Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Fully managed, scalable, and reliable Elasticsearch service

Amazon Elasticsearch Service, is a fully managed service that makes it easy for you to deploy, secure, operate, and scale Elasticsearch to search, analyze, and visualize data in real-time. With Amazon Elasticsearch Service you get easy-to-use APIs and real-time analytics capabilities to power use-cases such as log analytics, full-text search, application monitoring, and clickstream analytics, with enterprise-grade availability, scalability, and security. The service offers integrations with open-source tools like Kibana and Logstash for data ingestion and visualization. It also integrates seamlessly with other AWS services such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, AWS Lambda, AWS Identity and Access Management Service (IAM), Amazon Cognito, and Amazon CloudWatch, so you can go from data to actionable insights quickly and securely.

With Amazon Elasticsearch Service, you pay only for what you use. There are no upfront costs or usage requirements.


Easy to deploy and manage

Deploy a production-ready Elasticsearch cluster in minutes. You no longer need to worry about performing management tasks such as hardware provisioning, software installing and patching, failure recovery, backups, and monitoring.

Integrated with Open-Source Tools & AWS Services

Amazon Elasticsearch Service gives you direct access to the Elasticsearch open-source APIs and supports open-source tools like Logstash and Kibana, so you can continue to use your existing code and data ingestion and visualization tools. The service also offers built-in integrations with other AWS services including Kinesis Data Firehose, AWS IoT, and Amazon CloudWatch Logs for data ingestion; AWS CloudTrail for auditing; Amazon VPC, AWS KMS, Amazon Cognito, and AWS IAM for security; and more.

Easily scalable

Launch petabyte-scale clusters with ease. You can monitor your cluster through Amazon CloudWatch metrics and resize it up or down via a single API call or a few clicks in the AWS Management Console. You can also configure your cluster to meet your performance requirements by selecting from a range of instance types and storage options including SSD-powered EBS volumes.


Run mission-critical workloads with confidence. Achieve network isolation with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), encrypt data at-rest and in-motion using keys you create and control through AWS Key Management Service (KMS), and manage authentication and access control using Amazon Cognito and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies.

Highly available

Get uninterrupted access to your data. Amazon Elasticsearch Service is designed to be highly available using zone awareness, which replicates data between two Availability Zones in the same region. The service also monitors the health of your clusters and automatically replaces failed nodes.


With Amazon Elasticsearch Service, you pay only for what you use. There is no upfront fee or usage requirement. Because it is a fully managed service, you don’t need a team of Elasticsearch experts to monitor and manage the infrastructure, resulting in lower total cost of operations.

How it works

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Use cases

Log Analytics

Analyze un-structured and semi-structured logs generated by websites, mobile devices, servers, and sensors etc., for operational intelligence, application monitoring, root cause analysis and more. Capture, pre-process, and load log data into Amazon Elasticsearch Service using Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Logstash, or Amazon CloudWatch Logs, and subsequently, search, explore, and visualize the data using Kibana and the Elasticsearch query DSL to gain valuable insights about your users and applications.

Adobe uses Amazon Elasticsearch Service to cost-effectively analyze and visualize large amount of log data for its Developer Platform, which at peak receives over 200K API calls per second. With Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Adobe is able to easily see traffic patterns and error rates and quickly identify and troubleshoot any potential issues - all with reduced operational overhead.


Real-Time Application Monitoring

Capture activity logs across your customer-facing applications and websites for real-time application monitoring and issue resolution. Push these logs to your Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain using Logstash. Elasticsearch indexes the data, makes it available for analysis in real-time, and allows you to visualize the data using the built-in Kibana plugin.

Expedia uses Amazon Elasticsearch Service for application monitoring and root-cause analysis and price optimization. Amazon Elasticsearch enables Expedia to monitor huge volumes of Docker logs cost-effectively, identify and troubleshoot issues in real-time, scale easily to accommodate additional log sources, and offload the operational overhead.

Security Analytics

Enables security practitioners to centralize and analyze events from across the entire organization to enhance incident response and monitor threats across all their applications and systems in real time. Amazon Elasticsearch Service allows you to index the data as soon as it is ingested allowing you to analyze and visualize data from multiple sources instantly and find and prevent threats faster.

Provide a low-latency, high-throughput, personalized search experience for your users across e-commerce applications, website, data lake catalogs, and other curated application data. Amazon Elasticsearch Service provides direct access to all of Elasticsearch’s rich search APIs, supporting natural language search across free text, Boolean combinations of text and metadata search, auto-completion, faceted search, location-aware search, and much more.

Mirrorweb uses Amazon Elasticsearch Service to make the UK Government and UK Parliament’s web archives searchable. With Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Mirrorweb indexed 1.4 billion documents for just $337 and indexed 146 MM docs per hour – 14x faster than the previously used technology.

Clickstream Analytics

Deliver real-time metrics on digital content to enable authors and marketers to connect with their customers effectively. Load billions of small messages that are compressed and batched to Amazon Elasticsearch Service using Amazon Kinesis Firehose. With Amazon Elasticsearch Service, you can then aggregate, filter, and process the data, and refresh content performance dashboards in near real-time.

Hearst Corporation built a clickstream analytics platform using Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Kinesis Streams, and Amazon Kinesis Firehose to transmit and process 30 terabytes of data a day from 300+ Hearst websites worldwide. With this platform, Hearst is able to make the entire data stream—from website clicks to aggregated data—available to editors in minutes.


Real-time application monitoring and pricing optimization.
Powering large scale, full-text search.
Accelerating the time-to-market for its IoT solutions.
Enabling real-time search on campaign data.
Lowering IT costs by 40 percent and delivering new services in minutes
Helping customers with their governance needs.
Powering search to better address transnational security issues
Enabling network data capture and analysis, at scale
Accelerating search on its Precision Medicine Platform.
Achieving operational time and cost savings.

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