Fan Engagement for Sports on AWS

Engage your fans like never before with workloads that apply data to better understand current fans while reaching new audiences, and to promote, monetize, and deliver unique experiences.

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Fans interact and engage with their sports interests before, during, and after games across a myriad of platforms and media.
These data sources can be wide, varied, and disparate before fan engagement solutions seamlessly brings them together. While sports leagues and teams want to increase fan reach, engagement, and retention, they often lack the capabilities to effectively store fan data and use it to build, operate, and measure personalized fan interactions. By leveraging key technologies like Amazon Personalize and AWS serverless services like AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda, organizations can create central repositories for fan data and ML models to uncover personas and trends, drive product and service development, as well as inform marketing and advertising strategies.


Increase fan interaction
Help fans get more engaged by giving them the exciting moments and content they crave.
Deliver new experiences
Unlock new capabilities with machine learning and artificial intelligence to boost engagement.
Leverage your data to its full potential
Capture, store, manage, and analyze data points at scale to better understand your fans and their preferences.

Customer stories

From working with some of the world's leading sports organizations, we’ve learned that they expect more than just basic service from their technology partners—because great experiences speak louder than words. Get details on some of the exciting ways sports organizations are leading their customer journeys with AWS.

Bundesliga logo

Bundesliga is delighting fans with game-changing insights

Bundesliga, Germany’s premier national football league, uses ML and analytics to deliver real-time statistics to enrich the fan experience and recommend personalized match footage across mobile, online, streaming, and television broadcasts.

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Bundesliga Leverages Amazon Personalize to Enhance the Fan Experience
PGA Tour thumbnail
PGA Tour logo

PGA Tour: Rapidly innovating a ROARing crowd experience

PGA Tour took a conceptual idea of measuring and reporting the level of crowd roar at live golf events through a customized app, giving real-time insight into where exciting play action is happening.

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NFL thumbnail
NFL logo

Real-time data from beginning to endzone for the NFL

Discover how the NFL has used AWS to deliver over a dozen Next Gen Stats by taking training data and stadium data and applying machine learning models to use or in real-time during games.

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NHL thumbnail
NHL logo

AWS powers the NHL

Learn how the NHL and AWS have jointly developed three stats as part of the NHL Edge IQ Platform. These are shot analytics and save analytics (2021), and, more recently, face-off probability (2022), with more planned for the upcoming season.

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Sportsbet logo
Sportsbet logo

Sportsbet uses AWS to support agile business growth and innovation

By migrating its mission critical data services to a lake house architecture on AWS, Sportsbet is unlocking improvements in productivity, performance, and agility.

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Take fan engagement to the next level

With AWS, sports organizations can capture first-party data, promote and monetize experiences, and activate solutions. 

Elevate the customer experience with ML-powered personalization
Serverless compute for containers
Run code without thinking about servers or clusters
Fastest, easiest, and most widely used cloud data warehouse
The most popular cloud-native, serverless BI service

What businesses can learn from sports leagues

How to create emotional connections and build loyalty with your customers

Bundesliga action photo

Innovate with key industry partners

Discover offerings from a network of industry-leading AWS Partners specializing in sports fan engagement.

Accedo logo

Accedo offers a combination of the products and services needed to support customers at every stage of the video business journey, from strategy, design, and conception through to delivery and post-launch optimization.

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LiveLike logo

LiveLike is an audience engagement platform that transforms digital users into engaged fans through customized, interactive experiences.

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Monterosa logo

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ is the real-time engagement platform behind many of the world’s biggest interactive events, TV shows, and sports.

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Pulselive logo

Engaging millions of sports fans every day, Pulselive are responsible for creating, developing, and managing digital platforms, for some of the biggest names and events in global sport.

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Sport Buff logo

Sport Buff delivers real-time gamification experiences to drive fan engagement and retention of sports audiences empowering your broadcast.

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DAZN thumbnail

DAZN leverages Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels to score big with Nippon Professional Baseball fans

The team built the new NPB feature using real-time match data from Stats Perform and Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels ML and video analysis technology from AWS.

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Demonstrating shoppable TV for monetization in sports

The concept uses various technologies such as machine learning and computer vision, non-intrusive user experience, and 3D modeling to facilitate converting viewers to buyers.

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Sportable ebook thumbnail

With distributed edge computing, Sportable can deliver game changing insights for rugby in real time

Match Tracker passes data from the players and balls through neural networks, which classify the game events and scenarios to calculate important player and team metrics.

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StellarAlgo thumbnail

StellarAlgo taps into the value of sports fan data using AWS

StallarAlgo provides its customers the opportunity to create measurable returns through aggregating fan data.

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