Amazon Linux is a distribution supported and updated by Amazon Web Services, and made available for use with Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances.

  • Integrated & Extensible. The Amazon Linux AMI includes packages and configurations that provide tight integration with Amazon Web Services, many AWS API tools and CloudInit are pre-installed. CloudInit allows passing instance configuration actions to instances at launch time via the EC2 user-data fields, enabling remote configuration of Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Secure Configuration. The configuration of the Amazon Linux AMI enhances security by focusing on two main security goals: limiting access and reducing software vulnerabilities. The Amazon Linux AMI limits remote access capabilities by using SSH key pairs and by disabling remote root login. Additionally, the Amazon Linux AMI reduces the number of non-critical packages which are installed on your instance, limiting your exposure to potential security vulnerabilities. Security updates rated "critical" or "important" are automatically applied on the initial boot of the AMI.
  • Package Repository Access. The Amazon Linux AMI is designed to be used in conjunction with online package repositories hosted in each Amazon EC2 region. Hosting repositories in each region allows updates to be deployed quickly and without any data transfer charges.

Run containers at scale. Amazon EC2 Container Service makes it easy to manage Docker containers at scale. It provides a centralized service that includes programmatic access to the complete state of the containers and Amazon EC2 instances in the cluster, schedules containers in the proper location, and uses familiar Amazon EC2 features like security groups, Amazon EBS volumes, and IAM roles.

ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux AMI

Deep Learning. The Deep Learning AMI is a supported and maintained Amazon Linux image provided by Amazon Web Services for use on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). It is designed to provide a stable, secure, and high performance execution environment for deep learning applications running on Amazon EC2. It includes popular deep learning frameworks, including MXNet, Caffe, Tensorflow, Theano, and Torch, as well as packages that enable easy integration with AWS, including launch configuration tools and many popular AWS libraries and tools. It also includes the Anaconda Data Science Platform for Python2 and Python3. Amazon Web Services provides ongoing security and maintenance updates to all instances running the Amazon Linux AMI. The Deep Learning AMI is provided at no additional charge to Amazon EC2 users.  

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GPU Intensive workloads. The Amazon Linux AMI with the NVIDIA GRID GPU Driver allows you to run high-performance computing in the cloud. It provides a stable, secure, and high performance execution environment which allows application developers to run NVIDIA GeForce-optimized games and applications from the cloud on Amazon EC2. The GPU-powered G2 instance family is home to molecular modeling; rendering, machine learning, game streaming, and transcoding jobs that require massive amounts of parallel processing power. The NVIDIA GRID GPU includes dedicated, hardware-accelerated video encoding; it generates an H.264 video stream that can be displayed on any client device that has a compatible video codec. CUDA Toolkit and TESLA drivers also available.

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Networking Infrastructure. NGIX Plus is a high-performance load balancer, edge cache and origin server for web content, streaming media and API traffic. It complements the load-balancing capabilities of Amazon ELB by adding support for multiple HTTP and HTTPS/HTTP2 services, content-based routing rules and traffic management policies. It improves performance, and absorbs and manages large volumes of traffic to improve the availability of complex services delivered from AWS. NGINX Plus for AWS is provided and supported by the original creators of NGINX web server.

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Security. Get proactive protection for EC2 workloads with Trend Micro Deep Security. Now you can protect hybrid environments with the Deep Security AMI and pay hourly per workload protected. Buy and deploy a Deep Security AMI and protect your physical, virtual or cloud resources with an agent or our industry leading virtual appliance, and pay for it all on your AWS bill.  

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Storage. WANdisco Fusion - 200TB is the only solution that seamlessly replicates up to 200 terabytes of transactional data with Amazon S3 without downtime or disruption. WANdisco's patented replication technology transfers data to S3 as it changes in your on-premises local and NFS mounted file systems running on EMC Isilon, NetApp or other Linux based servers, Hadoop clusters running on any HDFS or HCFS compatible storage (Cloudera (CDH), Hortonworks (HDP), MapR, IBM Big Insights, Pivotal (PHD), Oracle BDA) as well as other cloud environments with guaranteed consistency. S3 and on-premises environments operate in parallel during replication without downtime or disruption. Continuous active transactional replication eliminates WAN traffic spikes and allows high volume data transfer to keep up with on-premises ingest rates. Recovery is automatic after planned or unplanned network or hardware outages in either on-premises or AWS environments. Simple setup in both on-premises and S3 environments has you up and running in minutes.

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Data integration. Matillion ETL for Redshift is a fast, modern, easy-to-use and powerful ETL/ELT tool that makes it simple and productive to load and transform data on Amazon Redshift. It is 100 X faster than traditional ETL technology, provides 5 minute AMI set-up and offers prices from $1.37 per hour, with no commitments or up-front costs. With a few clicks you can load data into Redshift from S3; RDS; relational, columnar, cloud and NoSQL databases; FTP/HTTP; any REST, SOAP, or JSON API; and from Google Analytics/Adwords, Salesforce and, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Facebook, Twitter, Excel, Google Sheets and many more. 

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Business Intelligence. TIBCO Jaspersoft for AWS is a commercial open source reporting and analytics server built for AWS that can run standalone or be embedded in your application. It is priced very aggressively with a low hourly rate that has no data or user limits and no additional fees. A multi-tenant version is available as a separate AWS Marketplace listing. Our business intelligence suite allows you to easily create beautiful, interactive reports, dashboards and data visualizations. Designed to quickly connect to your Amazon RDS, Redshift and EMR data sources, you can be analyzing your data and building reports in under 10 minutes.  

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DevOps. Jenkins Build & Continuous Integration Server (Jenkins-2.19.2 for Amazon Linux 2016.09.0). When an AWS EC2 node is spun up using Kurian’s Jenkins Build & CI Server AMI, Jenkins server is up and running and fully functional, with all the important plugins, latest version of JDK and C/C++ compilers. You can start setting up build jobs on the preconfigured Jenkins CI platform right away. JDK 1.8, gcc and g++ compilers, and AWS CLI are preinstalled.

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