MySQL-Compatible Edition


NTT DOCOMO is the largest mobile service provider in Japan, serving more than 73 million customers.

“Our data-based services are often not used at full capacity, resulting in high database running costs. Amazon Aurora Serverless will allow NTT DOCOMO to reduce operational costs by matching capacity to actual demand. Because developers can use Amazon Aurora Serverless just like a traditional MySQL database, it will be easy to adopt in our service infrastructure."

Tomoyoshi Ohno, Vice President and General Manager of Innovation Management Department - NTT DOCOMO


Dow Jones is a worldwide news and information powerhouse, with prestigious brands including The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires.

“Dow Jones’ first legacy on-prem database to Aurora migration was a high-profile workload that plays a critical role in engaging and retaining our customers. We were an early adopter of Aurora and the AWS Database Migration Service, which we’re utilizing to move data from our legacy on-prem environment to Aurora. The migration allowed us to replace a legacy platform with performance challenges that required 400k in DBA staff to manage, with $1M in licensing costs annually, to a cloud-based, highly scalable and resilient solution. It uses a 1TB Aurora cluster with 200 transactions per second, along with replication to another region for high availability and disaster recovery. By moving much of the operational overhead to AWS, and eliminating the need to manage storage completely, Aurora frees up funds for innovation.”

Ramin Beheshti, Chief Product and Technology Officer - Dow Jones

Capital One, a leading information-based technology company and digital banking innovator, has taken a cloud-first approach to software development.

“At Capital One, our cloud-first approach led us to start testing the preview of Amazon Aurora’s PostgreSQL compatibility in November 2016. We anticipated performance benefits, as well as the high availability and fast failover capabilities ideal for serving our customers. In our testing during the preview, we’ve been impressed with the performance and high availability offered by Amazon Aurora.”

John Andrukonis, Chief Architect - Capital One

Alfresco provides modern content management software built on opens standards that unlocks the power of business-critical content.

"Amazon Aurora was able to satisfy all of our scale requirements with no degradation in performance. With Alfresco on Amazon Aurora we scaled to 1 billion documents with a throughput of 3 million per hour, which is 10 times faster than our MySQL environment. It just works!"

John Newton, Founder and CTO - Alfresco

Arizona State University is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the #1 university in the U.S. for innovation.

"ASU continues its drive to improve flexibility and agility in its IT solutions to meet customer needs. We're using Amazon Aurora to cut reporting and extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) time by a factor of over 10, replacing our Oracle workloads with a high-performance cloud database that delivers fast responses to our users. Our ASU Alexa skill and ASU mobile app will benefit from Amazon Aurora's scalability as students arrive en masse this fall and create peak loads. And, the new Amazon Aurora Serverless capability will help us reduce costs for non-production environments, giving us flexibility to support data warehouse and ETL processes with irregular usage patterns."

John Rome, Deputy Chief Information Officer - Arizona State University

Autodesk makes software for people who make things like high-performance cars, towering skyscrapers and great films.

“Our Account Control Management (ACM) application is a central component for many Autodesk applications, and usage has grown this year. ACM requires a high performance database with low-lag replication, automatic scaling, and MySQL compatibility. Amazon Aurora allowed us to increase our database connections and greatly improve our scalability, response times, and CPU utilization. Our customers’ experience improved in a short time so we’re looking into Aurora for additional applications.”

Brian Mathews, Platform Engineering Vice President - Autodesk

Beachbody is a leading provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs that empower millions of customers.

“To support the transition from DVD sales to our Beachbody on Demand streaming service, we needed a cloud platform that provides agility, scalability, and high availability. Amazon Aurora provides the foundation for our digital services, supporting over a million users every month with peaks of over 250,000 users in a single day. Aurora also makes live events possible, as it allows us to scale up quickly for popular live workouts and then scale down, so we keep our costs low while our customers enjoy fast, reliable service.”

Grant Leathers, Vice President, Technology Operations - Beachbody

California Polytechnic State University is a nationally-ranked public university that’s driven by its core philosophy of Learn by Doing — a powerful combination of academic expertise and hands-on experience.

