Workload Discovery on AWS

Maintain an inventory of the AWS resources across your accounts and AWS Regions


Workload Discovery on AWS (formerly called AWS Perspective) is a tool to visualize AWS Cloud workloads. Use this AWS Solution to build, customize, and share detailed architecture diagrams of your workloads based on live data from AWS. The solution maintains an inventory of the AWS resources across your accounts and AWS Regions, mapping relationships between them, and displaying them in a web user interface (UI).

The solution also comes with a cost query builder that lets you locate AWS resources and services that may have incurred a cost. The estimated cost data is automatically calculated for the time period specified and displays on your architecture diagrams. You can generate a cost report for your architecture diagrams that contains an overview of the estimated cost and export them as CSV.

The image to the right is a sample architecture diagram generated by the solution.


Easily search for information about resources

The search feature lets you use basic information, such as resource name, tag name, or IP address to locate resources of interest.

Explore resources across accounts and Regions

Start building your architecture diagrams by selecting a resource in the web UI, which includes a directory that contains all the resources the solution has discovered.

Save and export architecture diagrams

Save your architecture diagram to revisit later or share it with other solutions users. To use the diagrams outside of the solution, you can export to PNG, JSON, CSV, or

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

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