Data Analysis for Digital Marketing

Analyze billions of advertising and customer events per day at up to 70% lower costs than co-lo and on-premises.

Track customer behavior, advertising performance and drive efficiency across the marketing funnel with efficient data collection, processing and analysis. AWS enables companies to centralize both anonymized data for data management platforms (DMPs) and PII data for customer data platforms (CDPs) with the most secure and privacy-compliant cloud services available.


Breadth and Depth

No cloud provider has more purpose-built services or capabilities for database, analytics or machine learning than AWS.

Cost Leadership

Reduce costs up to 70% on event tracking, advertising analytics and big data workloads versus on-premises and colocation.


10,000 data lakes run on AWS—no cloud provider has more big data experience or capabilities.

Customer Spotlight

Salesforce DMP

“Salesforce DMP has acquired and scaled a global customer base without any concern about the limitations on the amount of data it can process. AWS has provided the tools to make this happen.”

- Roopak Gupta, Vice President, Software Engineering, Salesforce DMP

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“Our teams move much faster and we cut costs quite dramatically which makes our business much more competitive.”

- Bill Simmons, CTO, DataXu

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“We built a solution on AWS to manage, enhance, and analyze event log data from our ad technology partners. This scalable, on-demand architecture has proven to be a high-performance solution for our analytics users and is very cost-effective.”

- Senior Systems Architect and Developer, Annalect

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“Choosing AWS was one of the most strategic decisions made. We can manage 4,000 customers with a very lean DevOps staff.”

- Anand JainCofounder, CleverTap

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