“Our Learning Management System (LMS) is central to the student experience at Cal Poly, and we have high standards for performance, scalability and high availability. Amazon Aurora meets our high standards. Given LMS usage patterns, with peaks during the first week of class, mid-terms, and finals, we expect to economize by paying only for the resources we need when we need them and eliminating the need for on-premises hardware. We also capitalize on the flexibility of the AWS environment that allows us to automatically shut down development and test instances when not in use, and spin them up quickly when needed.”

Alison Robinson, Associate Vice President - Cal Poly Information Technology Services

CB Insights is a private market intelligence firm that aggregates and analyzes massive amounts of data and uses machine learning and data visualization to help corporations answer strategic questions.

“Leveraging serverless computing is key to our system architecture strategy at CB Insights as it allows us to handle bursts in computation needs in an effective and cost efficient manner. We are excited about the opportunity to bring the serverless model to databases through Amazon Aurora Serverless. Through the preview program we have had early access to Aurora Serverless and it has confirmed the applicability for unpredictable data access scenarios. It’s also a good option for development/staging databases, which can be shut down when not in use to achieve additional cost savings."

Pal Hoye, Chief Technology Officer - CB Insights

Choice Hotels International, Inc. is one of the world's largest hotel companies, with over 6,800 hotels franchised in more than 40 countries and territories.

“At Choice Hotels, we process millions of requests every day for guests looking to stay at our properties. Transaction volume has grown over 300 percent in the last three years, and sets new daily records every summer. To accommodate this growth, we undertook a significant challenge and developed the first new global reservation system from a hotel company in over 30 years, and built it on AWS. Leveraging Amazon Aurora and other AWS services allowed us to both exceed our performance requirements and lower our costs.”

Brian Kirkland, Chief Technology Officer - Choice Hotels

Cognizant is one of the world's leading business and IT services companies, providing technology, consulting, and operations services to help companies digitally transform their businesses.

“The launch of Amazon Aurora Serverless has been highly anticipated by the market. It complements several of our offerings, including Cognizant Adaptive Data Foundation, a solution which enables the creation of cloud-based, holistic data strategies requiring insights, scale and speed. Amazon Aurora Serverless will enhance products like Cognizant Lab Insights, an intelligent, connected lab performance management solution, because a serverless database architecture supports the intermittent data usage requirements of lab environments and provides better flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.”

Arun Varadarajan, Vice President, AI and Analytics - Cognizant

CourseStorm offers impossibly simple cloud-based software to support growing educational and workforce development programs.

“We chose Amazon Aurora for its scalability, flexibility, and ease of use, which enable our engineers to focus their time on customer-facing features rather than routine database maintenance and administration. Our online registration system has irregular usage patterns, with traffic spiking during registration season and flash sales. After trying Aurora Serverless, we are confident it will provide the quick and seamless scaling we need.”

Matt James, Head of Product - CourseStorm

Currencycloud enables businesses to quickly and easily handle international payments through the cloud.

“Currencycloud leverages Amazon Aurora to get higher performance than regular MySQL, while staying compliant with strict regulations. AWS innovations give us technical capabilities and true business competitive advantages, and Aurora Serverless in particular will allow us to scale to the demands of our customers in a matter of seconds. It will bring huge advantages to our internal processes, provide additional low risk elasticity to our database clusters, and a significant cost reduction during idle times."

Ed Addario, CTO - Currencycloud

Earth Networks operates the world’s largest and most comprehensive weather observation, lightning detection, and climate (GHG) networks.

“At Earth Networks we are leveraging our big data smarts to deliver on the promise of IoT and home energy efficiency. Our proprietary networks process over 25 terabytes of real-time data daily, so we need a scalable database that can rapidly grow with our expanding data analysis. During our Amazon Aurora preview, we were very impressed with how easy it was to move from our current SQL Server databases to Amazon Aurora; all with only a few changes."

Eddie Dingels, Lead Architect - Earth Networks


FirstFuel is the global leader in business customer engagement for the energy industry, delivering customer intelligence to over 30 energy providers in North America and Europe.

“Amazon Aurora has immediately become a key component to meeting FirstFuel's uptime and disaster recovery Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with some of the world's most demanding enterprise clients. Key functionality such as restore to point in time, reader nodes, cross-region replication, and automatic node failover have dramatically reduced or eliminated our data loss and downtime risks. Aurora has also reduced the time we spend on database management, leading to real productivity improvements.”

