Amazon Bedrock Testimonials


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" Coda AI is a work assistant developed for enterprise use cases. With tens of thousands of teams relying on Coda AI to not only finish tasks but make progress in their work, it’s important to bring the best of security, privacy, and AI quality to their enterprise data and user experience. Amazon provides secure storage in S3 all the way through serving AI responses with Bedrock, keeping our LLMs inside AWS, offering scalability and dependability. Coda uses AWS Lambda’s secure execution to integrate with over 600 tools, allowing teams to bring any needed context into their docs. Coda AI can use this to create curated content and insights—and all of it stays within AWS’s secure platform. Teams use Coda for roadmaps, quarterly planning, account plans, and more, with each scenario powered by Bedrock and SageMaker models that deliver dependable performance.”

David Kossnick, Product Lead, Coda AI

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"Amazon Bedrock is part of the enabling portfolio for Philips to develop generative AI applications to support efficient clinical workflows and enhance diagnostic capabilities, helping clinicians to manage growing workloads amidst staff shortages and speed time to diagnosis and treatment."

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“With the addition of AWS Post Call Analytics and contact center intelligence (CCI) tools we enabled data-driven modernization decisions, conducting enterprise-scale near real-time analytics to unify and improve the customer experience. As a next step, we are integrating foundation models (Amazon Titan with Amazon Bedrock) to our proprietary solutions. In addition to the use of Amazon Bedrock in customer interaction calls, we are also evaluating its use for the creation of corporate customer taxonomies, and the improvement of conversational flows for our virtual assistants.”

Miguel Antonio Sanchez, Director of Data and Analytics, Principal Financial Group logo
“Earlier this year, we announced our foray into the world of generative AI with Einstein GPT. A key part of our strategy is to help you bring not only your AI models, but also bring a wide choice of FMs to Salesforce Data Cloud, which unifies your data in different ways including zero-ETL. As such, we are extending our "Bring Your Own AI” integration to Amazon SageMaker for generative AI from Amazon Bedrock! With Amazon Bedrock, you can access a wide range of cutting edge FMs from Amazon and leading AI startups via an API, to find the model that is best suited for your use case without managing infrastructure. You can access Salesforce Data Cloud data securely and easily with zero-ETL in Amazon, and use that company data to quickly and securely customize your choice of FMs using Bedrock. These customized foundation models tailored for your company can then be easily invoked from Data Cloud to be used across Salesforce.”

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“Showpad – the leading sales enablement platform – is using AI to enable organizations to increase sales productivity and drive better business outcomes. Working with Generative AI on AWS, Showpad is creating innovative solutions to help sales reps be more effective and efficient in their roles. They are using services like Bedrock and SageMaker to rapidly experiment and subsequently push new models to production”

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AI companies who offer their models through Bedrock

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“At AI21 Labs, we help businesses and developers use state-of-the-art language models with the goal of revolutionizing writing and reading experiences using generative AI and without requiring any natural language processing (NLP) expertise. We recently announced the Jurassic-2 family of models that offer best-in-class LLMs, bringing top-tier quality, flexibility, and high performance. We are excited about making Jurassic-2 models available through Amazon Bedrock because it enables developers to easily access Jurassic-2 without leaving their AWS environment and leverage the powerful generative text capabilities without worrying about managing the infrastructure. With the combination of Jurassic-2 models and Amazon Bedrock, developers can maximize the performance of language tasks while optimizing the cost thanks to the impressive zero-shot instruction-following capabilities and small footprint of Jurassic-2, and Bedrock’s cost-effective infrastructure.“

Ori Goshen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, AI21 Labs

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"Anthropic offers large language models that are safe, secure, and customizable. We work with businesses to build their generative AI strategy and accomplish amazing things. Our collaboration with AWS will bring our AI assistant Claude to customers running on AWS, the leading cloud. Through Amazon Bedrock, customers get secure and high performance infrastructure to build generative AI models that will help them solve the toughest, real-world business problems. Using Claude’s built-in content filtering, advanced instruction-following and text processing skills, customers can build AI-based assistants for their high-priority use cases.”

Dario Amodei, CEO and Co-Founder, Anthropic

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"We are excited to expand our collaboration with AWS and offer our foundation models on Amazon Bedrock. This will provide our joint customers with the greatest possible flexibility in ways to access cutting-edge technology that provides top-performing content generation, summary, and extraction. Bringing Amazon Bedrock and Cohere together offers customers intelligent systems that developers and enterprises alike can use to innovate more easily using AI.” 

Saurabh Baji, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Cohere logo

Stability AI is the open source, generative AI company behind the popular Stable Diffusion image generation foundation model.

“I’m excited to strengthen our ongoing partnership with AWS by making our Stable suite of open models available to AWS customers through Amazon Bedrock. This collaboration with AWS is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge open artificial intelligence solutions that can help businesses make more informed decisions and achieve greater stability in an ever-changing world. We believe that this partnership will unlock significant value for AWS customers, and we look forward to working closely together to bring these powerful capabilities to a wider audience."

Emad Mostaque, CEO, Stability AI

Integration partners

"At Deloitte, we’re advancing our Generative AI capabilities to help clients harness its power. As part of that effort, the organization is leveraging leading offerings like Amazon Bedrock to advance such capabilities with our alliance relationships. With Bedrock, we can provide clients with a cost-effective serverless API for AWS customers to build Generative AI applications. We are eager to help clients deliver better, faster AI results to the mutual customers of AWS and Deloitte."

Nishita Henry, Amazon/AWS Alliance Global Chief Commercial Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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“Slalom’s deep partnership with AWS thrives on a shared commitment to obsessively provide our customers with exceptional value. We are proud to support AWS’s innovative generative AI toolkits, which are purpose-built to help enterprise customers create real-world benefits in this fast-changing environment.”

Mukesh Kumar, Global GM of Data + Technology, Slalom