Centralized Logging with OpenSearch

Build a centralized log analytics platform with Amazon OpenSearch Service on AWS in 20 minutes


Centralized Logging with OpenSearch helps organizations collect, ingest, and visualize log data from various sources using Amazon OpenSearch Service. This solution provides a web-based console, which you can use to create log ingestion pipelines with a few clicks. Log ingestion pipelines include log collection agent deployment, log enrichment without writing codes, buffer layer creation, and OpenSearch index configuration. After logs are stored in OpenSearch Service, the solution automatically generates out-of-the-box dashboards for analyzing AWS service logs and application logs in different formats (for example, Nginx, JSON, and Spring Boot). In combination with other AWS services, this solution provides you with a turnkey platform to begin logging and monitoring your AWS environment and applications.


Ease of use

You can easily deploy the solution in your AWS account and use a web console to ingest both application logs and AWS service logs. You can quickly analyze logs with out-of-the-box visualization dashboards.

Improved operational efficiency
The solution combines serverless technologies with built-in high availability and a pay-for-use billing model. The architecture reduces the need for infrastructure management, allowing you to focus more on building log analytics for your business.
Open source and customization

The solution is open sourced and free for commercial usage. You pay only for the AWS usage. If you have different use cases, you can take the source code as a reference to make your own implementation.

Technical details

The diagram below presents the architecture you can automatically deploy using the solution's implementation guide and accompanying Amazon CloudFormation template.

Solution Web Console
Amazon CloudWatch Cross-Account Observability

A new capability to search, analyze, and correlate cross-account telemetry data stored in CloudWatch such as metrics, logs, and traces.

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