Verizon is a global leader delivering innovative communications and technology solutions. “Verizon is helping our customers build a better, more connected life. As part of this journey, we are undergoing a major transformation in our database management approach, moving away from expensive, legacy commercial database solutions to more efficient and cost-effective options. Testing of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL showed better performance over standard PostgreSQL residing on Amazon EC2 instances, and the AWS Database Migration Service and Schema Conversion Tool were found effective at identifying areas for data-conversion that required special attention during migration.” - Shashidhar Sureban, Associate Director, Database Engineering, Verizon

Capital One

Capital One, a leading information-based technology company and digital banking innovator, has taken a cloud-first approach to software development. “At Capital One, our cloud-first approach led us to start testing the preview of Amazon Aurora’s PostgreSQL compatibility in November 2016. We anticipated performance benefits, as well as the high availability and fast failover capabilities ideal for serving our customers. In our testing during the preview, we’ve been impressed with the performance and high availability offered by Amazon Aurora.” - John Andrukonis, Chief Architect, Capital One

The Mainichi Newspapers

The Mainichi Newspapers is one of Japan's major newspaper companies, publishing the daily newspaper The Mainichi Shimbun. “We migrated all systems of the Mainichi Shimbun News website to AWS, and celebrated the first anniversary in December 2016. We use Amazon Aurora for the core database of our system, and it shows excellent performance. The database has been running with 100% availability in the last 16 months, and we spent almost no time on maintenance and administration. By having such a wonderful database service, engineers could focus on developing better applications, allowing us to provide better service to our customers. As a result, annual page views on our website increased by 20% from the previous year.” - Yuzi Mori, Solutions Architect, Digital Media Division, The Mainichi Newspapers Co. Ltd


FINRA regulates a critical part of the securities industry – brokerage firms doing business with the public in the United States. FINRA takes in up to 75 billion market events per day that are tracked, aggregated, and analyzed for the purpose of protecting investors. "FINRA is in the process of migrating most of our relational databases to AWS. We have evaluated Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility, and we look forward to increasing our usage, because PostgreSQL is the best destination for our relational database workloads." - Saman Michael Far, Senior Vice President & CTO, FINRA


INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, a new approach that leverages big data and the cloud to help manage urban mobility. "From raw GPS points, INRIX generates large-scale vehicle movement data and ingests the data into sharded Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL instances. We are hitting the storage and performance limits per shard and looking for a more scalable solution. With Amazon Aurora’s compatibility with PostgreSQL, we’ve seen three times performance improvements in our benchmarks. We love Amazon Aurora’s ability to scale storage independently of computing resources at better price points." - Trang Nguyen, Senior Software Engineer, INRIX


SysAid simplifies challenges that IT pros face every day, by providing a powerful and centralized help desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. “At SysAid, we describe Aurora as the solution to everything! We were looking for a database that could withstand the needs of our established customer base, who need all of their historical IT data at their fingertips. Aurora allowed us to not compromise the level of service that's expected of us. Furthermore, we were looking for a stable and scalable cluster technology and were amazed by how quickly and easily Aurora performed intensive ALTER TABLE operations. We're now free to move SysAid forward without worrying about either performance or stability." - Rafi Rainshtein, Vice President of R&D, SysAid


Nielsen is a global data management company providing a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviors. "In our testing of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL in the preview, we have seen very good performance upwards of 7-11 times that of RDS PostgreSQL, for both write and read/write workloads. We are also excited about the expected scalability and reliability, giving us great confidence that Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL will meet our requirements as we move some of our core database workloads to AWS.” - Todd Lightbody, Watch Architecture Leader, Nielson


FantasyDraft is a daily fantasy sports site offering fantasy play across multiple sports and contest formats including leagues, head-to-head contests and tournaments. “We’ve been extensively testing the preview of the new Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL engine, and have been very impressed with overall compatibility with standard PostgreSQL, along with the ease of migrating our data and applications to Amazon Aurora’s new engine to obtain improved performance, scalability and resiliency. We are most excited about improved performance under high concurrency workloads to ensure our users have the best experience possible in the final minutes leading up to when contests start.” - Tim Weisbrod, Co-Founder and President, FantasyDraft 


