Identity & Access Manager (IAM) for AWS Support

Business and Enterprise-level Support customers can access the AWS Support Center by using their AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials. To help answer questions and provide guidance on how to use this feature, we have put together these FAQs.

Q. Who can use IAM for Support?

By default, IAM users do not have access to AWS Support. IAM users who have been granted permissions for Support and are on an account that has subscribed to Business or Enterprise-level Support can access all AWS Support features that apply to their support level (Support Center and the AWS Support API). IAM users who have been granted permissions for Support and are on an account with any other support plan can request service limit increases, but they have no other access to Support features.

Q. Why am I seeing this page when I try to access the Support Center?

You will see this page if you are an IAM user who has not been granted permissions for Support. If you believe you should have access, contact the account owner or administrator.

Q. What are the benefits of setting up an IAM user for support?

IAM enables you to securely control access to AWS services and resources for your users. Without IAM, you must sign in with your AWS account credentials to manage cases. By allowing access to support for some or all of your users, you will be able to control who can interact with support. Additionally, because you no longer need to sign in with your AWS account credentials to open cases, you can enable a higher level of security with features such as Multi-Factor Authentication.

Q. What is the scope of access granted?

An IAM user with Support access and a Business or Enterprise-level support plan can use these AWS Support features:

  • AWS Support API, which allows automated access to Support cases and AWS Trusted Advisor. (Your IAM user account must have access keys; see Security Credentials.)

  • Support Center, where the user can open and manage cases for account and billing support, service limit increases, and technical support.

NOTE: Users with support access can view all case correspondence on the account, which might include resource details and billing details. Consider this when deciding which users should be granted access to support.

Q. How do I allow IAM users to access Support?

For detailed instructions, see Accessing AWS Support in the AWS Support User Guide.

Q. How do I create IAM users, groups, and policies?

For more information about how to write access policies, see Accessing AWS Support and the IAM documentation.