Amazon Bedrock Testimonials

Innovate faster with broad model choice, model customization, and generative AI tools

  • Showpad

    Showpad is a global leader in sales enablement technology. Showpad has integrated AWS’s cutting-edge machine learning and AI services to expand its generative AI functionalities, offering users powerful tools to create personalized content, automate repetitive tasks, and gain deeper insights from data. These advancements enable sellers to engage more effectively with customers, improve productivity, and accelerate sales cycles.

    At Showpad, we began utilizing Amazon Bedrock in 2023 with the goal of accelerating the delivery of AI solutions to our customers. The primary challenge we aimed to address was making it easier for sales representatives to access and consume marketing content, thereby enabling them to concentrate their efforts on engaging with potential buyers. Amazon Bedrock has been instrumental in transforming our capabilities. Since integrating Bedrock, we have successfully launched over a dozen AI-powered features. Bedrock’s robust and future-proof design has been a game-changer for us. For instance, just two days after the launch of Anthropic's Claude 3, we were able to upgrade eight GenAI features, resulting in improved GenAI responses, a 30% improvement in response times and a reduction in operating costs by two-thirds. Looking ahead, we plan to leverage Amazon Bedrock’s capabilities to further enhance our AI-driven tools. By integrating advanced models and expanding our AI functionalities, we anticipate even greater efficiencies and improved user experiences for our sales teams. With Bedrock, we can rapidly adapt and scale, ensuring we stay at the forefront of innovation and continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

    Jeroen Minnaert, Chief Software Architect, Showpad
  • United Airlines

    United Airlines is modernizing Shares, its 50-year-old mainframe Passenger Service System, to build a better customer experience. Using Amazon Bedrock, United was able to translate Passenger Name Records (PNR), the digital record that contain travelers’ reservation data, from cryptic two-digit codes to English. Instead of spending months learning how to decipher PNRs, agents can now quickly and easily support customers.

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    We use Amazon Bedrock to read a legacy P&R, our passenger reservation [system]. It has two digit codes. It takes six months to learn how to read it. Even at its basic level, it can take years to become proficient. What we used Amazon Bedrock for was to take that cryptic P&R and turn it into something that is plain English that anyone can use. The fact that we could take something that was a 50-year-old technology and train Amazon Bedrock to read what was built 50 years ago, and bring it into modern times, was amazing.

    Pam Fimble, Director of IT Application Developments, United Airlines
  • DoorDash

    DoorDash is a technology company that connects consumers with their favorite local businesses in more than 30 countries across the globe. DoorDash receives hundreds of thousands of requests for assistance through its contact center from consumers, merchants, and Dashers—independent contractors who deliver through the platform—each day. To streamline support, DoorDash harnessed the power of generative AI to enhance its self-service offerings. By using Anthropic's Claude models in Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Connect, DoorDash built a generative AI contact center solution to elevate user experience for millions of Dashers globally.

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    Employing AI-generated responses for phone support presented unique challenges that demanded innovative strategies to enhance response times and answer quality, providing Dashers with best-in-class support. Amazon Bedrock proved to be a perfect fit for our requirements, allowing us to concentrate on refining the solution's finer details.

    Vraj Shah, Lead Project Engineer, DoorDash
  • Infor

    Massimo Capoccia, Chief Innovation Officer at Infor, shares how Infor is working with AWS on their generative AI journey. Learn how Infor uses Amazon SageMaker as their core AI platform and Amazon Bedrock as their generative AI framework. With AWS, Infor is able to achieve next level optimizations and focus on the value they deliver to their industry customers.

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    We have a lot of multi tenant customers live in the cloud. Those customers are collecting a lot of data and we wanted to get more insights for using the data to our customers in terms of enterprise automation predictions, optimizations, automating a lot of tasks for end users thot makes customers be more effective in their daily job. Infor is working a lot already with machine learning. Now we’re working together with AWS on the Generative AI journey and we started working the summer of 2023. Amazon Bedrock and Generative AI in general is a huge opportunity of us and work our customers. We have our ERP data, we have our data in a data lake that provides all the data for the end-to-end business solution and we have the machine learning prediction and we have our documentation. Our vision is to bring that wisdom, that insight, as you go through a workflow or you’re looking at the performance of your optimization and having GenAI with you to tell you how you are doing, what you can do to improve the business process. With Bedrock it is very promising to use it a framework for GenAI. So we use SageMaker as our core AI platform, and all orchestrations - how to do the building of the model, the training, providing the APIs and surface that back to our end-users in various industries so that they can have those optimizations. Before maybe, you could get to 80% business optimization. Now, because you have the insights of the data, you can get to 90% and even 100% optimized. That next level optimization, that is where the journey is working on. Building on AWS means that for us we don’t have to worry about the IT, we can focus on the value of what we need to deliver to our customers to provide end-to-end business process solutions. That to us, is very valuable.

