Media Services on AWS

Create digital content, and build live and on-demand video workflows
AWS offers the most purpose-built media services, software, and appliances of any cloud to make creating, transforming, and delivering digital content fast and easy. With pay-as-you-go Media Services and advanced video processing appliances, you can produce high-impact creative projects and outstanding viewing experiences.
Focus on content
Eliminate the overhead of managing physical infrastructure and minimize manual integration and administration of creative, compute, and storage resources. With AWS, you can focus on creating and delivering innovative content and experiences that delight your customers.
Build, adapt, and innovate
AWS offers the broadest choice of cloud services with the deepest functionality, making it simple and economical for creatives and media professionals to scale resources and innovate with machine learning services and analytics. Build, test, and launch quickly, then adapt, grow, and improve without the burden of capacity planning.
Scale to meet demand
Hire and equip the best creative talent regardless of location. Reliably scale to meet the demands of your projects, content requirements, or audience size with services built on the broadest global infrastructure. Achieve broadcast levels of reliability with services built on the AWS Region/Availability Zones model to provide high availability.
Access unmatched speed and security
AWS Media Services are built on the most secure global infrastructure where you always own your media, including the ability to encrypt it, move it, and manage retention. With the AWS global network, securely ingest and deliver video streams with low latency and empower creative talent with single-digit millisecond virtual workstations using AWS Local Zones.

Content Creation

AWS Media Services enable creative customers to spend less time managing hardware and render farms, and more time creating and collaborating. Set up, deploy, and scale cloud-based rendering capabilities in only a few steps to deliver complex projects faster—and bring on remote artists from anywhere around the globe with availability in major content creation markets, so you can hire the best talent and onboard them quickly.

Content Distribution

Customers choose AWS Media Services to transport, prepare, process, and deliver live and on-demand content in the cloud. These managed services let you build and adapt video workflows quickly, eliminate capacity planning, easily scale with growth, and benefit from pay-as-you-go pricing. Connect with other AWS services and third-party applications for media storage, machine learning, content protection, monetization campaigns, and more.

AWS Elemental Appliances & Software

For some customers, components of the video workflow need to be deployed on-premises, such as processing baseband SDI video sources for live video, or integrating video processing with local storage resources. AWS Elemental Appliances and Software come in two variants: ready-to-deploy appliances, or AWS-licensed software that you install on your own hardware, so you can deploy video processing and delivery solutions on-premises where you need them.

Use cases


  • Kayo
  • "With over 30,000 hours of content and game-changing features, it’s critical we deliver the best possible experience to sports-loving Aussies. AWS helps Kayo do this through its fast pace of innovation, with constantly evolving tools that help us deliver a world class experience."

    - Thomas Kaurin
    Director of Technology, Kayo

    About Kayo
    Kayo Sports offers Australia’s sports fans a massive selection of more than 50 live sports powered by FOX SPORTS Australia, ESPN, and beIN SPORTS.

  • Pac-12
  • "To stay ahead of technology at a fraction of the traditional cost, we turned to the cloud with AWS which offers end-to-end ingest-to-delivery workflow support... Moving to AWS Cloud allowed us to move faster, increased our ability to scale, and created new opportunities for content creation and distribution."

    - Mark Kramer
    VP, Engineering and Technology, Pac-12 Networks

    About Pac-12 Networks
    The sports media production arm of the Pac-12 Conference, is on a mission to connect fans to the universities and sports they love.

  • Fox Sports
  • "FOX SPORTS is at the vanguard of sports broadcast innovation. To deliver live sport of this volume to our subscribers requires scale. We have implemented the AWS Cloud to leverage the end-to-end live event and content monetization workflows only available in the cloud through AWS Elemental Media Services."

    - Alastair Robertson
    Chief Technology Officer, FOX SPORTS Australia

    About Fox Sports
    FOX SPORTS Australia Pty Limited (FOX SPORTS) is Australia’s leading producer of sports coverage and is home to Australia’s favorite subscription television sports channels as well as Australia’s number one multi-sports website and app.

  • BT
  • 459244219

    “The ease of use of these AWS console-based services for end-to-end workflows will provide a level of flexibility and efficiency that will be a game changer for our industry while providing a flexible option that can coexist with legacy on-premises live and on-demand infrastructures deployments.” 

    - Ian Parr
    Director TV and Broadband Infrastructure, BT

    About BT
    BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving customers in the UK and more than 170 countries.