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SFTP Gateway

Starting from $0.06/hr or from $479.00/yr (9% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

SFTP Gateway is a secure-by-default, pre-configured SFTP server that saves uploaded files to an Amazon S3 bucket. SFTP Gateway is a simple and affordable service that is designed to grow with your business needs. By providing a documented RESTful API, SFTP Gateway is ready to integrate into your current... See more

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Just stores data in S3, but doesn't make the data accessible

  • By JF
  • on 08/07/2018

Same problem for me as MJ reported with his "Fatally Flawed" review.

This configures an SFTP you can connect to and deposit files to. That works fine, the files will all get synced up to your S3 bucket. But, the files themselves are accessible on the FTP.

For example, if you connect via an FTP client and drop a file there, it will appear in S3, but immediately disappear in the FTP interface. This is not usable if you are trying to allow someone to access files from the FTP, this is good for file deposit only (and ONLY if you don't care about getting the files from S3 instead of FTP).

Not ideal for our purposes, will have to use something else.

Fatally Flawed

  • By MJ
  • on 05/23/2018

Rather than presenting an S3 bucket to SFTP clients, this setup offers a simple SFTP server with a background script that moves files to S3 at regular intervals, meaning that there's no provision for retrieving, renaming, or otherwise managing the filesystem on the S3 bucket via SFTP.
The concept is a good one, but this product is nowhere near ready for commercial release.

Can't do basic things like specify the destination bucket.

  • By Ben B
  • on 01/10/2018

I wanted to use this to skip the maintenance of SFTP -> S3 connection, without the ability to even specify the destination S3 bucket! It expects you to just give it full S3 IAM permissions, which seems sloppy/lazy. This lack of basic functionality makes this product a no-go for our reasons.

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