    Massimo Capoccia, Chief Innovation Officer, Infor
  • PGA Tour

    The AWS Generative AI Innovation Center collaborated with AWS Professional Services and PGA Tour to develop a prototype virtual assistant using Amazon Bedrock. The virtual assistant allows fans to easily access information about PGA TOUR events, players, statistics, and more through a conversational interface that ultimately improves fan engagement and empowerment. This solution uses a combination of text-to-SQL and Retrieval-Augmented-Generation (RAG) approaches to extract relevant data from structure and unstructured sources. The team carefully evaluated different large language models (LLMs) available in Amazon Bedrock, ultimately selecting Anthropic’s Claude models. This immersive, interactive experiences demonstrates how generative AI benefits organizations across industries by fusing structured and unstructured data sources.

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  • Kone

    KONE is harnessing generative artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the power and performance of its connected services on a global scale. A leader in the elevator and escalator industry, it relies on world-class cloud solutions. This is why—says senior vice president and chief innovation officer Amy Chen—KONE uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internet of Things (IoT) and generative AI technology. From making data secure and easily accessible, to being able to apply a range of foundation models in Amazon Bedrock, and rapidly testing ideas in the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center. The solutions KONE discovers in the AWS Cloud are helping to make buildings smarter and more connected.

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  • iFood

    iFood, an online ordering and delivery platform in Latin America, has a dedicated team whose goal is to drive innovation. They used Anthropic's Claude, Amazon Titan, and retrieval-augmented generation on Amazon Bedorck to build a proof of concept called "Garçon." Garcon is a virtual waiter that takes voice/text orders tailored to users' preferences. By using generative AI instead of traditional machine learning, they were able to move faster, lower costs, and improve the chat experience.

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  • Chunghwa Telecom

    Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., the biggest telecommunication company in Taiwan, chooses Amazon Bedrock to build a variety of generative-AI applications including an Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) tool, an AI-powered virtual English teacher, and a personalized marketing app. The company has since benefited from it.

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    One of our core values is the creation of value and innovation across our business laser and for our customers. With this in mind, we are laser focused on boosting our capabilities and ability to innovate with emerging technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence. As a leading company in Telecom industry, we are keen on exploring how Generative AI could transform the services we provide to our employees and customers. With direct access to foundation models from AWS and 3rd parties, Amazon Bedrock enables us to quickly and easily experiment and develop. We are looking forward to continuing this exploration with the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center and Professional Services in the Generative AI domain.

    Jason Lin, Vice President of Business Group Information Technology Group
  • The Very Group

    Learn how The Very Group, the UK’s largest pure play digital retailer, uses AWS to build their foundation of customer understanding and innovation. Steve Pimblett, Chief Data Officer at The Very Group, explains how they use Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Bedrock and generative AI to offer customers relevant, timely and personalized online experiences.

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  • Broadridge

    Broadridge is a global fintech leader providing critical infrastructure that powers investing, corporate governance, and communications to enable better financial lives.

    At Broadridge, we have been working to automate the understanding of regulatory reporting requirements to create greater transparency and increase efficiency for our customers operating in domestic and global financial markets. With use of Claude 2 on Amazon Bedrock, we’re thrilled to get even higher accuracy in our experiments with processing and summarizing capabilities. With Amazon Bedrock, we have choice in our use of LLMs, and we value the performance and integration capabilities it offers.

    Saumin Patel, VP Engineering GenAI, Broadridge
  • Contentstack

    Contentstack offers a Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) on AWS that empowers marketers and developers to deliver composable digital experiences at speed and scale. Contentstack helps retail and consumer brands transform content creation with generative AI across content management workflows to analyze, categorize, tag images, personalize, and create content.

    Contentstack works with some of the most innovative and demanding technology and marketing teams in the world. This is why we were thrilled to bring generative AI to our customers with our Amazon Bedrock integrations. As a leading Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Contentstack helps retail and consumer brands trailblaze with some of the most modern technology and best available tools. With Amazon Bedrock offering access to many of the leading foundation models, developers and business users alike can now build generative AI directly into their workflows with their choice of large language model (LLM) and unlock productivity that was impossible until today. Our journey with AWS started over 15 years ago and we brought numerous customers to the cloud. Now, with generative AI on AWS, we're ready to bring them into an AI-led future.

