Protect data in AWS environments with encryption

Secure sensitive data and ensure compliance.

Securing sensitive data and ensuring compliance have become two challenges businesses must address when looking to benefit from cloud services. Data sovereignty, privacy requirements, expanding compliance regulations such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the growing risk of security breaches are creating concerns over data residing in the cloud.

As more businesses look to operate faster and at scale, they need protection to meet critical compliance requirements and improve their data security. With a trusted way to secure their data, businesses are growing deployments of their cloud services to improve workplace productivity.

Data Encryption



Gemalto SafeNet ProtectV for Amazon EC2 (EC2) secures sensitive and highly-regulated data by encrypting entire virtual machine instances and attached storage volumes. SafeNet ProtectV ensures that all instance archives, snapshots, and backups are kept secure, regardless of where they reside. With SafeNet ProtectV for AWS, data is safeguarded and completely isolated from AWS, other tenants, and any other unauthorized parties.

Gemalto’s proven encryption and enterprise key management solution turns your AWS cloud into a trusted and compliant environment by solving the critical challenges of data governance, control, and ownership. SafeNet ProtectV provides a comprehensive, high assurance solution for securing data in virtual data centers and the cloud, enabling organizations the freedom to migrate securely while addressing critical issues surrounding data replication, lack of visibility, new classes of privileged users, risk of breach, and data loss. SafeNet ProtectV is a trusted "lock box" ensuring complete protection of data throughout its life cycle.

SafeNet ProtectV helps customers maintain full control of their data by encrypting all data residing in bare metal, virtual and cloud infrastructures:

  • Once encrypted, each copy remains secure regardless of location, whether in snapshots, clones, or backups.
  • Illegitimate or hidden copies of data are rendered useless, and trusted audit logs cover access events.

By deploying SafeNet ProtectV AMI in your EC2 instances, you are also encrypting all sensitive workloads to ensure secure and audited access to the data.


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Informa migrates sensitive data securely to the cloud with Gemalto

When migrating its major data center to an AWS cloud, Informa needed to make certain its data was secure, and ensure compliance with a myriad of data protection regulations for protecting sensitive customer and employee data. With the Gemalto SafeNet ProtectV and KeySecure solutions, Informa was able to migrate to the cloud while guarding sensitive assets against access by unauthorized users.

Gemalto helped Informa fully leverage the business benefits of a cloud delivery model by unifying encryption and control while improving business agility.

Marcus Fritsche's quote

Gemalto SafeNet ProtectV is a complete, well-designed solution that runs seamlessly in AWS environments. ProtectV gives us a robust, well-defined process for protecting data, so we can effectively retain the control we need over our sensitive information, harnessing the business benefits of AWS cloud offerings securely.

- Marcus Fritsche, CTO, Informa Group IT
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