AWS Support Technology

Technology & Tools To Monitor, Manage, and Optimize Your AWS Environment

AWS Support creates technology and tools to help you manage and monitor your environment in order to ensure performance and cost optimization, manage risks around security and downtime, and automate remediation of issues to the extent possible.

Our goal is to help you eliminate issues that are avoidable, and then to provide a great support experience should you need to contact us.

AWS offers several tools to help you monitor your environment’s health and compliance with best practices. With these tools, you can save time by automating responses to alerts and notifications and integrating with other management systems you may be using.

AWS Personal Health Dashboard provides alerts and remediation guidance when AWS is experiencing events that may impact you. It gives you a personalized view into the performance and availability of the AWS services underlying your AWS resources. It also displays relevant and timely information to help you manage events in progress, and provides proactive notification to help you plan for scheduled activities.

AWS Trusted Advisor provides real time guidance to help you provision your resources following AWS best practices. It delivers recommendations to help you reduce cost, increase performance, and improve security by optimizing your AWS environment.

AWS Health API provides programmatic access to the AWS Health information that is presented in the Personal Health Dashboard. You can use these API operations to get information about events that affect your AWS resources.

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