Amazon OpenSearch Service is a managed OpenSearch service. For additional information on the open source search solution, OpenSearch, check out the OpenSearch documentation.


re:Invent videos 2021

What’s new in Amazon OpenSearch Service (51:33)
Reduce downtime with Amazon OpenSearch Service (31:52)
OpenSearch: Building the future of search together (26:46)
Delivering life-changing medicines at AstraZeneca with data and AI (48:53)
Observability the open source way (54:56)

Event videos and webinars

Importance of an open source search and analytics suite

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Building multi-tenant solutions with Amazon OpenSearch Service

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Top five things to know about OpenSearch (28:16)
Securing your log analytics and search data with Amazon OpenSearch Service (52:06)
Optimizing cost with tiered storage in Amazon OpenSearch Service (20:35)
Introducing Amazon OpenSearch Service (29:57)
What is OpenSearch (55:51)
Getting up and running with OpenSearch (39:31)
Modernize log analytics at Capital One (31:20)

Blog posts

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OpenSearch includes certain Apache-licensed Elasticsearch code from Elasticsearch B.V. and other source code. Elasticsearch B.V. is not the source of that other source code. ELASTICSEARCH is a registered trademark of Elasticsearch B.V.

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