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Move, manage, and protect data on any cloud storage architecture. AWS offers cloud storage for virtually any architecture as well as Cloud Data Migration tools to move data into and out of the Amazon cloud. But the AWS Marketplace helps you integrate your preferred storage industry vendors with your new AWS environment. Continue with your existing software and processes during cloud migration projects, build them into your new environments or pick from a range of new offerings – and it all shows up on your AWS bill.

The AWS Marketplace offers a range of offerings for disaster recovery, tape replacement, and network optimization that can be deployed on AWS in minutes, and are built to minimize disruption while streamlining ordering and payment. Working in a hybrid environment? Now these functions operate no matter where your data resides, and help you keep applications up and running throughout.


Primary Storage

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Backup and Recovery

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File Transfer and Data Replication

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Provide cost-efficient storage resources to your Amazon EC2 based storage targets, such as Amazon EBS and Amazon S3, while maintaining existing legacy Network Attached Storage (NAS) connections.

Transform traditional backup and recovery operations away from traditional tape or disk targets to use AWS based storage resources as a fast, cost-conscious method of data protection. Use AWS storage such as Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier as the target for backups to provide high durability for AWS workloads.

Move data from legacy storage solutions to new, AWS storage-based targets including Amazon S3 or Amazon EBS, and accelerate your existing connection to AWS resources.

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