensive overview of the Cloud Workload Security (CWS) vendor landscape, critical selection criteria, and key vendor differentiations.

Learn what IT professionals like you responded about the unique challenges they faced when securing workloads.

Software Discovery Procurement and Deployment Simplified

Organizations have widely embraced the cloud. Yet by welcoming its benefits ranging from increased efficiency to lowering IT costs, other challenges have risen. To many, overcoming these issues in a manner that’s cost-effective is proving to be as complex as the cloud itself.

Meeting today’s enterprise demands means taking a multi-pronged approach: forgoing manual breach detection tools; applying mandated confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements over to the cloud; as well as matching development and operations speed and security over a battleground of physical and virtual environments.

The key to overcoming these issues lies in automation, reducing human error and providing an auditable way to gain the visibility you need to monitor and secure your cloud workloads. AWS Marketplace can help you solve technology problems with the additional security, flexibility, and simplicity required for your operating model, by helping you find the trusted security and networking cloud-based applications ready to run on AWS you’re searching for—meeting your budgetary and solution needs.

Software Discovery Procurement and Deployment Simplified

Help Simplify your Network Operations, Increase Security



Conform to security best practices and compliance supporting your organization’s policies and guidelines, while streamlining validation throughout all processes.

Identify vulnerabilities and manage cloud infrastructure configurations with automated security assessment services from software vendors on AWS Marketplace.

Learn more about Configuration and Vulnerability Analysis



Increase visibility while simultaneously reducing security and compliance risks. But managing and monitoring data movement—without severely sacrificing speed.

Inspect and filter network traffic, identifying suspicious activity that could signal the presence of advanced threats, with solutions offered by vendors on AWS Marketplace.

Learn more about Filter Network Traffic and Prevent Threats



Funnel secure traffic to remote users through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity and integrate resources, by extending your internal networks into the AWS cloud.

Control inbound and outbound traffic at the instance level from network interfaces in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with software offered on AWS Marketplace.

Learn more about Virtual Private Network and Security



Leveraging Elastic Load Balancing allows to automatically distribute network and application traffic across multiple targets, instances, containers, and IP-based devices for a service.

Scale in or out as traffic changes—doing so automatically to most workloads, and help increase applications fault tolerance with software offered on AWS Marketplace.

Learn more about Elastic Load Balancing

Simplify your Network and Security Operations

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Configuration and Vulnerability Analysis

Filter Network Traffic and Prevent Threats

Virtual Private Network and Security

Load Balancers

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