Siddharth Kundalkar, Director of Engineering - FirstFuel

Funny Or Die is an Emmy-winning leader in comedy entertainment, combining Hollywood artistry with Silicon Valley innovation to deliver cutting-edge content across a rapidly expanding distribution network.

“Our first tests of Aurora were difficult to believe because the performance increase was substantial. Aurora has greatly improved the responsiveness of our web site and our data warehouse analytics. After migrating to Aurora, we were able to rapidly add more read slaves to our site as needed, while maintaining great performance. Overall the performance and throughput have been excellent and Aurora's performance metrics are very detailed and helpful, simplifying database management and scalability. Aurora made our migration from traditional colocation to AWS easier because the storage was fully managed and replication was extremely fast.“ - Mark Smallcombe, CTO - Funny or Die


ISCS is a leading provider of core system SaaS solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry.

“We project that the size and throughput requirements of our relational databases will more than double year-over-year for the next several years. We need a scaling strategy that delivers reliable performance with growth, yet is simple to operate. Amazon Aurora’s ability to auto-grow database sizes all the way up to 64 TB, as well as provide consistent throughput and latency, is an extremely promising approach to reducing our operational risk."

Doug Moore, CTO & VP of Consumer Experience - ISCS

The Mainichi Newspapers is one of Japan's major newspaper companies, publishing the daily newspaper The Mainichi Shimbun.

“We migrated all systems of the Mainichi Shimbun News website to AWS, and celebrated the first anniversary in December 2016. We use Amazon Aurora for the core database of our system, and it shows excellent performance. The database has been running with 100% availability in the last 16 months, and we spent almost no time on maintenance and administration. By having such a wonderful database service, engineers could focus on developing better applications, allowing us to provide better service to our customers. As a result, annual page views on our website increased by 20% from the previous year.”

Yuzi Mori, Solutions Architect, Digital Media Division - The Mainichi Newspapers Co. Ltd

Mitel is a global market leader in business communications.

“At Mitel, we’re reinventing our products using cloud-based, microservice applications to give our customers more specialized and innovative ways to communicate and collaborate. We’re using Amazon Aurora at the core of our Cloudlink platform and our Officelink product. We’re excited about the new Aurora Serverless offering, which allows us to further focus on delivering applications at scale without having to think about infrastructure.”

Tim Olson, Vice President, Cloud Engineering - Mitel

Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with over 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages.

“We were able to test Aurora’s parallel query feature and the performance gains were very good. To be specific, for queries doing full table scan or fetching fat indexes with billions of rows, we noticed the query time reduced from 32 minutes to 3 minutes. We were able to reduce the instance type from r3.8xlarge to r3.2xlarge. For this use-case, parallel query was a great win for us.”

Jyoti Shandil, Cloud Data Architect - Netflix

Pagely is the WordPress hosting leader in innovation, speed, scalability, and security, with thousands of clients ranging from the largest tech companies, to universities, creative agencies, city and state governments, and other large and midsize businesses.

“We are excited by the flexibility that Amazon Aurora Serverless offers in our current managed WordPress hosting stack, and the new serverless WordPress application hosting model that it enables us to pursue. Many of our large-scale WordPress sites have unpredictable database usage. Amazon Aurora Serverless gives us the ability to lower customer costs for these fluctuating workloads and free internal resources by eliminating the need for manual or monitored database resizing. Ultimately this is about saving time, money, and serving our customers better, and Amazon Aurora Serverless will help us do that.”

Joshua Strebel, Founder and CEO - Pagely

Personal Capital seeks to transform the wealth management industry through transparency, ease of use, and powerful analytics made available to everyday investors.

“Adopting Amazon Aurora is a game-changer because we offload management, security, and backup to AWS. When we managed our own databases, it could take days or even weeks to spin up a new instance, replicate data, load test, patch, and so on. With Amazon Aurora, it takes a few clicks or a few lines of script and a new instance is running in minutes. If you multiply those productivity gains across the organization, it’s huge.”

Fritz Robbins, Chief Technology Officer - Personal Capital

RecoChoku has been a driving force among Japanese music distribution services since 2001.

If you work with databases on AWS, there is no reason not to choose Amazon Aurora. At peak periods the membership system is accessed via API more than 250 times per second, but there have been no issues at all even under this kind of processing load. Also, because it is a fully managed service, we can focus our resources on service development."

