Generative AI in Healthcare & Life Sciences

From pharma R&D to the point-of-care, learn how generative AI can accelerate health innovations and improve patient experiences. 

Accelerate health innovations with generative AI
While healthcare and life science organizations have been using AI and ML for years, generative AI brings new possibilities to accelerate innovations, increase efficiencies, and improve outcomes across the health continuum. From generating new therapeutic candidates, to better matching patients with the right clinical trials, to powering patient engagement applications, AWS makes it easier to access the services, data, models, and secure infrastructure needed to scale generative AI across your organization.
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Generative AI on AWS

Easier to get started

Get started faster with purpose-built generative AI services such as AWS HealthScribe and Amazon Bedrock — the easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with foundational models. 

Choose the right model for your use case

Choose from a wide selection of industry leading foundation models from Amazon, AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, and Stability AI in Amazon Bedrock. And customize foundation models with your own data to build more differentiated, personalized experiences.

Security and privacy from day one

With security and privacy built-in, your data remains protected and private when you customize foundation models. Learn more about responsible generative AI practices and what can be done to reduce the risks.

Most performant, low cost infrastructure

From the highest performance GPU-based Amazon EC2 P5 instances to our purpose-built accelerators AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia, you get the most performant and low-cost infrastructure for generative AI.

Life sciences generative AI use cases

From research and development to clinical trials to patient engagements, life sciences organization choose generative AI on AWS to improve efficiencies across the value chain.

Accelerate research and discovery

Use generative AI tools for protein folding, protein sequence design, docking and molecule design to accelerate drug discovery and the design process while reducing costs.
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Extract insights from scientific content

Analyze and summarize key insights from large volumes of scientific content to accelerate research and uncover new insights
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Enhance manufacturing oversight

Identify compliance violations and inaccuracies by comparing each Manufacturing Protocol Document (MPD) for compliance and generating suggestions to address violations.
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Streamline marketing content development

Leverage generative AI to develop new and adapt existing promotional content. Bring together core messaging, claims, references, and relevant imagery to create engaging collateral that aligns with regulations.
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Commercial personalization

Automate the personalization of emails for health care providers to educate on therapeutic options while ensuring use of approved content to comply with regulatory guidance.
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Adverse event detection

With generative AI on AWS, you can easily analyze large data sets to identify potential adverse drug reactions.
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Life sciences generative AI customer stories

The insights gained using generative AI have helped us to understand the root causes of rejects, optimize processes, and reduce overall false rejects, across various product lines by more than 50%.”

— Nitin Kaul, Associate Director, IT architecture, Merck



Learn how Merck leverages AWS services to solve a common problem in the pharmaceutical industry: the occurrence of false rejects.

Delivering innovative health with generative AI solutions at Merck | Amazon Web Services

Data is your generative AI differentiator

Get the most out of generative AI with the an integrated data strategy powered by the AWS Health Data Portfolio.

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Healthcare generative AI use cases

Healthcare organizations are being asked to control costs while also improving outcomes and patient and care team experiences. The use of generative AI has the potential to inform actions to achieve these goals and realize health equity.

Ambient digital scribe

Leverage automatic speech recognition and generative AI to create transcripts, extract key details, and create summaries from clinician-patient interactions.
Clinical documentation webinar » More on AWS HealthScribe »

Interpret medical images

Enhance and reconstruct medical images to aid in diagnosis or generate medical images to be used as synthetic data for refinement of ML models. Create automated reports from images, speeding clinical decisions and reducing clinician workload.
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Automate medical coding

Automate medical coding and pre-authorization of medical claims to reduce errors and administrative tasks, while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.
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Intelligent health assistant

Interact conversationally with data via a chat bot to extract insights and make decisions faster.
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Healthcare document summarization

Summarize and generate insights from health documents such as medical papers and therapeutic research to help readers focus on key points of a document, transform unstructured text into standardized formats, and highlight important attributes to drive better decisions.
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Healthcare generative AI customer stories

ScribeEMR’s goal is to help increase practice efficiency, maximize revenue, and reduce clinician burnout in the healthcare industry. With AWS HealthScribe, our advanced processes can now capture and interpret patient visits more effectively and optimize EMR workflows, coding, and reimbursement processes. This breakthrough represents our relentless pursuit of improving efficiency, profitability, and most importantly, patient care."

— Daya Shankar, Co-Founder and General Manager, ScribeEMR

Tools to build out your generative AI solutions

Innovate faster with new capabilities, choice of industry leading foundation models (GMs), and the most cost-effective infrastructure.  Find more services for your use cases.

The easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with foundation models (FMs).
Automatically generate clinical notes by analyzing patient-clinician conversations in your applications.
Build applications faster and more securely with a generative AI-powered assistant for software development.
Build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows.


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Customize foundation models with your own data to build more differentiated, personalized experiences.
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