AWS Trusted Advisor provides a suite of features for you to customize recommendations and to proactively monitor your AWS resources.

The Trusted Advisor notification feature helps you stay up-to-date with your AWS resource deployment. You will be notified by weekly email when you opt in for this service, and it is totally free.

You can track recent changes of check status on the console dashboard. The most recent changes appear at the top of the list to bring them to your attention.

The "exclude items" feature (formerly called “suppress”) allows you to customize the Trusted Advisor report. You can exclude items from the check result if they are not relevant; the excluded items appear separately, and you can restore (include) them at any time.

Items in a Trusted Advisor report have hyperlinks to the AWS Management Console, where you can take action on the Trusted Advisor recommendations.

You can use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access to specific checks or check categories.

You can retrieve and refresh Trusted Advisor results programmatically using AWS Support API.

You can refresh individual checks or refresh all the checks at once by clicking the Refresh All button in the top-right corner of the summary dashboard. A check is eligible for refresh 5 minutes after it was last refreshed.

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