AWS Support Customer Testimonials

AWS Support is there to help you achieve your goals by resolving issues, providing architectural guidance, suggesting innovative ways to use services, and even finding ways to reduce your costs.

Hear from our customers on the ways AWS Support has helped them.


“Programs like Infrastructure Event Management help us be very prepared as we move our important applications to production. We get a big bang for the buck with what we get from AWS Enterprise Support.”

Aaron Lake
VP of Cloud, Verizon Media

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“AWS Enterprise Support gives us a proactive Support measure rather than a reactive one. We have a TAM that helps us design our environment so that it is easy to support.”

Steve Day
Executive GM, Infrastructure & Cloud, National Australia Bank

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“AWS makes my life easier by letting me concentrate on building value for the business. AWS Support is genuinely support.”

Robin Spira
Chief Technical Officer, FanDuel

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“You cannot do what we do, you cannot grow the way we grow, you cannot build the things we build if you don't have fantastic, proactive, constructive support.”

Amy Harms
Senior Engineering Manager, Deliveroo

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“The Technical Account Managers that we work with from AWS Support are just amazing; they are very dedicated.”

Angelo Gouvis
Senior Manager, Cloud Infrastructure (Service Operation Center), AUTODESK

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“We have achieved cost savings by making the process of buying reserved instances easier and more straightforward, saving a couple of millions over the last few years.”

Hugo Fragoso
Solutions Architect Manager, OutSystems

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“AWS Support wants us to improve our applications, improve our utilization of services, and reduce the costs of our services.”

Tomas Riha
Platform Architect, WirelessCar

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“AWS Support has let us find the best ways to move workloads into the public cloud. Their support helps us become cloud-native and move to an on-demand model that reduces costs.”

Ulrich Hansmair
Team Leader – Cloud First, Siemens

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“AWS Support helps us proactively identify areas where we can do things better. As a result, we were able to save $2.5 million.”

Jamal Mazhar
Head of Infrastructure and DevOps, Sprinklr

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“AWS Support allows us to focus on cost optimization. It is not simply a 24 x 7 help desk; AWS Support includes Trusted Advisor, a technical account manager, and regular architecture reviews to efficiently operate our account and continuously improve our performance metrics.”

Paul Gillespie
Senior Principal Engineer, Skyscanner

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“AWS Support helps us be more product-focused and use our resources where they matter. It is not just a bolt-on service, but rather a partnership that helps us drive down costs.”

David Stanley
Director of Reliability, Trainline

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“Using AWS Support has let us develop with agility. Their support lets us focus on development and business, and helps us take on new challenges."

Takashi Yagita
Senior Staff Engineer, Canon

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“Without AWS Support, we would not be able to deliver outcomes to our business that we do in the timeframes that we need. With AWS Support, we are building the media company of the future."

Tom Quinn
CIO, News Corp Australia

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“Being in operations, rarely do you get the opportunity to turn your team into a center of innovation. With AWS Support, I believe that opportunity is actually achievable."

Wade Billings
VP of Technology Services, Instructure

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“Our success is intrinsically linked to our access to AWS Support."

Nicholas Walker
Head of Technology Operations, SpaceApe Games

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"The AWS Support team understands our needs, they understand our clients' needs, and they are working with us on a daily basis."

Kevin Bodie
Dir of SAS Platform Strategy, Pitney Bowes

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“AWS Support enables us to focus on our core activities. We are able to focus more on what is required for our games, rather than looking after our infrastructure."

Nirav Doshi
Technical Director, gumi Asia

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“It’s not a service you get from all providers. That face-to-face time is invaluable—not just on specific technical questions we have, but also in terms of the wider picture and advice on what we need to do going forward and also why we need to do it that way. AWS Support has given us a lot of clarity and it’s speeded up our evolution as a business”

Tim Kimball
Head of Engineering, Aire

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“Our on-boarding experience was quite good with the AWS support team. It really felt like they went out of their way to answer our questions and research topics that we couldn't readily find in their extensive documentation.”

Miles Van Pelt
Senior Development Engineer, The Seattle Times

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"AWS Enterprise Support exceed the support we previously received from any of our other partners, and I think that is one of the reasons we are so comfortable with the platform.”

Paul McManus
Technology Director, Domain Group

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“If we’re going to be in business with a cloud provider, they must have an enterprise level of support that’s at least equivalent to historic enterprise support or to Amazon’s support—our new benchmark.”

Chris Birch
IT director for News UK

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"Leveraging AWS Support has been key in addressing issues that we may experience.”

Chad Marino
Executive Director of Technology Services, Kaplan, Inc.

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"AWS Enterprise Support understands our business and our goals—the Technical Account Manager (TAM) and AWS Support team do a great job of keeping us abreast of what changes to expect. They’ve helped us with everything from designing an AWS-friendly architecture support for our backup service to troubleshooting why an instance doesn’t operate the way we expect it to.”

James Pratt
Senior Director and Head of Connected Services for HTC Corporation

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"Enterprise-level support was really beneficial for us on our A-level results day and confirmation and clearing day. We were able to have a team of AWS specialists on site to give us a high level of assurance that if there were any issues, we would be able to tackle those very quickly."

James Munson
IT Director, UCAS

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