With Amazon Mobile Analytics, you pay only for what you use, with no contracts or monthly active user charges. Amazon Mobile Analytics is free up to 100 million events per month, and costs just $1.00 per million events above the free tier.

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Receive twelve months of access to the AWS Free Usage Tier and enjoy AWS Basic Support features including, 24x7x365 customer service, support forums, and more.

Process up to 100 million basic session and custom events per month for free. $1 per million thereafter.

Automatically store your incoming events in S3 and use your data with other analytics tools. See pricing example.

See pricing example for Auto Export to Amazon Redshift and conduct analysis with SQL queries and other tools.

If you have enabled the Auto Export options in Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift, there may be additional charges. To learn more about pricing, check out an example scenario