    Conor Egan, VP of Product, Contentstack
  • Genesys

    Genesys is a leader in AI-powered experience orchestration that helps organizations engage with customers across any channel and empower employees in the contact center and beyond.

    Our top priority today is to help organizations use generative AI to support employees and enhance bots through a range of applications, such as stronger topic, sentiment and tone detection from customer conversations, language translation, content creation and variation, knowledge optimization, answer highlighting, and auto summarization. To make it easier for them to tap into the potential of generative AI, we’re enabling our users with access to a variety of large language models, such as Genesys-developed models and multiple third-party foundational models through Amazon Bedrock, including Anthropic's Claude, AI21Labs' Jurrassic-2, and Amazon Titan. Together with AWS, we’re offering customers exponential power to create differentiated experiences built around the needs of their business, while helping them prepare for the future

    Glenn Nethercutt, CTO, Genesys
  • Nasdaq

    Nasdaq is a multinational financial services and technology corporation that owns and operates the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

    At Nasdaq, we have been working with AI technologies for over a decade, both inside our products as well as in the software and tools that power our business. We focus on scalable, reliable solutions to enhance the liquidity, transparency, and integrity of the world’s economy. We have a longstanding partnership with AWS across the enterprise that powers our technology and innovations. We are excited about the combination of choice, availability, and autonomy that Amazon Bedrock provides and see compelling potential in leveraging the platform across key areas of our business, including our anti–financial crime and surveillance capabilities.

    Brad Peterson, Executive VP and CTO/CIO, Nasdaq
  • Nexxiot

    Nexxiot is an innovator in transportation and supply chain solutions.

    We have quickly moved our Scope AI assistant solution to Amazon Bedrock with Anthropic Claude, in order to give our customers the best real-time, conversational insights into their transport assets. With direct access to foundation models like Anthropic, Amazon Bedrock powers our innovation by allowing for rapid and seamless experimentation, development, and deployment.

    Ákos Maróy, Chief Data Officer, Nexxiot
  • Ricoh

    Ricoh USA offers workplace solutions and digital transformation services designed to manage and optimize the flow of information across businesses. 

    We wanted to integrate a large language model that could produce high-quality training datasets while preserving data integrity and customer security. We selected Claude 2 on Amazon Bedrock for its proficiency in generating this data, as well as its adherence to stringent standards including HIPAA and SOC II.

    Ashok Shenoy, VP of Portfolio Development, Ricoh USA
  • Salesforce

    Salesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies of every size and industry to digitally transform and create a 360° view of their customers.

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    Earlier this year, we announced our foray into the world of generative AI with Einstein GPT. A key part of our strategy is to help you bring not only your AI models but also a wide choice of FMs to Salesforce Data Cloud, which unifies your data in different ways, including zero-ETL. As such, we are extending our "Bring Your Own AI” integration to Amazon SageMaker for generative AI from Amazon Bedrock. With Amazon Bedrock, you can access a wide range of cutting edge FMs from Amazon and leading AI startups via an API, to find the model that is best suited for your use case without managing infrastructure. You can access Salesforce Data Cloud data securely and easily with zero-ETL in Amazon, and use that company data to quickly and securely customize your choice of FMs using Bedrock. These customized foundation models tailored for your company can then be easily invoked from Data Cloud to be used across Salesforce.

    Gabrielle Tao, SVP Product, Salesforce
  • Verint

    As the global provider of customer engagement and automation software, Verint is innovating with generative AI in a wide variety of use cases that require customer adaptation, scaling to millions of daily interactions with unpredictable demand across nearly 100 different languages and multiple global regions.

    Managing several LLMs, ready to handle the ever-shifting demand in the contact center, across many languages, and foundation models creates a number of challenges. Amazon Bedrock helps us solve these problems by making it easier for data scientists to leverage high-quality models from multiple vendors through a single API. Amazon Bedrock’s serverless hosting makes deployment effortless, even when we work with different model vendors to support different languages in the same application.

    Ian Beaver, Chief Scientist, Da Vinci AI, Verint
  • Perplexity AI

    Perplexity wanted to offer a powerful alternative to the traditional online search engine, so it created an interactive search companion that provides personalized and conversational answers that are backed by a curated list of sources. Users can choose among multiple high-performing large language models for relevant, accurate, and understandable information. Through Amazon Bedrock, Perplexity AI users can select a model from the Claude 3 family of models from Anthropic. Claude 3 models feature expert knowledge, accuracy, and contextual understanding in addition to state-of-the-art performance.

