Distributed Load Testing on AWS

Automate software application testing at scale and at load to identify potential performance issues


Distributed Load Testing on AWS automates software applications testing at scale and at load to help you identify potential performance issues before application release. This AWS Solution creates and simulates thousands of connected users, generating transactional records at a consistent pace without the need to provision servers. This solution also allows you to run tests across multiple AWS Regions.


Test load capabilities using containers

Test the load capabilities of your software using independent Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) on AWS Fargate containers.

Customize application tests

Customize your application tests by creating custom JMeter scripts.

Automate load tests

Schedule load tests to automatically begin either at a specified date or on recurring dates.

View live test data

View live data for a running test using this solution's web console.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template for AWS Regions or AWS China Regions

Solving with AWS Solutions: Distributed Load Testing
AWS Architecture Blog
Ensure Optimal Application Performance with Distributed Load Testing on AWS

Whether you’re a private enterprise or a public sector service, you need confidence that your application can scale with increased user loads. Distributed Load Testing on AWS allows you to automate application testing, understand how it will perform at scale, and fix bottlenecks before releasing your application.

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