Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps state and local governments reduce costs while improving the performance of their technology infrastructure so they can focus on delivering innovative services to citizens. Cities are leading the way in innovation with transportation solutions that span open data initiatives, citizen service improvements, and smart city projects, including the Internet of Things (IoT). As both populations and data volumes increase, state and local governments are turning to AWS to provide secure, cost effective, and scalable IT infrastructure.

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The New York City Department of Transportation has created several citizen-facing mobile applications for city resident convenience and safety using the AWS cloud. The Sustainable Streets program charts DOT's progress in making streets safer, improving mobility, and maintaining and enhancing infrastructure. The DOTMap Portal shows alternate-side parking schedules and other parking rules on a map, as well as data concerning street resurfacing projects, construction and reconstruction projects. The iRideNYC application provides information on multiple modes of transportation: subways, busses, bikes and walking paths offering users live data. The Superstorm Sandy Damage Assessment application was built for rapidly assessing damange as a result of the storm.


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore is able to deliver services to its citizens cheaper, faster, and better with AWS. The LTA is a government agency responsible for all land transport development, policies, and enforcement and is key to the economic development of Singapore. Transporting over 2.2 million users a day, the LTA has a lot of activity and touch points generating public feedback that must be quickly responded to, which led LTA look at the cloud as an alternative. AWS provided a more cost-effective solution with a faster roll out time, and the CIO no longer had to worry about disaster recovery. Being a government agency, LTA worked with AWS to meet all of the required security requirements. LTA began using AWS for web hosting instead of building their own datacenter and experienced a 60% cost savings when compared to an on-premises infrastructure. To learn more, click here.


Transport for London (TfL) is London’s integrated transport authority responsible for all forms of transport including Tube, buses, roads and congestion charging, trams, river, DLR, overground, cycling, walking, coaches, freight, taxis and more. TfL is responsible for approximately 24 million journeys a day on their network. Through Open Data and cloud technology TfL was able to deliver new services to an increasing population which led to improvements in reliability, customer experience and significant cost savings. To learn more, click here.




To meet the needs of Bay Area travelers by providing around-the-clock traffic and transit information, the Metropolitan Transportation Commiission (MTC) must ensure its website is highly available. “Our systems need to be in a highly reliable environment that provides consistent uptime,” says Alysha Nachtigall, website and communications project manager for 511 at MTC. “Tens of thousands of people rely on 511 every day to get where they need to go.”

MTC now has one unified website for, so Bay Area travelers have a single source for transit, traffic, carpool, bicycling, parking, and emergency information. “Our primary goal was to make a unified website, and we were able to do that by moving our entire platform to the AWS Cloud,” says Nachtigall. “As a result, it is much easier for us to manage the site and make updates and other changes.” MTC also anticipates long-term cost savings. “We definitely expect to significantly lower our operational costs by running our website completely on AWS,” says Banner.

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The ‘Smart Airport Experience’ project was funded by the government-run Technology Strategy Board in the UK and implemented at London City Airport, working with a technology team led by Living PlanIT SA. The goal of the project was to demonstrate how IoT technologies could be used to both enhance customer experiences and improve operational efficiency at a popular business airport, which already offers fast check-in. The project used the Living PlanIT Urban Operating System (UOS™) hosted in an AWS environment as the backbone for real-time data collection, processing, analytics, marshalling and event management.




Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department needed an easy way to communicate when and where construction was happening to motorists and, in 2013, built from scratch IDrive Arkansas using open-source products.

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New Transport for London Open Data Sets Available

Transport for London (TfL) has announced plans for a range of new open data feeds via its Unified API, providing a source for developers to work on additional travel information apps for the city. This transportation data holds more value than just charting the ebb and flow of a morning commute. By understanding crowding data, traffic signals data, tram data, and journey data for the Tube and buses, startups and developers can work to solve big picture challenges and create smarter cities. For example, by knowing traffic patterns or the busiest tube stations, cities can identify where hot spots are and work to alleviate delays. This type of data allows for innovation in smart cities in areas such as transport, safety, health, and beyond. It also allows communities of startups to make use of data and create the products and services customers want to use. 

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Fleet Tracking and Monitoring

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AWS_Smart Parking

PARK SMART is a software platform which indicates in real time the availability of parking lots in monitored areas. The software uses the physical infrastructure of video sensors, including existing sensors, to process the images and provide information on the availability of parking to a mobile app. The system monitors not only the single parking space but even each car parked. To learn more click here.


AWS_Driving Safely

Vizalytics Technology enable Smart cities and are powered by open data and AWS. We give citizens a real time view about what's happening in their community and how that impacts going from point to point- whether by mass transit, bicycle, foot or car.


GreenOwl Mobile: The 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Games held in Toronto (North America's - 4th largest city) attracted more than 1,000,000 spectators to the city. The programcreated a transportation challenge for the city to manage its static road and transit infrastructure, while ensuring a positive experience for spectators and residents.
GreenOwl Mobile developed a mobile and web based solution designed to manage customized routing for spectators, transit, and points of interest. This was the official tool to manage increased transortation demands. More people used the solution (20% of spectators) than competitive products such as Google Maps.



AWS_Connected Vehicles

Veniam turns vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots and builds city-scale vehicular networks that expand wireless coverage and collect terabytes of urban data. In controlled spaces such as ports and container terminals, Veniam’s solutions ensure that all mobile workers and assets are securely connected, no matter where they are or at what speed they are moving. Our hardware, software and cloud components are running in the world's largest network of connected vehicles, including taxis, waste collection trucks and the entire public bus fleet in Porto, Portugal, offering free Wi-Fi to more than 350,000 active customers.



Citi Logik is a British technology company established in 2011 to develop demand insights derived from anonymized mobile phone network data, in compliance with UK data privacy laws.  Citi Logik has developed unique algorithms and applied these to aggregated anonymized mobile network data that allows cities to make sense of their pedestrian, vehicle and rail journeys. The data collected provides a comprehensive view of a city transport system including travel patterns, peak, off-peak, seasonal and historic patterns allowing cities to make informed decisions for future transportation projects and improvements.

AWS_Smart Transit Screens

TransitScreen is a global information company. Our network of connected screens help make cities healthier, sustainable and more accessible for everyone. Information about your transportation choices is displayed at a glance, live and in real-time. Compare train times to bus arrivals on your way to work in the morning. Know when your employee shuttle arrives so you aren’t caught waiting in the cold. Our service is active in every major city in the US and Canada, and select European cities in over 10 languages.


Spectrum by Miovision brings you connected smart intersections. Spectrum is a turnkey solution that provides the data, connectivity and tools you need to remotely manage your traffic signals.  The Spectrum SmartLink and Interface hardware integrate easily and securely with existing traffic cabinet hardware and software, with no updates required.  Spectrum includes Miovision Signals, cloud-based software tools to remotely monitor and manage your traffic network.