About CloudBees
We are CloudBees, Inc. Our vision is to provide the leading Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) for both enterprises and ISVs, providing complete coverage of the entire application lifecycle, from development to production.

CloudBees is also the provider of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees, a Continuous Integration (CI) offering for enterprises built on top of the world's most popular CI server: Jenkins. CloudBees is the leading force behind Jenkins: Kohsuke Kawaguchi was the founder and lead developer of Hudson, now renamed Jenkins.

The company was founded in early 2010, is incorporated in the United States and has working Bees in the USA, Europe and Australia. We all share a strong pedigree in middleware and open source. We have raised $4 million USD from Matrix Partners in 2010 and $10.5 million USD from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Matrix Partners in 2011.


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DEV@cloud provides a set of cloud-based development services that solve the most common bottlenecks in the application development lifecycle. At the core of DEV@cloud is ...
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