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    Using a high-performing service such as Amazon Bedrock means we are tapping into Anthropic's powerful models in a way that allows our team to effectively maintain the reliability and latency of our product.

    William Zhang, Technical Team Member, Perplexity
  • BigDataCorp

    AWS has enabled us to realize our vision and bring a robust product to market in less than three weeks, at a much lower cost than any comparable generative AI solutions. Amazon Bedrock allows us to focus on developing the business solutions our clients need, instead of having to worry about the challenge of downloading and running complex AI models at scale ourselves. Through our use of Amazon Bedrock with Mistral 7B, we have been able to achieve a higher ROI in a shorter period of time.

    Thoran Rodrigues, CEO & Founder, BigDataCorp
  • NYSE

    As the world's largest capital market, processing billions of transactions daily, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) represents the beating heart of global finance. The NYSE placed its trust in Amazon Bedrock to pioneer innovative new technologies. By leveraging Amazon Bedrock's choice of foundation models and cutting-edge generative AI capabilities across many aspects of its operations, the NYSE enhances organizational efficiency and productivity, streamlines processes, gains predictive insights into market sentiment and stock price fluctuations, and much more. The collaboration between NYSE and AWS will continue to propel the NYSE into a new era of technological innovation.

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  • Sia Partners

    Sia Partners is a management consulting firm with a global presence and focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Sia Partners helps organizations across industries digitally transform their operations.

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    We have established most of what we do in AI on AWS. It’s very helpful because these services are very innovative, very easy to use, and we can focus on what’s the added value for us.

    Matthieu Courtecuisse, Founder & CEO, Sia Partners
  • Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters is a global provider of trusted content and technology to professionals across the legal, tax, and media industries.

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    In a quickly evolving space, you want to diversify and be able to capitalize on the latest advancements as they come. Using Amazon Bedrock, we can find the right model for the right job.

    Joel Hron, head of AI and Thomson Reuters Labs, Thomson Reuters
  • Bridgewater

    Bridgewater, after nearly 50 years of using a rules-based expert system for investment decision making, is now incorporating generative AI and large language models (LLMs) as key components of its “Artificial Investment Associate.” Enabled by Amazon Bedrock, they can leverage the best available foundation models, such as Claude, for different tasks – combining fundamental market understanding with the flexible reasoning capabilities of AI. Bedrock allows seamless model experimentation, enabling Bridgewater to build a powerful, self-improving investment system that marries the systematic with the cutting-edge – creating an evolving, AI-first process.

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  • LexisNexis

    LexisNexis Legal & Professional is a top-tier global provider of information and analytics serving customers in more than 150 countries.

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    We are working with AWS and Anthropic to host our custom, fine-tuned Anthropic Claude 2 model on Amazon Bedrock to support our strategy of rapidly delivering generative AI solutions at scale and with cutting-edge encryption, data privacy, and safe AI technology embedded in everything we do. Our new Lexis+ AI platform technology features conversational search, insightful summarization, and intelligent legal drafting capabilities, which enable lawyers to increase their efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

    Jeff Reihl, Executive VP and CTO, LexisNexis Legal & Professional
  • OfferUp

    OfferUp is one of the largest mobile marketplaces for local buyers and sellers in the U.S. and is changing the way people transact in their communities by providing a uniquely simple and trusted experience.

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    With millions of listings posted daily, it is important that we continually improve our personalized search and recommendation experiences for our users. To achieve this goal, we are experimenting with Amazon Titan Multimodal Embeddings, with the aim of revolutionizing local commerce through cutting-edge semantic search capabilities. During an initial evaluation with the new multimodal model, we have observed substantial improvement in relevance recall for keyword searches. This advancement will significantly expedite successful matches, benefiting both our buyers and sellers

    Melissa Binde, Chief Technology Officer, OfferUp
  • Ryanair

    As Europe's largest airline, with an astonishing 3,300 daily flights, Ryanair has cemented itself as a force in affordable air travel. However, massive scale brings challenges in delivering exceptional employee and customer experiences. To transform these experiences and propel future growth, Ryanair turned to the innovative AI solutions from AWS. By building a revolutionary new employee application on Amazon Bedrock, productivity and satisfaction soared to new heights across the organization. Additionally, Amazon Connect streamlined their customer service center, providing seamless support through enhanced automation.

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  • Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet is a premier travel media company celebrated for its more than 800 travel books offering expert travel advice and guidance. 

