Data Sharing and Interoperability

Privacy-safe data sharing & interoperability of identifiers across the largest partner community on the most widely adopted cloud

There is a network effect for companies in advertising and marketing technology who run on AWS and want to innovate in areas like identity resolution, data enrichment, audience segmentation, ad measurement, and attribution. With tens of thousands of data lakes running on Amazon S3 today and the largest partner community of any cloud provider, the leadership position of AWS enables marketers, publishers, agencies, advertising, and marketing technology companies to more easily collaborate together to join, analyze, activate, and measure shared data.

Data Sharing for Advertising & Marketing

Leading customers with data sharing & interoperability workloads on AWS


Using AWS, Merkle developed Merkury, an identity resolution solution that enables marketers to unify customer data and run analytics for audience segmentation, activation, and measurement in a data clean room—a privacy-safe data sharing workspace. In 2020, Merkle became an AWS Select Consulting Partner, signed an AWS strategic collaborative agreement, and accelerated the development of its solution for mutual customers.

“AWS brings the technology, and Merkle brings our marketing expertise so that we can create something of value to our end customers.”

Ankur Jain, Senior Vice President and Global Cloud Practice Lead - Merkle

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Amazon Advertising

Amazon Ads built Amazon Marketing Cloud, a secure, privacy safe, and cloud-based clean room workspace that enables advertisers to easily perform analytics across pseudonumized data to generate aggregated reports.

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Publicis Media

Publicis Media used AWS to build a machine learning framework for audience segmentation and propensity scoring designed to be portable—enabling Publicis Media to spin up their inside its customers' AWS accounts to comply with data sovereignty and privacy laws and analyze data locally without moving it. 

“The flexibility of AWS really makes it extremely scalable and versatile so that we can tackle as many different client datasets as possible.”

Patrick Houlihan, SVP of Decisioning - Publicis Media

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Largest partner community

With the largest partner network and tens of thousands of data lakes running on AWS today, the leadership position of AWS means you can easily connect with partners to join, analyze, activate, and measure shared data with flexibility and interoperability. Enrich audience data with your preferred data providers via AWS Data Exchange, which makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. Qualified data providers include Adstra, Acxiom, Epsilon Data Management, Foursquare, Kantar, and others.

Capabilities for privacy-safe analytics

Analyze distributed data in privacy-safe workspaces with the broadest capabilities of any cloud provider for secure analytics and storage, including tools for data sharing, governance, confidentiality, storage, preparation, security, and analytics. With AWS Lake Formation, you can build a secure data lake in days, defining data sources and what data access and security policies you want to apply. Join, match, and enrich data across accounts with Amazon Redshift Data Sharing, which enables data access across clusters without the need to copy or move it.

Amazon Advertising

Expand integrations with Amazon Advertising that drive revenue growth through inventory, data sharing, and analytics capabilities available through Amazon DSP, Amazon Publisher Services, and Amazon Marketing Cloud. Accelerate integrations using AWS Professional Services, which provide ready-made solutions for media analytics, reporting, and data.

AWS Partners for data sharing & interoperability

With the largest partner network and tens of thousands of data lakes running on AWS today, the cloud leadership position of AWS enables marketers, publishers, agencies, and technology companies to more easily connect with partners to join, analyze, activate, and measure shared data with flexibility and interoperability. AWS also enables more revenue-driving partner opportunities for advertising and marketing technology companies, including integrations and distribution channels via AWS Partner Network, AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, and Amazon Advertising

"Brands and platforms want to connect, control, and activate data quickly and securely across the marketing ecosystem, but are faced with security concerns and ecosystem latency, making it difficult to connect and take action on customer data. With LiveRamp Embedded Transcoder service on AWS Marketplace, customers can deploy LiveRamp identity services into their VPC to unlock translation services while maintaining control of their data. The solution increases the speed of data delivery, data collaboration, and activation to support marketing use cases while abiding by privacy and security standards."

Lisa Cramer, Product Manager for Embedded Products, LiveRamp

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