Shuhei Sakai, Systems Architect Group, Business Systems Promotion Department - RecoChoku Co., Ltd.

Safe Software is a leader in spatial data transformation technology, and maker of FME.

“With support for 325+ data formats and limitless transformations, our products’ automated daily testing scenarios are demanding: 15,000 x 4 operating systems x 3 products, running 24/7. Add our developers and QA team hitting the servers, and they were tipping over. We migrated our 200 tables and 10 million rows to Aurora with the click of a button. Now we can build better, faster — which means we can deliver a higher quality product. We have no more maintenance headaches, Aurora is scalable without hassles, and we’re saving 40% in annual costs.”

Iain McCarthy, Product Release Manager - Safe Software

SysAid simplifies challenges that IT pros face every day, by providing a powerful and centralized help desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solution.

“At SysAid, we describe Aurora as the solution to everything! We were looking for a database that could withstand the needs of our established customer base, who need all of their historical IT data at their fingertips. Aurora allowed us to not compromise the level of service that's expected of us. Furthermore, we were looking for a stable and scalable cluster technology and were amazed by how quickly and easily Aurora performed intensive ALTER TABLE operations. We're now free to move SysAid forward without worrying about either performance or stability."

Rafi Rainshtein, Vice President of R&D - SysAid

TalentBin is used by the best technical recruiters in the world to find passive candidates where they are active online, based on their skills, interests and actions.

"TalentBin by Monster made the move to Aurora so as to reduce operational over-head and management of MySQL, which in turn allowed our development team to focus on innovation. Aurora offered significantly faster replication, providing larger write operations that wouldn't impact any downstream applications. Plus, Aurora’s tools eliminated the need to allocate excessive storage to account for usage and growth demands, which adds even more value and savings. Aurora made it possible for our team to consolidate various databases, reducing our database instance count by roughly 40%. Other gains were earned through automatic snapshots and point-in-time restoration, providing true operational improvements. All of these features made migrating to Aurora an easy decision for us."

Travis Theune, Sr. Site Reliability Engineer - TalentBin

TransNexus is a VOIP software development firm providing fraud detection, intelligent routing, and analytics solutions for major carriers worldwide.

“We tested Aurora’s parallel query feature with analytics applications within our ClearIP software product hosted in AWS. We’ve been excited to find that larger, more intensive queries perform up to 20x faster with Parallel Query turned on.”

Alec Fenichel, Software Developer - TransNexus

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization, consisting of 193 member states, dedicated to promoting international cooperation on the issues of peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development.

“At the UN, we operate multiple websites with global reach that require mission-critical reliability and consistent performance. We were able to achieve superb performance even with Amazon Aurora’s smallest database engine. Amazon Aurora’s new user-friendly monitoring interface made it easy to diagnose and address issues. Its performance, reliability and monitoring really shows Amazon Aurora is an enterprise-grade AWS database.”

Mohamad Reza, Information Systems Officer - United Nations

X.D. Network is one of the largest mobile game companies in Shanghai, China.

"Ragnarok Online, an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) mobile game we launched in the Korea region in March 2018, needs to constantly update game statistics and player status. The burden of massive write operations can reach 25,000 queries per second easily, which exceeds the limit of traditional MySQL databases. Thanks to the Amazon Aurora database, we can accomplish this without changing any of the code, and even keep latency to less than 35 ms to ensure we can continue to expand our user base. Thanks to the high performance and availability that Amazon Aurora provides, Ragnarok Online reached number one in the free and top-grossing mobile game categories in Korea when it launched."

Tomasen Shen, CTO – X.D. Network Inc.

ZipRecruiter, the fastest-growing online employment marketplace, has connected over 1 million businesses and 100 million job seekers through AI-driven matching technology.

“We migrated our MySQL databases to Amazon Aurora in order to handle our incredibly fast growth. Scalability and high availability can be challenging with large MySQL databases. Amazon Aurora allows us to easily scale our reads through near-zero-lag read replicas, even under a very heavy write load. That combined with reliable, out-of-the-box cross-availability zone failover means we favor Aurora for all of our live data serving needs.”

Craig Ogg, Chief Technology Officer - ZipRecruiter

Zumba is a dance fitness program taken daily by over 15 million people around the world.

