Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
for Financial Services

AI/ML power financial services transformation.

Generative AI for financial services

Generative AI is reshaping the data and analytics landscape faster than ever imagined. Learn how AWS is helping financial services institutions leverage generative AI at scale and drive innovation at an unprecedented pace.


Power innovation for today and tomorrow.

Financial institutions are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and generative AI services on AWS to transform their organizations faster and in ways never before possible. With AWS, they can automate and personalize experiences, enhance analytics, and increase efficiency on the most secure, scalable, and resilient cloud.

Reinventing the future of financial services with AI/ML

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NatWest Bank Personalizes the Customer Experience
Using AWS

NatWest Group discusses how the bank leverages nearly 100 machine learning models and data analytics to improve customer experiences leveraging AWS.

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Mastercard detects and prevents fraud

Fidelity International

Fidelity International improves customer experience

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Resolution Life improves customer experience and data management


Itaú Improves Speed to Market and Productivity of ML Solutions

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Explore how AI and ML and now generative AI on AWS can help you innovate across your business.


Build AI/ML capabilities with a proven leader

Solve real-world financial services challenges, pursue new opportunities, and innovate with confidence. Join more than 100,000 AWS customers building on 20+ years of experience at Amazon.

Customize AI/ML to your business needs

Address financial services challenges to improve the customer experience, create highly personalized offerings, identify fraudulent activity, and simplify document processing. Use ready-made, purpose-built AI services or your own models with AWS ML services.

Accelerate AI/ML adoption and impact

Get the support you need along every stage of your AI/ML journey. Kick off your proof of concept with AWS experts, work with 80+ competency partners, and upskill your teams with training and hands-on tutorials.

Explore the potential of generative AI today

Build financial services applications with generative AI using popular foundation models or use services with generative AI built in, all running on the most cost-effective cloud infrastructure for generative AI.

AI/ML use cases for Financial Services

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Customer experience and onboarding

Financial services institutions are using AI/ML technologies and applications to streamline customer onboarding and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes. AI/ML also plays a growing role in delivering richer customer experiences.

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AI/ML allows financial services institutions to develop models that deliver unique experiences, including customized lending or insurance products and rates, as well as highly tailored investment portfolios and products.

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Document processing and text analytics

With AI/ML, firms can extract text from millions of documents, understand the sentiment of and relationships between documents, and include a manual step to validate the AI/ML results to ensure compliance.

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Predictive analytics

AI/ML predictive analytics help financial services institutions to better anticipate customer demand and manage associated risk. For example, they can accurately predict customer account balances as well as asset demand and derivative pricing.

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Fraud detection and prevention

Leveraging AI/ML and analytics services, banking, capital markets, insurance, and payments firms can provide a frictionless customer experience while preventing fraudulent transactions—protecting consumers and their own bottom line.

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Credit decisioning and underwriting

Financial services institutions are making faster, more accurate credit and underwriting decisions with AI/ML, and using alternative data sources to offer products to customers without an extensive credit history.

AI/ML insights for financial services

AWS provides the broadest and deepest set of AI/ML services for financial services institutions of all sizes, and for developers across expertise levels.

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Get started with select AWS services

Add image and video analysis to your ID verification apps.
Enable real-time contact center analytics.
Deploy AI conversation for chatbots
Add real-time personalized recommendations to apps.
Standardize ML workloads for pricing recommendations.
Extract data and text from documents
Detect more online fraud faster.
Extract relevant fields and terms or classify documents.
Build workflows for human review.
Build and deploy advanced predictive models.
Automatically convert speech to text.
Deploy high-quality, natural-sounding human voices in dozens of languages.
The easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with FMs.

Responsible use of artificial intelligence
and machine learning

Access resources and tools to guide your development and application
of AI/ML technologies.


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C3 provides a comprehensive PaaS for rapidly developing & operating big data, AI, and IoT applications.


DataRobot offers an enterprise machine learning platform that empowers users of all skill levels to make better predictions faster.

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Alteryx Analytic Process Automation unifies analytics, data science, ML, and process automation in one self-service platform.

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The Databricks Lakehouse brings the best of data warehouses and data lakes together in one simple platform to handle all your data, analytics and AI use cases. is trusted by more than 20,000 organizations around the world and enables businesses, government entities, nonprofits and academic institutions to make, operate and innovate with AI.  


Appen collects and labels images, text, speech, audio, video, and other data used to build and continuously improve the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence systems.

AWS Service Partners

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Accenture is a global professional services company that provides an end-to-end solution to migrate to and manage operations on AWS.


Helping customers achieve the promise of cloud through accelerated advisory, adoption and continuous improvement.



Deloitte’s end-to-end capabilities and understanding of your business and industry help amplify the transformative value of cloud.


Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation.


Discover solutions in AWS Marketplace

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AWS Marketplace makes it easy for financial services institutions to find, buy, deploy, and manage software solutions, including SaaS, in a matter of minutes.

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Build ML Skills in your organization

Build ML Skills in your organization

Build new ML skills in your organization using the same curriculum we use at Amazon—be it business executives, data scientists, or app developers.

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AWS DeepRacer League

Expand your ML skills by competing in the world’s first global, autonomous racing league. Win prizes as well as a chance to advance to the Championship Cup.

Transforming Banking with AI/ML

The AI imperative: The future of frictionless banking

Explore the transformative potential of AI/ML and generative AI. 

Engage with Amazon experts

Engage with Amazon experts

The Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab pairs your team with Amazon ML experts to build new ML solutions for your business.


Transforming Banking with AI/ML

Transforming Banking with AI/ML

Download this infographic to learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is empowering banks to build, accelerate, and expand AI and ML adoption. 

Transforming Capital Markets with AI/Ml

Transforming Capital Markets with AI/Ml

Download this infographic to learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is empowering capital markets to build, accelerate, and expand AI and ML adoption. 

Transform Insurance with AI/Ml

Transform Insurance with AI/Ml

Download this infographic to learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is empowering insurers to build, accelerate, and expand AI and ML adoption. 

Transform Payments with AI/Ml

Transform Payments with AI/Ml

Download this infographic to learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is empowering payments companies to build, accelerate, and expand AI and ML adoption. 

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