AWS Trusted Advisor

Optimize costs, improve performance, and address security gaps

Sign up for AWS Business Support to unlock the full set of Trusted Advisor checks, the AWS Trusted Advisor API, and the AWS Command Line Interface.

AWS Trusted Advisor helps you optimize costs, increase performance, improve security and resilience, and operate at scale in the cloud. Trusted Advisor continuously evaluates your AWS environment using best practice checks across the categories of cloud cost optimization, performance, resilience, security, operational excellence, and service limits, and it recommends actions to remediate any deviations from best practices. Trusted Advisor Priority helps AWS Enterprise Support customers focus on the most important recommendations by providing both context-driven and prioritized recommendations from your AWS account team.



How to start using AWS Trusted Advisor (11:45)

All AWS account plans get access to 56 AWS Trusted Advisor checks.

Business Support and above unlock an additional 426 checks, totaling 482 Trusted Advisor checks.



Identify deviations from AWS best practices and get recommended actions to remediate.

Prioritized recommendations from your AWS account team, based on your business priorities, critical applications, and urgency of recommendation, available to Enterprise Support customers.

Get better alignment in your teams through greater visibility, monitoring, and tracking of prioritized recommendations, available to Enterprise Support customers.

Get an aggregated view of recommendations across your organization or integrate programmatically with Trusted Advisor APIs.

Use cases

Identify unused resources and opportunities to lower your costs. Assess your AWS environment and take actions to continuously optimize for efficiency.

Assess your AWS environment against security standards and best practices.

Analyze usage and configuration of your AWS environment to improve speed and responsiveness of your applications.

Examine your AWS environment to check for redundancy shortfalls and overused resources.

Check the usage for your account and get notifications when your account approaches or exceeds your service limits.