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Provide an infrastructure to power user lookup, user search, and content search.


Simplified and modernized property searches.

“Because of the percolate feature, you get notified as soon as a property is added into the system, which reduced the lag from 1 hour to 1 minute.” 

Sakta Mishra, Data Lab Solutions Architect - AWS

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Power over 35 million customer searches per day with a managed search service.

“We’ve never needed to have any major downtime after we moved to this new [Amazon OpenSearch Service] architecture.” 

Deepak Kandepet, Engineering Manager of Search Platforms - Atlassian

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Lexis Nexis

Build AI-powered legal brief analysis tools.

“We use a knowledge graph on Amazon Elasticsearch Service to gather the data that produces intelligent recommendations.” 

Elizabeth Christman, Senior Director of Case Law and Product Management - LexisNexis Legal & Professional

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Share fast, relevant query results with scalability, speed, and reliability.

“If we didn’t have [Amazon OpenSearch Service], Amazon EMR, and all those tools readily available for experimenting with algorithm iterations, we wouldn’t have had the bandwidth to even consider doing it.” 

Mitchell Stewart, Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder - Guru Technologies

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Log analytics

Improve business efficiency, application and infrastructure performance and uptime.


Monitor and fix software problems.

“Ultimately, we are improving our software products and offering better service to our customers because of the real-time visibility we’re getting into log data.” 

Tommy Li, Senior Software Architect - Autodesk

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Service assurance.

“Netscout built an AWS solution on Amazon OpenSearch as an analytic engine for some of the services that we provide. So this gets threat intelligence to our customers for free.” 

Richard Hummel, Manager, Threat Intelligence - Netscout

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Logs, metrics, and the evolution of observability at Coinbase.

“Our evaluation of Amazon Elasticsearch Service went smoothly, indicating that the product had matured significantly over the past two years. Compared to our previous evaluation, we were happy to see the addition of instance storage, the support of modern versions of Elasticsearch (only a minor version or two behind at most), as well as various other small improvements like instant IAM policy modification.” 

Luke Demi, Engineer - Coinbase

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Prime Video

Deliver seamless playback experience to more than 18 million football fans.

“We collected a significant amount of data around quality of service, which is the experience viewers have on their devices. That information was sent to Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and we used it to further optimize the overall playback experience in real-time.” 

BA Winston, Global Head of Digital Video Playback and Delivery - Amazon Video

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Efficiently find and fix problems, improve application health, and deliver better customer experiences.


Identify security events and behavior patterns to protest data.

“As we migrate to [Amazon OpenSearch Service], we can start to focus on what’s necessary from a security perspective. We can bring in different skill sets and focus on what’s more important to the company rather than just maintaining standard hardware or infrastructure.” 

Muthu Meyyappan, VP of Security Engineering and Product Security Officer - Pearson

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Use an observability solution to monitor and issue alerts.

“Using [Amazon OpenSearch Service], we can see that the scale has grown tremendously. And since we only have one person managing the pipeline, that shows immense resource efficiency.” 

Wei Zhu, Staff engineer - Pinterest

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OpenSearch includes certain Apache-licensed Elasticsearch code from Elasticsearch B.V. and other source code. Elasticsearch B.V. is not the source of that other source code. ELASTICSEARCH is a registered trademark of Elasticsearch B.V.

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