"Our existing MySQL databases perform millions of transactions per day and we expect them to continue to grow. Amazon Aurora will give us better performance and scalability than MySQL, as well as lower latency read replicas, and we see an opportunity to use Amazon Aurora to improve the latency of our website while also reducing the number of instances required to run it. Best of all, Amazon Aurora’s MySQL-compatibility means that we can use it without making changes to our existing applications."

Douglas Jarquin, Director of DevOps - Zumba

PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition

Verizon is a global leader delivering innovative communications and technology solutions.

“Verizon is helping our customers build a better, more connected life. As part of this journey, we are undergoing a major transformation in our database management approach, moving away from expensive, legacy commercial database solutions to more efficient and cost-effective options. Testing of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL showed better performance over standard PostgreSQL residing on Amazon EC2 instances, and the AWS Database Migration Service and Schema Conversion Tool were found effective at identifying areas for data-conversion that required special attention during migration.”

Shashidhar Sureban, Associate Director, Database Engineering - Verizon

Nielsen is a global data management company providing a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviors.

"In our testing of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL in the preview, we have seen very good performance upwards of 7-11 times that of RDS PostgreSQL, for both write and read/write workloads. We are also excited about the expected scalability and reliability, giving us great confidence that Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL will meet our requirements as we move some of our core database workloads to AWS.”

Todd Lightbody, Watch Architecture Leader - Nielson

Blackboard is a leading education technology company for teaching, learning and student engagement.

“We think Aurora PostgreSQL is amazing! In our testing of the Preview, we have found it can handle double our workload as compared with RDS for PostgreSQL. In addition, Aurora PostgreSQL can burst to very high IOPS with no provisioning, and the combination of nearly instantaneous failover and survivable cache is much better than traditional database architectures.”

Paul Pearcy, Staff Software Engineer - Blackboard

BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage.

“We are excited to announce the availability of Remedy ITSM on AWS Cloud. Our customers can now benefit from best-in-class cloud service, 3 times faster installation time, and lower cost of ownership by supporting migration to Aurora PostgreSQL."

Nayaki Nayyar, President of Digital Service Management BU - BMC

BMLL Technologies Ltd is a world leader in applying statistical techniques to niche big-data sets, running a web platform for financial services customers to perform machine learning on limit order book data with applications such as market impact, book simulation, and compliance and surveillance.

“Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL is helping us solve performance and scalability challenges to provide deeper and faster data analysis to our customers.
In addition, the built-in security, durability, and high availability capabilities of Aurora PostgreSQL help to simplify and automate most of our DBA requirements, lowering our costs while increasing reliability.”

Dr. David Robinson, CTO - BMLL Technologies

Cloudability is a cloud cost-management platform that empowers enterprises to optimize their cloud financials with full accountability.

“Amazon Aurora has become the database of choice for all our MySQL workloads. Our True Cost Engine delivers cost efficiency to customers, using a new predictive model based on petabytes of customer cost optimization data. To support this kind of analysis, we need a database that is performant, scalable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain and tune. Aurora solves our biggest issues with managing large, production databases with strict SLAs. Now that PostgreSQL is supported, we expect all our PostgreSQL workloads to move to Aurora as well."

Matt Finlayson, Vice President of Engineering - Cloudability

Emma's powerful digital marketing platform makes it easy for teams of all sizes to create beautifully designed email campaigns that drive results.

"At Emma, we’re focused on thoughtful product design and friendly expert services to help marketers do their very best work. We manage several multi-terabyte OLTP databases that process nearly 300 million transactions per day. Aurora PostgreSQL provides us with a highly performant, secure, and more scalable database cluster than we are able to affordably create in a traditional datacenter. Aurora PostgreSQL also allows us to be much more responsive when meeting expected business growth demands for the foreseeable future, all while reducing the time needed to manage, maintain, and scale the database systems.”

Marc Powell, Director of Infrastructure - Emma

FantasyDraft is a daily fantasy sports site offering fantasy play across multiple sports and contest formats including leagues, head-to-head contests and tournaments.

“We’ve been extensively testing the preview of the new Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL engine, and have been very impressed with overall compatibility with standard PostgreSQL, along with the ease of migrating our data and applications to Amazon Aurora’s new engine to obtain improved performance, scalability and resiliency. We are most excited about improved performance under high concurrency workloads to ensure our users have the best experience possible in the final minutes leading up to when contests start.”

