Optimize time and resources for strategic work with Amazon OpenSearch Service

Help your customers find what they need by integrating fast, scalable full-text search capabilities. Manage growing analytics costs for hot, UltraWarm, and cold tiers. All features are included in the service without upsell.

Retain more for less with UltraWarm in Amazon OpenSearch Service (6:49)

Direct cost savings with Amazon OpenSearch Service

With OpenSearch Service, you can select the optimal instance type and storage option for your workload easily. If you’re uncertain of your compute and storage requirements, OpenSearch Service has on-demand pricing with no upfront costs or long-term commitments. When you know your workload requirements, you can lock in significant cost savings with Reserved Instance pricing for OpenSearch Service.

Compute and infrastructure costs are just one part of the equation. At AWS, we encourage customers to evaluate their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when comparing solutions. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • How much are you paying to manage the operation of your cluster 24/7/365?
  • What are the license costs for advanced features?
  • What costs do you pay for networking between the clusters or the DNS services to expose your offerings?
  • How much do you spend on backup processes and how quickly can you recover from any failures?
  • How much do you spend to distribute your data across three availability zones?

With Amazon OpenSearch Service, you do not need to focus on any of these issues. The managed service provides operational teams to manage your clusters, automated hourly backups of data for 14 days for your cluster, automated remediation of events with your cluster, three inter-availability zone data transfer for free, and incremental license-free features as one of the basic tenants of the service.

Data storage cost

AWS addresses the problem of storage cost with UltraWarm, a low-cost storage tier. UltraWarm lets you store and interactively analyze your data, backed by Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using OpenSearch Service, while reducing your cost per GB by almost 90% over existing hot storage options. Amazon S3 integration also provides fast access to virtually unlimited pre-indexed data via cold storage.

Increased efficiency

Amazon OpenSearch Service also takes advantage of AWS Graviton2, our custom silicon chips. By using AWS Graviton2 optimized instances, you can directly reduce cost by 40% due to increased efficiency.

Reducing productivity costs for tasks covered by a managed OpenSearch service

How much time do you spend doing tasks that the managed service covers for you? Here’s a quick list.



Amazon OpenSearch Service

Security and Compliance
Encrypt data at rest with AWS Key Management Service (KMS)   X
Encrypt data in transit with TLS 1.2   X
Fine grained access control with SAML for IDP integration   X
Manage security upgrades   X
Network isolation via Amazon VPC   X
Securing APIs   X
Penetration testing   X
CloudTrail auditing   X
Compliance (PCI, DSS, SOC, ISO, FedRamp, HIPAA)   X
Availability and Resiliency
Configure networking, routing, and firewall for 3 AZ deployment   X
Setup, monitor, and manage load balancers across request distribution   X
Automatic scaling to replace failed instances   X
Alerting features   X
24/7/365 monitoring   X
Cross-cluster / Cross-region replication   X
Scaling and Monitoring
API, CLI, and console driven configuration changes   X
In-place version upgrades   X
CloudWatch integration   X
Index lifecycle management for data tiering   X
Automated JVM, memory, and cache tuning   X
Slow logs to CloudWatch logs integration   X



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