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Customer service is paramount to the guest experience for most travel and hospitality companies. Plans are often changed last minute, or disrupted, and call centers are too often ill-equipped to respond.

Instead of working with legacy providers or being constrained by company resources, businesses can leverage the same technology that handles customer service for — the largest e-commerce platform on earth. This enables companies to provide a modern customer service experience with one view of the customer that can anticipate needs and resolve issues efficiently. AWS' Modern Contact Center Solution, built on Amazon Connect, makes it easy for any business to deliver enhanced customer service at a significantly lower cost. With Amazon Lex, companies can create chatbots with ease, reducing cost and load on their service center.

How Best Western built a modular and dynamic contact center (20:56)

Customer spotlight


Priceline, part of Booking Holdings Inc., is a world leader in travel deals. Priceline offers exclusive discounts on hotels, flights, alternative accomodations, rental cars, cruises and packages. 

At Priceline, our customer care team handles travel interruptions for customers, such as flight delays and re-bookings. It's important to us that customers can quickly get back to planning for or enjoying their trips. However, our previous contact center was stretched across multiple systems, which meant we needed an entire team just to distribute traffic. We were unable to quickly pivot, and some changes took weeks. We chose to move our centers and IVR to Amazon Connect in order to modernize our contact center environment. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we saw our call volume spike >300% above normal levels, causing our hold times to dramatically increase, along with others in travel. Amazon Connect allowed us to respond quicker than ever, enabling over 1,000 agents to work from home overnight, and introducing queued callbacks for our customers. With only 20 minutes of work, we also were able to prioritize those customers who were supposed to travel in the next 72 hours, to ensure the most urgent issues were dealt with first, while providing less-urgent callers a fully-automated path to resolve their issue. We spend a lot of time providing service for our customers, and not once did we have to ask ourselves 'can our contact center infrastructure handle this?' We knew with Amazon Connect we were better-prepared to provide superior customer service and quickly make adjustments when needed.”

Jennifer Featherling, Director of Contact Center Technology - Priceline


Subway Franchise World Headquarters, LLC

The SUBWAY® brand is the world's largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 40,000 locations around the world. They have become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meal options that the whole family can enjoy.  

“Setting up Amazon Connect was straight forward and seamless, enabling us to be operational within a couple of hours. The ability to offer our franchise customers a callback instead of waiting on the phone has improved their experience resulting in a dramatic increase in our customer satisfaction (CSAT) score. Using Amazon Connect, we will be able to decrease costs and realize significant time savings in how quickly we can process the customer calls.”

Neville Hamilton, VP Strategy, North America - Subway



RedAwning is the world’s largest branded network of vacation rental properties offering 24/7 guest and property manager support services. With over 100,000 unique rental properties in over 10,000 destinations, RedAwning is the leading supplier of vacation rentals to every major online booking website.

“RedAwning serves tens of thousands of vacation rental guests each month. With Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex, we are able to serve our guests more quickly, while also improving efficiency for RedAwning. Using Amazon Lex, we built Scarlett, a virtual assistant that can access our reservation database using AWS Lambda. Through Amazon Connect with Amazon Lex, Scarlett answers calls, engages naturally with guests, and then quickly matches them with their reservations. Scarlett can resolve the issues guests most frequently call about without the need to interact with a human agent, which allows us to easily scale our operations to match our rapidly growing customer base. Using this Amazon Lex integration with Amazon Connect, we no longer have expensive per agent license costs, nor the complexity of having to manage telephony, providing us with 10 times the functionality at 1/10th the cost.”

Tim Choate, Founder and CEO - RedAwning

Use cases

  • Customer engagement using AI/ML
  • Customer engagement using AI/ML
  • Customer engagement using AI/ML for Airlines & Lodging

    The Customer Engagement using AI/ML for Airlines and Customer Engagement using AI/ML for Lodging Reference Architectures improve customer experience and brand loyalty by personalizing interactions with travelers and guests, while improving call times and response times. These architectures make it easy to quickly recognize travelers and guests, their needs and intent, and optimize interactions leveraging Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex to reduce call handling times.

    Customer engagement using AI/ML


Ryanair & Cation Consulting built a chatbot that improves its customer support experience (2:03)

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