Amazon Connect Customer Profiles

Empower agents with the customer insights they need to deliver personalized customer service

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles provides customer service agents automated experiences with real-time access to up-to-date customer info to personalize each customer interaction. Simplify how you provide your contact center with customer information by automatically syncing data from disparate applications (e.g., CRMs) and databases across the enterprise into a unified profile and accurately surfacing the right profile by matching customer identifiers (e.g., phone number, email address) in real-time to improve automated IVR and agent experiences. With a complete view of relevant customer information in a single place, using generative AI to combine contact history information (e.g., transcripts, customer sentiment) with customer information (e.g., current product orders, mobile app interactions), your agents can provide more personalized customer service, addressing issues faster and improving CSAT.

Easily sync customer data across applications with generative AI

Quickly combine customer information and interaction data from across your organization into a unified customer profile for your agent. Using generative AI, Customer Profiles automatically maps your data from disparate sources using 80+ pre-built connectors from third-party applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and homegrown applications.

Sync customer information across your organization with generative AI

Personalize automated interactions in minutes

Use a drag and drop contact flow block to access end-customer information from Customer Profiles and personalize the contact center experience. The Amazon Connect Customer Profiles flow block finds the profile based on the customer phone number or email address. You can then use customer information from the profile to personalize automated interactions and contact routing.

Automated customer profile matching

Surface customer profiles instantly

As a customer calls in or starts a chat, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles automatically scans and matches the customer phone number or customer ID against customer information from connected applications. It then surfaces a unified profile to the agent or IVR, directly in Amazon Connect, using the drag-and-drop workflow designer (i.e., Amazon Connect flows).

Single view of customer data

Get a single view of the customer in your contact center

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles combines contact history information from Amazon Connect (for example, number of holds, transcripts, customer sentiment) with customer information such as address, phone number, recent orders, or current order status from CRM systems and ecommerce and order management applications.

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