Telecom solutions in AWS Marketplace

Modernize infrastructure and processes, optimize security operations, and deploy new technologies to drive business initiatives.

Scale with confidence and accelerate innovation

Communications service providers (CSPs) are seeking ways to increase their competitive edge and accelerate their digital transformation. IT and business leaders use telecom solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Marketplace to transform infrastructure and processes, strengthen security posture, and integrate advanced technologies. This allows CSPs to accelerate innovation, scale with confidence and deliver new offerings to drive business initiatives and sources of revenue.


Modernize infrastructure


Deliver higher performance, scalability, and operational efficiency by transforming IT infrastructure, workloads, and processes.

Optimize security operations


Improve your security posture by strengthening cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance operations while maintaining control, visibility, and agility.

Deploy Machine Learning


Choose from pre-trained artificial intelligence services or build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) fast, with support for all the popular frameworks.

Challenges that our solutions solve

▶ Increase operational efficiency and performance: CSPs are under pressure to raise the performance bar at higher speed and scale despite limited budget and siloed legacy systems. By using modern cloud infrastructure and cloud-enabled tools, CSPs can gain visibility into performance issues, cloud migrations, and AWS usage and take immediate action.

▶ Manage security effectively: Experts recognize that security in the cloud is better than on-premises infrastructure. CSPs may find it hard to apply security across their cloud and on-premises environments without adding resources. An integrated approach with intelligent technologies can contribute to a more effective way to manage security.

▶ Deploying new technologies such as Machine Learning, Blockchain and Internet of things to drive business and IT initiatives can lead to competitive advantage and generate new sources of revenue.

Business impact brief: Cloud enables telco transformation via new technologies

This industry perspective, written by 451 Research, identifies the market forces driving the need for transformation in the telco space, and the opportunities for cloud-based technologies to enable this transformation for telcos.

Telecom use cases

➜ Modernize infrastructure and processes

Smart city: waste & recycle

Deploy high-performance software defined networks (SD-WAN) to avoid poor network performance caused by legacy WAN architectures.

Content management

Gain network health that improve operational efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction leveraging time-series data.

Smart city: work order management

Use insights and analysis to make business critical decisions. Real-time ingestion and data preparation from multiple sources provide the most complete customer view.

Smart city: IoT analytics
Eliminate data redundancy, inventory inaccuracy, and insufficient reporting, by maximizing business visibility and control.

➜ Optimize security operations

Transit VPC

Reduce the number of connections required to secure transit routing between geographically dispersed VPCs and remote networks.

Enterprise firewall & Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

Get granular inspection capabilities for protection against attacks and prevent lateral movement.

Web application firewall (WAF)

Shield web applications from unauthorized access to networks that could affect uptime and compromise security.

➜ Deploy Machine Learning to drive business

Churn prediction

Proactively reduce customer churn by leveraging machine learning to determine churn probabilities that can be acted upon.

Work Order Management

Intelligently create and route work orders across your team to overcome scheduling and optimization challenges.

Root-cause analysis on operational data (AIOps)

Speed up solution discovery and rapidly restore productivity when producing root cause insights by leveraging ML and AI.

Manage Customer Service

Deliver improved customer experiences, contact center effectiveness, reduce supply chain costs, and maximize ROI for web self-service.

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