Here is what our customers have been saying about AWS Support:

"Given the extent of our use of AWS, Netflix has really benefitted from the AWS Enterprise Support model. AWS Support and our dedicated Technical Account Manager continuously work with our teams to ensure the availability, cost effectiveness and security of our infrastructure running on AWS. We’ve been pleased with the technical skills of the support team, but also their ability to act as a central point of contact to engage resources throughout AWS as needed. This translates to providing a great experience for our customers."

Yury Izrailevsky, VP, Cloud Computing and Platform Engineering for Netflix

"A large contributor to the success of Shazam’s Super Bowl event was the work done beforehand with the help of AWS Enterprise Support. Working hand in hand with a dedicated Technical Account Manager, the support team provided real-time assistance, ensuring our application would scale to meet the anticipated demand of the event. In addition to the upfront support, the AWS Enterprise Support team also provided around the clock monitoring and assistance from the US and Europe during the event, and had AWS engineering resources on standby should their assistance be required."

Jason Titus, CTO, Shazam

"We have used AWS Platinum Support since the start of our cloud migration process 18 months ago. We consolidated four colocation data centers with 750 servers and built a development, QA, and production facility on AWS during this period. During the migration, we were directly connected to our Ashburn, VA data centers using the Virtual Private Cloud. Our TAM has been a high value advisor and full member of the team during the entire process. We were able to plan better with quick access to the product teams via the TAM, resulting in rapid access to useful new features that continue to improve our scalability and cost economics. We have had access to many of these highly tuned new features starting in private beta (DynamoDB, ELB in the VPC, Cloudfront dynamic content, among others). As we moved our large assortment of applications, we were able to quickly understand and resolve problems with the help of the support team. AWS’ support team is without a doubt our highest functioning, most customer success oriented vendor team. They are much more than a support team, they function as a strategic partner and trusted advisor to us."

Lex Crosett, VP Product, Earth Networks

"With Pega Cloud, we deliver mission critical BPM and CRM solutions on the cloud to the Fortune 500. AWS Support is a critical component of our support fabric to ensure we deliver the uptime and security our customers expect. We have been very satisfied with their support and service."

Jason B. Fuller, Head of Cloud Service Delivery for PegaSystems

"We value the support engineers’ assistance in helping us identify what AWS services we needed for our server farm and helping us to provision these resources quickly. We also value the feedback that they provided after reviewing our architecture plan; it inspired confidence in our management."

James Cahill, CTO for Totaljobs Group

"As part of our AWS Business Support we’ve been able to take advantage of AWS Trusted Advisor. The system provides us reports of our usage and has been a great way to identify opportunities to optimize our infrastructure and help us make changes accordingly. By using the information supplied by AWS Trusted Advisor, we are taking steps to reduce our overall costs by optimizing the use of Reserved Instances and right-sizing systems based on utilization trends. We are excited to now have access to a self-service interface where we can review updated Trusted Advisor recommendations at any time."

Spencer Colson, Program Manager, CFPB for Smartronix

"We needed a data center/hosting solution that was highly scalable for growth, yet was not cost prohibitive. We had some communication issues internally related to some of the AWS systems and services that were turned on by team members and never used. Typically a company of Amazon’s size would respond by saying too bad, you should know better. They didn’t. In fact before I had realized what happened, someone on their team noticed the massive change and reached out via telephone to check in. It’s not too often that a massive online company goes the extra mile for a small customer."

Robert Caruso, CEO, BundlePost

"In our opinion, the level of support provided by AWS is the best in the industry. We’ve found the AWS Support team to be knowledgeable and responsive to all of our issues."

Matson Wade, Director of Engineering and Cloud Architect, Peel Technologies