"TalentBin by Monster made the move to Aurora so as to reduce operational over-head and management of MySQL, which in turn allowed our development team to focus on innovation. Aurora offered significantly faster replication, providing larger write operations that wouldn't impact any downstream applications. Plus, Aurora’s tools eliminated the need to allocate excessive storage to account for usage and growth demands, which adds even more value and savings. Aurora made it possible for our team to consolidate various databases, reducing our database instance count by roughly 40%. Other gains were earned through automatic snapshots and point-in-time restoration, providing true operational improvements. All of these features made migrating to Aurora an easy decision for us." - Travis Theune, Sr. Site Reliability Engineer, TalentBin


OpenSCG is one of the leading solutions partners in the PostgreSQL community. “We have been testing the preview of Amazon Aurora’s PostgreSQL compatibility as part of our goal of helping enterprises successfully move from expensive on-premises commercial relational databases to PostgreSQL. We are impressed with the PostgreSQL compatibility, the performance, and the high availability, and we are working with multiple customers to give them all the assistance they need to move their Oracle database workloads to Amazon Aurora. It is truly amazing how quickly people are moving past the Oracle RAC objection that I've seen for the last 15 years when they hear how Amazon Aurora works. It's a game changer for sure.” - Denis Lussier, CEO, OpenSCG


SRA OSS is part of SRA Inc., one of Japan's oldest and largest systems integration companies. "In our performance testing of Amazon Aurora’s PostgreSQL compatibility, we found that the performance was three times better than standard PostgreSQL. Our testing also showed that Amazon Aurora is fully compatible with PostgreSQL 9.6, and we believe customers will be able to move large enterprise workloads from on-premises commercial databases to Amazon Aurora because of its high performance, high availability, and PostgreSQL compatibility. SRA OSS will add support for Amazon Aurora to the next version of pgpool-II, which provides clustering management middleware for PostgreSQL." - Tatsuo Ishii, Japan President, SRA OSS, Inc.


Funny Or Die is an Emmy-winning leader in comedy entertainment, combining Hollywood artistry with Silicon Valley innovation to deliver cutting-edge content across a rapidly expanding distribution network. “Our first tests of Aurora were difficult to believe because the performance increase was substantial. Aurora has greatly improved the responsiveness of our web site and our data warehouse analytics. After migrating to Aurora, we were able to rapidly add more read slaves to our site as needed, while maintaining great performance. Overall the performance and throughput have been excellent and Aurora's performance metrics are very detailed and helpful, simplifying database management and scalability. Aurora made our migration from traditional colocation to AWS easier because the storage was fully managed and replication was extremely fast.“ - Mark Smallcombe, CTO, Funny or Die

Urban Airship

Urban Airship is a digital growth platform and the global leader in mobile engagement automation. "Our platform sends billions of notifications every single day for the world’s largest companies. We capture hundreds of billions of event and user-level attribute data every day along with advanced attributes like LTV. Providing real-time querying and segmentation on multiple attributes along with recency and frequency was a strain on both our systems and people. We’ve been testing Aurora PostgreSQL since January with some of our large global customers and have found performance is 2-3X faster. Airshippers love that it’s hosted, scaling capacity is easy, and its compatibility with PostgreSQL made it easy to use from the start due to our in-house expertise." - Mike Herrick, SVP of Product and Engineering, Urban Airship


RavenPack is a Big Data analytics provider for financial institutions. "We are enhancing our products by incorporating new heavily structured data such as market consensus estimates, products relationships, and supply chain information, to name a few. Many of our analytics apps have to access this data in real-time and maintain point-in-time sensitivity, which requires a fast performing and heavily relational database, resilient to failures, and distributed across multiple AZ’s. In our testing, Aurora PostgreSQL has performed significantly faster than standard PostgreSQL, and has shown high compatibility with standard PostgreSQL. Given that we already have a deep usage of Amazon Redshift, and we are used to PostgreSQL interfaces, Aurora PostgreSQL will perfectly fit into our system.” - Jason Cornez, CTO, RavenPack


Safe Software is a leader in spatial data transformation technology, and maker of FME. “With support for 325+ data formats and limitless transformations, our products’ automated daily testing scenarios are demanding: 15,000 x 4 operating systems x 3 products, running 24/7. Add our developers and QA team hitting the servers, and they were tipping over. We migrated our 200 tables and 10 million rows to Aurora with the click of a button. Now we can build better, faster — which means we can deliver a higher quality product. We have no more maintenance headaches, Aurora is scalable without hassles, and we’re saving 40% in annual costs.” - Iain McCarthy, Product Release Manager, Safe Software