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    We are developing a generative AI solution on AWS to help customers plan epic trips and create life-changing experiences with personalized travel itineraries. By building with Claude 2 on Amazon Bedrock, we reduced itinerary generation costs by nearly 80% percent when we quickly created a scalable, secure AI platform that can organize our book content in minutes to deliver cohesive, highly accurate travel recommendations. Now we can repackage and personalize our content in various ways on our digital platforms, based on customer preference, all while highlighting trusted local voices–just like Lonely Planet has done for 50 years.

    Chris Whyde, Senior VP of Engineering and Data Science, Lonely Planet
  • Intuit

    Intuit Inc. is the global financial technology platform for 100 million consumer and small business customers who use Intuit TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp to make smart financial decisions with less work and full confidence.

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    Our platform generates 810 million AI-driven customer interactions per year, 65 billion machine learning predictions per day, and processes more than 25 million conversations with natural language processing per year. Deployed on AWS, our proprietary Generative AI Operating System (GenOS) is empowering our developers to build breakthrough new customer experiences across our platform and products with unparalleled speed. With Bedrock, we’ll be able to leverage foundation models from Amazon and leading AI startups, along with our own proprietary custom-trained financial LLMs on our GenOS, without having to manage or scale any infrastructure.

    Sembian Krishnamurthy, VP of AI, Intuit Inc.
  • Pfizer

    Lidia Fonseca, chief digital and technology officer at Pfizer, discusses how the company uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to achieve the scale to treat more than 1.3 billion people with medicines and vaccines in 2022. Fonseca shows how Pfizer centralized its data, cultivated strong AI talent, and built a secure global foundation in the cloud while saving tens of millions of dollars annually. Pfizer and AWS created the Scientific Data Cloud, which aggregates data from hundreds of laboratory instruments to make it simpler and faster for scientists to search the data. On AWS, Pfizer built VOX, a generative AI solution that uses large language models from Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock, to accelerate research, predict product yield, and help it deliver more medicines to patients.

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  • TUI

    TUI, a leading travel company, saw an opportunity to leverage generative AI to create high-quality automated content. Marc Jennings and his team chose to build a prototype using Amazon Bedrock because it provided a secure environment, cost control, governance, and training resources. TUI used two models - Llama 2 for generating hotel descriptions and Claude 2 for formatting output - which reduced content generation time from 8 hours to under 10 seconds while maintaining quality standards. With access to Amazon Bedrock and a range of foundation models, the travel firm can make a difference to the 60 million customers it serves annually.

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  • FOX Corporation

    Lindsay Silver, FOX’s senior vice president (SVP) of Data & Commercial Technology, describes how the company is reimagining how the world interacts with media by leveraging generative AI, machine learning, and data solutions on AWS to create more moments that matter. Using services including Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Personalize, and exploring new technologies such as Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan, FOX is accelerating data insights to deliver AI-driven products in near real-time that are contextually relevant and highly valuable to consumers, advertisers, and broadcasters alike.

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  • Parsyl

    Data-powered insurer Parsyl is using Amazon Bedrock to take unwieldy information from its customers—such as multiple email attachments in different formats—and turn it into usable data. This allows Parsyl to quickly identify patterns of risk for businesses transporting sensitive and ambient goods around the world—from a door left ajar on a truck full of fresh fish, to a shipping lane prone to delays. The solution empowers them to incentivize risk management among their customers and ultimately help reduce waste across the supply chain.

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  • 4me

    4me is a service oriented platform designed to be the IT service management solution for tomorrow.

    As a global leader in IT Service Management, 4me is excited to harness the cutting-edge generative AI capabilities of Amazon Bedrock. Amazon Bedrock's native AI toolset delivers superior performance, availability, data privacy, and security by processing data in-region and on-platform, ensuring compliance with local data privacy regulations and reducing security risks. This positions 4me for a successful future in delivering transformative generative AI solutions to our customers that enhance customer, employee, and citizen experiences, driving greater efficiency and service excellence.

    Laurens Pit, CTO, 4me
  • Adidas

    Adidas is one of the largest sports brands in the world.

    We were excited to be part of the Amazon Bedrock preview and get our hands on the service. Bedrock quickly became a highly valued addition to our generative AI toolkit, allowing us to focus on the core aspects of our LLM projects, while letting it handle the heavy lifting of managing infrastructure. Using Bedrock, we have developed a generative AI solution that gives the community of adidas engineers the ability to find information and answers from our knowledge base through a single conversational interface, covering everything from getting started to highly technical questions.

    Daniel Eichten, VP of Enterprise Architecture, adidas
  • Merck

    Merck is a research-intensive biopharmaceutical company that has been discovering and developing innovative medicines and vaccines to save and improve lives for over 130 years.

