Buildkite is a continuous integration and deployment platform, helping you automate and scale the testing and delivery of all your software projects. You can route 12 different agent, build, and job events to EventBridge to track custom build metrics, monitor developer wait time, run AWS infrastructure operations based on build events, and create faster autoscaling rules.

Quick Start Solutions

Buildkite Build Workflow

This solution deploys an integration with AWS Step Functions for Amazon EventBridge with Buildkite. This solution enables your Amazon EventBridge event bus to trigger a rule that evaluates Build Started event from Buildkite and invokes AWS Step Functions as a target for matched events.


Buildkite Visualization

This solution deploys an integration with AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, AWS Glue, and Amazon Athena for Amazon EventBridge SaaS Partner Buildkite. This solution enables your Amazon EventBridge event bus to trigger an EventBridge Rule that evaluates Buildkite's "Job Finished" events. If events satisfy the Rule pattern, they are sent to Lambda, which extracts key metrics and puts them into S3. Additionally, Glue resources -- a Crawler, a JSON Classifier, and a Database -- are created and ready to crawl the S3 bucket on demand once events appear. Lastly, an example Athena Query is created, ready to query your Glue Database Table and act as a data source for Amazon QuickSight or a visualization tool of your choosing.


Buildkite Pipeline Alerts

This solution deploys two types of integrations to receive Buildkite pipeline alerts through Amazon EventBridge. It can be configured to send pipeline alerts in one of two ways:

This solution enables your Buildkite Amazon EventBridge Partner event bus to trigger a rule that evaluates all events and sends alerts for matched events (in the example, 'Build Finished' events). You can use this as a starter project to extend for any scenario that requires customizing your Buildkite pipeline alerts.

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