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Security has evolved. Protecting the perimeter is no longer enough; the best approach is to create infrastructure with security built in from the very beginning. This is why security is built into every layer of the AWS infrastructure.

Whether expanding your team or growing your business, moving to cloud-based security will broaden your horizons.

Cultivating Security Leadership

Download the eBook to learn about the key behaviours of security leaders. The guide also includes insight from security leads at Sainsbury's and ITV, sharing their experiences of building a business-centric approach to security leadership.

"With the exponential growth of data in today’s businesses, there has been a new emphasis on IT’s role in securing that data. Security, which used to be more infrastructure-centric, demands a new focus on software, and technology leaders have to be deeply involved in software development and investments."

Top tips and tools to help you better manage your security...

Find out how AWS is supporting customers by taking on the heavy lifting around security.

By automating and enhancing security practices, we are keeping organisations safe so that our customers can focus on delivering organisational goals.

Getting started with AWS security

"Think about a culture of security inside your organisation."

Sara Mitchell, Head of Financial Services Solutions Architecture, Amazon Web Services, UK, discusses tips and tools to help you with your security.

Democratising security on AWS

"Both startups and equally large, established enterprises benefit from the cost, scale and compliance of our security tools."

Orlando Scott-Cowley, Principal Technical Evangelist, AWS, talks about the benefits of cloud security.

Security & Compliance Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide details how you can achieve savings and scalability while still maintaining robust security and regulatory compliance.

"By using AWS, you get the benefit of the many security controls that we operate, thus reducing the number of security controls that you need to maintain. Your own compliance and certification programs are strengthened, while at the same time lowering your cost."

Secure freedom to dream...

Maintaining customer trust is critical for any business, with people more focused than ever on the security and privacy of their data. This is why we are committed to supporting you with compliance and accreditation.

We give you control over your content through simple, powerful tools that let you determine where content is stored, secure it in transit and at rest, and manage access to your data, leaving you time to focus on long-term strategy.

Evolve the cloud security conversation

Discover how AWS can automate and enhance your security, freeing you up to run your business.

Secure your freedom to fly...

With high profile threats and new regulatory frameworks making headlines, many organisations are boosting security by migrating to the cloud.

At AWS security is job zero. Our proven technology and services use machine learning and automation to enhance your security posture. With the right solution in place, your security teams can focus their attention on security strategy at a more holistic level.

AWS Security Webinar Series

Fundamentals of AWS Security

In this webinar, you'll learn about the foundational security blocks and how to start using them effectively to create robust and secure architectures.

Well Architecting Your Security Pillar

In this session, we’ll review relevant AWS security services and show you how to implement best practices from the Well-Architected Security Pillar.

Deep Dive on AWS Security Hub

In this webinar, we’ll examine insights gleaned from AWS Security tools, such as automating workflows for remediation; identifying and protecting against threats; and responding to and recovering from incidents.

Use the AWS Partner Network

APN Partners offer hundreds of industry-leading products that are equivalent, identical to, or integrate with existing controls in your on-premises environments. These products complement the existing AWS services to enable you to deploy a comprehensive security architecture and a more seamless experience across your cloud and on-premises environments.

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