The AWS Partner Solutions Finder provides AWS customers with a centralized place to search, discover, and connect with trusted APN Technology and Consulting Partners, based on customers’ business needs. Customers can use the AWS Partner Solutions Finder to find an APN Partner to help design, migrate, manage, and optimize workloads on AWS.

Customers can look for APN Partners based on a variety of criteria including industry, use case, location and Product areas. APN Partners who are surfaced in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder have been validated by AWS through their success in the AWS Partner Network and its different programs.

APN Partners are highlighted in the Partner Solutions Finder by their level of performance and knowledge in AWS (e.g. based on their tier and participation in Partner Programs such as AWS Competencies, AWS Marketplace, Service Delivery, Channel Reseller and Managed Service Providers). Based on your search criteria, Partner Solutions Finder optimizes results based on relevance coupled with partner performance parameters.

The Partner Solution Finder is currently available in multiple languages such as English, Japanese and Chinese. We will be adding more languages to the experience in an iterative manner. If you switch to an experience to a language outside these two on the AWS website, you will be presented with content in English.

Some APN Partners will have a blue ribbon icon placed next to their listing. The blue ribbon represents partners who hold an AWS Competency, Service Delivery designation, or who are audited as AWS Managed Service Providers. APN Partners who are participating in one of these three areas of expertise have proven success through their AWS solutions.

When performing a search on the Partner Solutions Finder, start by using the Quick Search or free form text search. To narrow your search results further, use the search filters on the left hand navigation pane. You can also use the filters independently without the free form search. You can search for Partners based on their name, your use case where partners have capabilities (such as migration, machine learning), the AWS service capabilities of partners (such as AWS Lambda, Amazon RedShift), partner solution details, partner’s customer references, and their office locations.

No. Partner Solution Finder only lists Select, Advanced and Premier Tier partners. Registered tier Partners will need to upgrade to at least the Select tier (formerly Standard tier) in order to get a listing on Partner Solution Finder.  For more information on how to upgrade, visit the APN Consulting Partner or APN Technology Partner pages.

The "Rate this Partner" button found on partner profile pages can be leveraged to submit a customer review about your engagement with the APN Partner. Customer reviews are leveraged to measure AWS customer satisfaction when working with APN Partners. 

To report an issue or error on the AWS Partner Solutions Finder, or to get answers to additional questions, please contact

Once you have identified an APN Partner who you would like to contact, simply click the “Connect” button. Once you have completed the ‘connect form’, your information will be sent directly to the APN Partner.

By submitting your information to an APN Partner you understand that the APN Partner may contact you about products, services, and special offers and your information will be subject to any APN Partner privacy policy. AWS has no control over the APN Partner’s use of your information and AWS makes no representations regarding the APN Partner’s products or services.

To learn more about an APN Partner, visit their individual partner profile page by clicking on their name in the search results. In this page you can explore partner’s solutions, case studies, locations, and more.

To become an APN Partner you will need to complete the APN registration process. For more details please visit the AWS Partner Network page.

Customer reviews may be submitted for each engagement, given the engagement included a different team or services provided by the APN Partner.

No. You may choose whether to share your contact information with the APN Partner when you submit your review. If you do not want the APN Partner to contact you, your contact information will not be shared with the APN Partner.

APN Partners can modify their partner profile information through the APN Partner Central. Only the Alliance Lead of the Partner APN Account can submit changes for the partner profile. To submit changes, partners need to log in to the APN Partner Central and click on the “My Partner Solution Finder Listing”. As a partner you have the options to add and update the Partner name, brief description, detailed description, office locations, partner logo, and partner reported qualifications. After saving and submitting changes it takes two business days for these changes to be reflected on the site. AWS validated qualifications are displayed on partners profile only post going through a validation process. APN Partners can attain these qualifications by applying to AWS Competency or AWS Service Delivery Programs. For more details you can also refer to the ‘APN Partner Solution Finder User Guide for Partners’ available within the Partner Central Content section.

The Partner Solution Finder is currently available in multiple languages such as English, Japanese and Chinese. We will be adding more languages to the experience in an iterative manner. If you switch to an experience to a language outside these two on the AWS website, you will be presented with content in English. To manage your listing content in these languages, partners need to log in to the APN Partner Central and click on the “My Partner Solution Finder Listing”. Partners will have the option to add descriptive content in other languages apart from English. In certain cases, AWS may go ahead and translate the partner provided content in English to respective languages, if the partner does not provide respective content.

Prior to being highlighted in the Partner Solutions Finder, solutions and case studies are validated by AWS. To submit solutions and case studies to the Partner Solutions Finder, APN Partners need to apply to AWS Competency or AWS Service Delivery Programs.

If you are an APN Partner at the Registered tier, you will not have a Partner Solution Finder listing. If you are a Select tier or higher APN Partner and do not see your listing, then you have not yet submitted the partner profile through the APN Partner Central. To submit the information, the Alliance Lead (account owner) needs to log in to the APN Partner Central and submit your information to the “My Partner Solution Finder Listing” link.

APN Partners at the Select tier or higher are invited to submit their listing to the Partner Solutions Finder. By advancing through the APN's performance tiers and participating in a variety of Partner Programs, your company may be surfaced higher in search results. To improve your listing, you can apply to the AWS Competency or Service Delivery Programs, Managed Service Provider Program, Public Sector Program, and Channel Reseller Programs. Further search on Partner Solution Finder is driven by relevance. Partners having improved content quality and comprehensive information when managing their Partner Solution Finder listing would have a higher probability to come up in search results. (For example customers searching for Partners in “Japan” will discover partners who have listed their Japan based office locations or customers searching for HIPAA compliant solutions from partners will discover partners with validated solution descriptions that capture the HIPAA compliance details).

When an AWS Customer requests to connect with you, a new APN lead will be available in the APN Portal. The Alliance Lead of the APN account can log in to the APN Portal and click the “My Customers” tab.  There you will find a leads tab and a “Partner Solutions Finder” view to see all APN leads that were generated through your profile on the Partner Solution Finder.

All AWS customers who have a valid, unique, business e-mail address can submit customer reviews for APN partners.

AWS Customers who engage with APN Consulting Partners or leverage APN Technology Partner solutions, provide important insights centered on customer satisfaction. This information is integral to how the APN continues to improve and optimize our partner programs and customer experience.

Customer reviews will not be posted publically on the AWS Partner Solutions Finder. Customer review data is used to monitor the APN Partner’s customer satisfaction level. As a result, the APN may share review details with the APN Partner if appropriate.


No. Customer reviews are only to measure customer satisfaction and are not included in the search algorithm.


Yes. If you have had a working engagement with another APN Partner as their customer, we encourage you to leave your customer review.


Yes. All customer reviews are verified by the APN team to ensure they are submitted by real AWS Customers and do not include abusive content or duplicate reviews.