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Increase your pace of innovation, lower development costs, and speed time to market by leveraging the comprehensive portfolio of service and solutions on AWS. Help shape the future of healthcare by building on the most secure, reliable, and trusted cloud platform.

With AWS, your developers can hit the ground running and focus on accelerating innovation (1:02)


fully featured services from datacenters globally


security controls available on-demand with AWS Artifact


more Regions with multiple Availability Zones than the next largest cloud provider


regions and to support global reach and data sovereignty


global compliance requirements validated by third-parties


Speed time to market

Focus on developing your innovation while AWS handles the undifferentiated heavy lifting. On the most secure, reliable cloud you’ll find healthcare-specific services to help you build valuable solutions that meet the latest compliance regulations.

Build with confidence

Deploy solutions in a single click or build applications with single-digit latency through global cloud infrastructure that’s closer to your customers and available when they need it most. Provide operational resiliency so clinical and business decisions can happen fast.

Deliver life changing solutions

Turn health data into a valuable asset with analytics and machine learning (ML) services that uncover actionable insights. Simplify complex healthcare information quickly and efficiently so you can innovate and develop intelligent solutions.

Power personalized experiences

Redefine the healthcare journey with personalization services that used to transform ecommerce. Leverage video or voice capabilities to exceed customer expectations and reduce friction at every major touchpoint of care.

AWS Partners

Join the AWS Healthcare Competency Partners program to bring customized solutions to customers. List your healthcare solutions with AWS Marketplace and attract new customers.

Use cases

  • Migrate IT infrastructure & applications
  • Unlock the potential of healthcare data
  • Personalize the healthcare journey
  • Migrate IT infrastructure & applications
  • Migrate IT infrastructure & applications

    Accelerate your cloud journey with a trusted partner. AWS equips HealthTech organizations at every step of the way—from migration readiness assessments to migration frameworks and potential investment programs. Discover the programs and tooling you need to modernize successfully.

    Migrate IT infrastructure & applications

    Core products

    Customer references

    Cerner case study


    Cerner uses AWS to deliver data that is more accessible, actionable, and uses AWS AI and Machine Learning technologies to predict and potentially prevent health problems.

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    Philips case study


    Philips built HealthSuite Digital Platform—a healthcare cloud infrastructure providing data privacy, compliance, and open, highly secure, platform-as-a-service capabilities—using many AWS services.

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    Arcadia case study


    Arcadia works with AWS Enterprise Support to upgrade its Windows Server environment in one weekend, reduce costs by 60 percent in a POC, and save $20,000 a month.

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    Blog: How 3M Health Information Systems built a healthcare data reporting tool with Amazon Redshift

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    Blog: How ClearDATA Enforces Data Locality with AWS IAM Permission Boundaries

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    Blog: Accelerating COVID-19 vaccine rollout with Zocdoc on AWS

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  • Unlock the potential of healthcare data
  • Unlock the potential of healthcare data

    Enable workflow optimization for clinicians and develop payment integrity solutions for payors with data and analytics services that help you simplify complex healthcare information. AWS provides the most comprehensive ML platform so you can easily unlock unstructured data and deliver insights to customers.

    Using healthcare data

    Core products

    Customer references

    Livongo case study


    Livongo, part of Teladoc Health — a global leader in virtual care, uses AWS Machine Learning to help Americans manage their chronic conditions from a mobile app.

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    Change healthcare executive brief

    Change Healthcare

    Change Healthcare built their Intelligent Healthcare Platform on AWS, leveraging enterprise API’s for real-time claims denial predictions, claim optimizations, and next best action.

    Download the executive brief »

    Axial3D case study


    Axial3D helps surgeons save lives using detailed preoperative 3D medical models. Using AWS, Axial3D creates and delivers 3D-printed models in a day or two, a task that previously would have taken up to eight weeks.

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    Blog: How Capgemini Simplifies Pandemic Management with AWS Machine Learning Services

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    Video: GE Healthcare is using Amazon SageMaker to build, train, and deploy ML models that help care providers identify health issues

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    Blog: Achieving healthcare interoperability

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  • Personalize the healthcare journey
  • Personalize the healthcare journey

    Provide a more comprehensive view of healthcare consumers and use it to enable healthcare organizations to redefine the patient journey. Develop customer-obsessed digital front doors through pre-built services that support outreach and boost engagement.    

    Healthcare personalization

    Core products

    Customer references

    Propeller case study

    Propeller Health

    Propeller Health leverages AWS to improve outcomes for people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and allows providers to monitor their patients remotely, stratify patients based on risk, and make data-driven decisions on treatment.

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    Care Monitor case study


    CareMonitor uses AWS toconnect healthcare providers with patients to offer remote consultations with telehealth—whether in one-on-one sessions or in conferences of up to 100 people.

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    Babylon Health case study

    Babylon Health

    Building using AWS tools, Babylon Health has created a mobile application that brings healthcare access to remote or isolated populations, helping people get information and care while reserving valuable healthcare resources.

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    Blog: Amazon Connect – Now Smarter and More Integrated With Third-Party Tools

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    Blog: Building multilingual SMS chatbot campaigns to support COVID-19 patients remotely

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    Blog: Building a multi-channel, data driven patient engagement platform with AWS

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HealthTech compliance

Compliance for HealthTech

AWS understands the regulatory landscape where HealthTech operates and can help simplify the compliance process so you can build in the cloud with confidence.

Learn more about healthcare compliance with AWS »

Case studies & resources

View all healthcare customer case studies and related resources.

Clear Data


ClearDATA healthcare security and compliance software that provides powerful DevOps automation enforces data locality with AWS IAM permission boundaries

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GE Healthcare case study

GE Healthcare

By running the GE Health Cloud on AWS, GE Health is  able to collect, store, process, and provide access to data from a diverse and global set of medical devices to improve collaboration and patient outcomes.

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Magellan Health

Magellan Health

Hear how Magellan Health has built a security framework to monitor accounts and alert the security team and make sure newly created objects or existing objects are always protected using AWS WAF and AWS Shield.

Watch the video »

Ambra case study

Ambra Health

Ambra Health used AWS to expand its SaaS medical imaging data platform to five new countries, meet strict data security requirements, and grow its domestic business. The company provides a SaaS platform for medical image sharing that is used by hospitals, medical groups, imaging centers, and health information exchanges.

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Redox case study


Using AWS, Redox grew its healthcare data network by more than 500 percent in one year and built a compliant platform using HIPAA-eligible AWS services. Redox is a cloud-native healthcare-technology company founded with the goal of bringing healthcare interoperability to the cloud. Using HIPAA-eligible services offered by AWS, Redox designed its platform around horizontal scalability and uses Amazon EC2 to run its container-based ecosystem.

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ClosedLoop case study applies the power of machine learning to risk stratification in the healthcare industry, allowing users such as providers and payers to get a more complete risk profile for patients with less effort at the data science level.

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Komodo Health

Komodo Health

Modern healthcare intelligence service Komodo Health reduced its operational burden and decreased its onboarding time for data scientists from weeks to minutes by using Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS.

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Avizia case study


By adopting the AWS Cloud, Avizia ensures its telehealth solution is compliant with regulations and delivers high performance and availability to more than 400 healthcare customers. The company is a global telemedicine provider with a cloud-based platform that provides business intelligence, medical workflow, and secure collaboration tools through web applications, mobile apps, and connected hardware.

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