    All across the pharma value chain, there are manual, time-intensive processes that detract from more impactful work, as well as data that is not being effectively harnessed to improve employee, customer, and patient experiences. With Amazon Bedrock, we have quickly built generative AI capabilities to make things like knowledge mining and market research more efficient. In our U.S. patient-level analytics workflows, we can use those capabilities to provide patient insights, improve lives, and grow commercial reach, while closing gaps in data sharing and building our data governance ecosystem for responsible generative AI.

    Suman Giri, Executive Director, Data Science, Merck
  • Quext

    Quext helps apartment owners and operators build better communities through technology, reimagining the latest and greatest tech to work seamlessly in multifamily environments.

    Today’s apartment renter is incredibly savvy. They know how to find the information they’re looking for in digital channels and expect timely and relevant support from the start of their apartment search experience all the way through lease renewal. We’re using Amazon Bedrock to build and scale the Quext Digital Human, our fully autonomous, AI-driven virtual leasing assistant that delivers real-time online customer service. Amazon Bedrock is helping us ensure smooth, conversational responses and seamless self-guided service tailored to the needs of all of our customers, including renters, marketers, and operators.

    Xavier Perez, Digital Human Product Manager, Quext
  • Takenaka Corporation

    Founded in 1610, Takenaka Corporation is one of Japan’s leading construction companies and collaborated with AWS to develop the Building 4.0 Digital Platform, which uses data and analytics to drive efficiencies and new value creation across its business operations.

    To raise productivity and accelerate business developments, architecture, engineering, and construction, firms need to focus on digitizing their entire operations, including physical sites. Generative AI is poised to deliver significant efficiency gains and is one of the key focuses of Takenaka Corporation’s digital transformation efforts. We plan to use Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Kendra to build an application that enables employees to easily find information from vast amounts of construction industry laws and regulations, internal guidelines, and best practices to make smarter, faster business decisions, and improve work-life balance.

    Dr. Keizo Iwashita, Executive Officer, Digital Division, Takenaka Corporation
  • Verisk FAST

    Verisk FAST provides expert data-driven analytic insights that help business, people, and societies become stronger, more resilient, and sustainable. Verisk is the creator of the FAST platform, a leading digital solution accelerating life insurance and annuity providers on their digital transformation journeys.

    To help customers meet today's business challenges, and seize tomorrow’s opportunities, we continue to offer new and innovative solutions that help to lower TCO and accelerate growth. To further improve the customer experience, we collaborated with Amazon's Generative AI Innovation Center to kickstart the development of AskMax—a conversational chatbot powered by Amazon Bedrock. AskMax gives customers quick contextual answers to support questions, eliminating hours of manual research. Its advanced retrieval-augmented generation architecture enables nuanced responses tailored to each query. By combining Verisk's industry expertise with Amazon's generative AI leadership through AskMax, we are redefining insurance customer support. This seamless experience helps our clients focus on their core business, not time-consuming searches. AskMax exemplifies our commitment to leveraging leading-edge AI to help customers achieve their digital transformation goals

    Tom Famularo, President, Verisk FAST
  • Wiz

    Wiz transforms cloud security for customers – including 40% of the Fortune 100 – by enabling a new operating model. With Wiz, organizations can democratize security across the development lifecycle, empowering them to build fast and securely. Its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) drives visibility, risk prioritization, and business agility.

    Amazon Bedrock makes it easy for Wiz to build and scale generative AI applications with a broad choice of industry leading foundation models. Bedrock allows us to adapt and evolve quickly with generative AI and use a selection of top-performing models that are optimized for different use cases. We have multiple use cases for Bedrock in our roadmap and we are excited to collaborate with AWS in designing our solutions. With Bedrock, Wiz can rapidly innovate for our customers and focus on building novel AI-based features further accelerating the machine learning journey for organizations by protecting their generative AI applications.

    Ami Luttwak, CTO and Co-Founder, Wiz
  • Clariant

    As one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries.

    Exploring generative AI with Amazon Bedrock perfectly fits our grow-as-you-go, learn-by-doing approach to new technology. In just three months, we went from first discussions to a functioning internal gen AI chatbot with more than 1,000 active users, which is ca. 10% of our global workforce. Crowd-sourcing ideas through the chatbot has already helped us to identify over 100 potential gen AI use-cases to further explore. These include augmenting and accelerating our R&D processes, supporting sales teams with meeting preparation, and automating our rapid response to customer emails. Our users are excited about discovering the possibilities of AI, and the engagement is high and increasing.