Tim Weisbrod, Co-Founder and President - FantasyDraft 

INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, a new approach that leverages big data and the cloud to help manage urban mobility.

"From raw GPS points, INRIX generates large-scale vehicle movement data and ingests the data into sharded Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL instances. We are hitting the storage and performance limits per shard and looking for a more scalable solution. With Amazon Aurora’s compatibility with PostgreSQL, we’ve seen three times performance improvements in our benchmarks. We love Amazon Aurora’s ability to scale storage independently of computing resources at better price points."

Trang Nguyen, Senior Software Engineer - INRIX

New Innovations has built a business around shared ideas and beliefs that all point to a larger purpose—empowering medical educators and administrators to provide quality medical education.

"Thanks to AWS and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, our company has been able to build an infrastructure that scales to meet our customers’ demands. We found that Aurora PostgreSQL is a drop-in replacement for Amazon RDS PostgreSQL, with a few very important improvements: write throughput and automatically-expanding storage. We migrated 700+ instances of Microsoft SQL Server, and LOVE the simplicity of management that Aurora PostgreSQL provides. Gone are the days of dealing with tuning and tweaking configuration files for optimal performance."

Stephen Sciarini, IT Manager - New Innovations

RavenPack is a Big Data analytics provider for financial institutions.

"We are enhancing our products by incorporating new heavily structured data such as market consensus estimates, products relationships, and supply chain information, to name a few. Many of our analytics apps have to access this data in real-time and maintain point-in-time sensitivity, which requires a fast performing and heavily relational database, resilient to failures, and distributed across multiple AZ’s. In our testing, Aurora PostgreSQL has performed significantly faster than standard PostgreSQL, and has shown high compatibility with standard PostgreSQL. Given that we already have a deep usage of Amazon Redshift, and we are used to PostgreSQL interfaces, Aurora PostgreSQL will perfectly fit into our system.”

Jason Cornez, CTO - RavenPack

SRA OSS is part of SRA Inc., one of Japan's oldest and largest systems integration companies.

"In our performance testing of Amazon Aurora’s PostgreSQL compatibility, we found that the performance was three times better than standard PostgreSQL. Our testing also showed that Amazon Aurora is fully compatible with PostgreSQL 9.6, and we believe customers will be able to move large enterprise workloads from on-premises commercial databases to Amazon Aurora because of its high performance, high availability, and PostgreSQL compatibility. SRA OSS will add support for Amazon Aurora to the next version of pgpool-II, which provides clustering management middleware for PostgreSQL."

Tatsuo Ishii, Japan President - SRA OSS, Inc.

TIBCO is a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, offering a low-code application platform that empowers citizen developers to build fully functional and smart applications in minutes.

“We are an early adopter of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and used the AWS Database Migration Service to transition TIBCO Cloud Live Apps to Amazon Aurora seamlessly, while it was in production, without our customers noticing any interruption in our service. Amazon Aurora's reliability, security, and fast failover will continue to help us scale Live Apps, giving customers constant access to our service so they can build and run apps quickly and with high availability.”

Matt Quinn, Chief Operating Officer - TIBCO

Urban Airship is a digital growth platform and the global leader in mobile engagement automation.

"Our platform sends billions of notifications every single day for the world’s largest companies. We capture hundreds of billions of event and user-level attribute data every day along with advanced attributes like LTV. Providing real-time querying and segmentation on multiple attributes along with recency and frequency was a strain on both our systems and people. We’ve been testing Aurora PostgreSQL since January with some of our large global customers and have found performance is 2-3X faster. Airshippers love that it’s hosted, scaling capacity is easy, and its compatibility with PostgreSQL made it easy to use from the start due to our in-house expertise."

Mike Herrick, SVP of Product and Engineering - Urban Airship

Wappa is the pioneer and market leader in taxi expense management, headquartered in Brazil and available in 22 countries.

“To help our customers reduce corporate travel expenses, our platform needs to find rides quickly and accelerate the budgeting, payment, and reporting processes. Since migrating our Oracle database to Amazon Aurora, our user validation process has become 60 percent faster, reporting time per user has dropped 75 percent, and the payment process is 70 percent faster. We’re clearly seeing the results in our user growth numbers and user satisfaction ratings of our application.”

Cesar Matias, Chief Technology Officer - Wappa

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