Emma's powerful digital marketing platform makes it easy for teams of all sizes to create beautifully designed email campaigns that drive results. "At Emma, we’re focused on thoughtful product design and friendly expert services to help marketers do their very best work. We manage several multi-terabyte OLTP databases that process nearly 300 million transactions per day. Aurora PostgreSQL provides us with a highly performant, secure, and more scalable database cluster than we are able to affordably create in a traditional datacenter. Aurora PostgreSQL also allows us to be much more responsive when meeting expected business growth demands for the foreseeable future, all while reducing the time needed to manage, maintain, and scale the database systems.” - Marc Powell, Director of Infrastructure, Emma


BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. “We are excited to announce the availability of Remedy ITSM on AWS Cloud. Our customers can now benefit from best-in-class cloud service, 3 times faster installation time, and lower cost of ownership by supporting migration to Aurora PostgreSQL." - Nayaki Nayyar, President of Digital Service Management BU, BMC


Alfresco provides modern content management software built on opens standards that unlocks the power of business-critical content. "Amazon Aurora was able to satisfy all of our scale requirements with no degradation in performance. With Alfresco on Amazon Aurora we scaled to 1 billion documents with a throughput of 3 million per hour, which is 10 times faster than our MySQL environment. It just works!" - John Newton, Founder and CTO of Alfresco


Blackboard is a leading education technology company for teaching, learning and student engagement. “We think Aurora PostgreSQL is amazing! In our testing of the Preview, we have found it can handle double our workload as compared with RDS for PostgreSQL. In addition, Aurora PostgreSQL can burst to very high IOPS with no provisioning, and the combination of nearly instantaneous failover and survivable cache is much better than traditional database architectures.” - Paul Pearcy, Staff Software Engineer, Blackboard


Earth Networks operates the world’s largest and most comprehensive weather observation, lightning detection, and climate (GHG) networks. “At Earth Networks we are leveraging our big data smarts to deliver on the promise of IoT and home energy efficiency. Our proprietary networks process over 25 terabytes of real-time data daily, so we need a scalable database that can rapidly grow with our expanding data analysis. During our Amazon Aurora preview, we were very impressed with how easy it was to move from our current SQL Server databases to Amazon Aurora; all with only a few changes." - Eddie Dingels, Lead Architect at Earth Networks


ISCS is a leading provider of core system SaaS solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry. “We project that the size and throughput requirements of our relational databases will more than double year-over-year for the next several years. We need a scaling strategy that delivers reliable performance with growth, yet is simple to operate. Amazon Aurora’s ability to auto-grow database sizes all the way up to 64 TB, as well as provide consistent throughput and latency, is an extremely promising approach to reducing our operational risk." - Doug Moore, CTO & VP of Consumer Experience at ISCS


The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization, consisting of 193 member states, dedicated to promoting international cooperation on the issues of peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development. “At the UN, we operate multiple websites with global reach that require mission-critical reliability and consistent performance. We were able to achieve superb performance even with Amazon Aurora’s smallest database engine. Amazon Aurora’s new user-friendly monitoring interface made it easy to diagnose and address issues. Its performance, reliability and monitoring really shows Amazon Aurora is an enterprise-grade AWS database.” – Mohamad Reza, Information Systems Officer at United Nations

WeTransfer Logo

WeTransfer is a leading file sharing service, providing a uniquely creative space for people to share files. "At WeTransfer, we currently use Amazon RDS for MySQL to perform millions of transactions per day serving over 70 million worldwide users. As these numbers continue to accelerate, we will need to find an even more robust data platform. In the Amazon Aurora preview, we have been impressed with Amazon Aurora’s performance, reliability, and manageability and look forward to using it for our production workloads in the future.” - Dave Forsey, CTO at WeTransfer


Zumba is a dance fitness program taken daily by over 15 million people around the world. "Our existing MySQL databases perform millions of transactions per day and we expect them to continue to grow. Amazon Aurora will give us better performance and scalability than MySQL, as well as lower latency read replicas, and we see an opportunity to use Amazon Aurora to improve the latency of our website while also reducing the number of instances required to run it. Best of all, Amazon Aurora’s MySQL-compatibility means that we can use it without making changes to our existing applications." - Douglas Jarquin, Director of DevOps at Zumba