    Eric van den Berg, Group CIO, Clariant
  • WPS Software

    WPS is the maker of WPS Office, a lightweight, feature-rich, comprehensive office suite with nearly 500 million active users globally. 

    As a market leader, we are fully invested in embracing generative AI technology in our office suite to boost our users‘ productivity and improve their experience. We worked with the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center (GAIIC) to conduct comprehensive tests for various office application scenarios using Amazon Bedrock and are pleased with its model performance. We have integrated Amazon Bedrock services into our products for production testing. We expect many positive business outcomes from this collaboration with AWS.

    Ning Zhang, Global VP, WPS Software
  • Dentsu

    Dentsu is one of the world's largest providers of integrated marketing and technology services.

    We work at the convergence of marketing, technology and consulting to drive people-centered transformations for brands that want to shape society for the better. Generative AI is changing our ability to deliver at scale and speed for clients, augmenting, not replacing, our 72,000-strong team around the world. Specifically, Amazon Bedrock gives us the enterprise control and ease-of-use to deploy foundation models for decentralized usage across our product and engineering teams. This allows our teams to innovate with the latest and greatest generative AI advancements in a safe and responsible space, while inventing cutting edge opportunities for clients

    Brian Klochkoff, EVP, Innovation & Emerging Technologies, Dentsu
  • GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is a leading domain registrar, commerce, and web-hosting company serving more than 20 million customers.

    At GoDaddy, we aim to help everyday entrepreneurs succeed by giving them the tools for establishing their business, creating a website and brand, marketing to their customers, and managing their work. Today, one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs and microbusinesses is lack of funding, time, and resources. We heard from customers that they want to accelerate content creation for end-user engagement, thereby enabling them to expand their business. We are partnering with Amazon Bedrock to build a generative AI service that will help customers easily set up their businesses online, and to more efficiently connect them to relevant suppliers, consumers, resources, and funding opportunities.

    Travis Muhlestein, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, GoDaddy
  • Enverus

    Enverus is a trusted, energy-dedicated SaaS platform, offering real-time access to analytics, insights, and benchmark cost and revenue data sourced from our partnerships to 98% of US energy producers, and over 35,000 suppliers.

    At Enverus, we are empowering the energy industry through highly innovative and AI-driven solutions. Our trusted SaaS platform, industry-leading analytics, and research expertise are embraced by U.S. energy producers across oil, gas, and renewables, reflecting our deep commitment to customers. Leveraging the robust capabilities of Amazon Bedrock, we are able to take advantage of the latest generative AI innovations with easy access to a choice of high-performing foundation models from leading AI companies. By using Amazon Bedrock, our solutions accelerate real-time, intelligent decision-making, transforming vast data streams into foresight and strategic opportunities. With AWS and Amazon Bedrock at the core of our operations, we are not just analyzing the energy market; we are creating its future together with customers with generative AI at the forefront, ensuring the enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and value creation that powers the global quality of life.

    Jimmy Fortuna, Chief Product Officer, Enverus

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  • Toyota

    Utilizing the power of data processed in near real-time, Toyota Connected uses AWS to help determine if first responders are needed in the case of a collision or emergency. Toyota and AWS are also leveraging their know-how to integrate Generative AI-powered in-vehicle technology that could help drivers be more informed.

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  • Netsmart

    Matthew Arnheiter, SVP of Innovations at Netsmart, shares how Netsmart is reducing the burden of clinical documentation for healthcare providers by building a technology solution that leverages AWS generative AI services. Netsmart extended their solutions capabilities by leveraging AWS HealthScribe, a HIPAA-eligible service that automatically create clinical notes from patient-clinician conversations using generative AI. Netsmart is also leveraging Amazon Bedrock to customize industry leading foundational models with enterprise-grade security and privacy built in.

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  • 3M

    3M Health Information Systems (HIS), a leader in clinical documentation solutions, has partnered with AWS to revolutionize the physician-patient experience. By leveraging AWS HealthScribe, a HIPAA eligible service powered by Amazon Bedrock, 3M HIS empowers physicians to focus on what truly matters – caring for their patients. HealthScribe automates clinical note summaries using generative AI, alleviating the burden of documentation and freeing up valuable time for meaningful interactions. This innovative solution not only enhances the physician-patient relationship but also reduces burnout and improves overall patient satisfaction. Together, 3M HIS and AWS are pioneering the responsible use of generative AI, creating a future where technology serves as a catalyst for better healthcare.

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  • Alida

    Alida is a customer experience software platform that offers a community-driven interface, Total Experience Management platform (TXM), to improve customer experiences for consumers all over the world. Alida provides their Total Experience Management (TXM) platform to deliver actionable customer insights, powered by a verified, engaged, and deeply profiled community of customers.

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    Generative AI is shaping interactions between brands and consumers like never before. Every day our customers get millions of pieces of feedback from consumers through our platform, which they need to analyze and act on. Alida leans on Amazon Bedrock to power a text analysis engine within Alida TXM that our customers use to efficiently generate, gather, and examine feedback, revealing profound insights that transcend textual data. This is the future of customer understanding and value, where our clients can easily understand the most relevant topics and trends through the millions of pieces of captured feedback.

    Riaz Raihan, President of Products and Engineering, Alida
  • Airtable

    Airtable, a cloud based low-code platform, enables non-programmers to securely build next-gen business applications. To democratize AI adoption for non-technical users across organizations, Airtable launched Airtable AI, powered by Amazon Bedrock. Through this partnership, Airtable AI seamlessly incorporates powerful foundation models like Anthropic's Claude and Amazon's Titan on Amazon Bedrock, allowing customers to choose models that best suits their use cases and workflows. Airtable hosts these models within their VPC, and does not have to send data to another service or cloud.

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  • Druva

    Druva enables cyber, data, and operational resilience for every organization with their leading, at-scale software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

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    It takes time and effort to manually build architecture that incorporates real-time and regularly changing data into applications, so we wanted a way to automate this process,” said David Gildea, vice president of Product, Generative AI at Druva. “We built our new service Dru—an AI co-pilot that IT teams can use to access company information and perform actions in natural language—in Amazon Bedrock because it provides fully managed and secure access to an array of foundation models. Next, we plan to integrate agents and knowledge bases into Dru to simply implement and automate RAG and improve end-user experiences, which we expect will lead to 70% more accurate responses, 50% faster response times, and 50% lower costs compared to similar models on other platforms. With Agents and Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock, we can add new capabilities, like support ticket creation, with increased velocity and without having to re-engineer Dru—enabling us to deliver the latest generative AI-powered solutions to our customers.


    David Gildea, vice president of Product, Generative AI at Druva
  • Principal Financial Group

    Principal Financial Group and affiliates, headquartered in Des Moines, IA, is a global financial company with 18,500 employees. In business for more than 140 years, it's helping more than 54 million customers plan, protect, invest, and retire. 

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    With AWS Post Call analytics solution, Principal can currently conduct large-scale historical analytics to understand where customer experiences can be improved, generate actionable insights, and prioritize where to act. Now, we are adding generative AI using Amazon Bedrock to help our business users make data-driven decisions with higher speed and accuracy, while reducing costs. We look forward to exploring the post call summarization feature in Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics in order to enable our agents to focus their time and resources engaging with customers, rather than manual after contact work.

    Miguel Sanchez Urresty, Director of Data and Analytics, Principal Financial Group
  • HappyFox

    More than 12,000 companies across 70 countries use HappyFox for their enterprise-grade help desk, live chat, chatbot, workflow automation, and BI products.

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    We were looking to leverage generative AI to enable our customers to enhance the support experience of their end users. After evaluating multiple solutions, we chose Anthropic Claude on Amazon Bedrock as the best fit to meet our security and performance requirements. By adding generative AI assisted features to our product suite, our customers were able to see 40% automated resolution of their support tickets and further saw around 20% overall improvement in productivity across their agents.

    Shalin Jain, Founder and CEO, HappyFox
  • Appian

    Appian is a software company that automates mission-critical business processes in large, highly regulated, and security-sensitive industries.

    Our customers are keen to leverage AI, but data security is paramount for them. We leveraged Amazon Bedrock to create an AI knowledge assistant enabling customers to pose natural language queries and derive self-service analytics from the Appian Data Fabric. Being able to take advantage of Bedrock's generative AI capabilities while maintaining a strong security posture for data privacy and security for us and for our customers, and combining that with the power of Appian Data Fabric, enables our sales force to access thousands of data points and information across customers faster than ever before.

    Medhat Galal, SVP of Engineering, Appian
  • Carrier Global Corporation

    As a global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions, Carrier Global Corporation (Carrier) strives to advance sustainable, efficient building environments and help customers reduce their carbon footprints. One of its products, Abound Net Zero Management, is designed to optimize energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. Carrier wanted to scale this product for a global audience, especially in regard to managing and interpreting diverse utility data across different regions and languages.

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